No sense of humour

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  1. True, some jokes are not funny. But this one was pretty funny; and you go all 'have you ever heard of the food chain' or some stupid comment like that. Really? It's a joke people. I know it is hard to move with that stick constantly poking you but don't drag others down into your emotional drama pit. I mean really, you are worse then a bear that got a hold of some bad salmon (PLEASE someone get the reference, it's from a Disney movie:tongue:). Either don't read the joke, or stay silent and suffer with it because I like telling jokes and making people laugh. So there. Might even crack a joke about humourless stick in the muds like yourself.

    The joke wasn't even insulting, it was a common joke. Over sensitive people confuse me.
  2. Is that a Brother Bear reference? o.o

    Anyway. As an over-sensitive person myself, I can shed some light on why some of us tend to be sticks in the mud. That sensitivity stems from an insecurity of some kind because some time in the past, they were hugely embarrassed or traumatized by something. I know it might sound ridiculous, but it's important to watch what you say. Even though it might be a great opportunity for a laugh, you have to wonder if the target themselves will really find it funny.

    Understandably, there are people who don't make an effort to 'toughen up'. You know? As sensitive as I am about a lot of things, I've learned to laugh at myself for most of them. That way, I'm not that guy ruining everyone's fun. ><;

    I hope whoever these people are, they'll lighten up. No one likes to be in the presence of a Buzz Killington.