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Surrender To Hope

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An idea from me, wow, I'm moving up. About time after compiling ideas in my head, here is my request thread. Have a seat, you might be here a while. First and foremost have a look at my roleplay resume to see if I'm a partner you might want to have and understand the following rules I have are not meant to be mean.

For this particular idea I seek either a male or female character. Your own gender does not matter nor will it influence my approach to writing with you be it explicit or not. If you are able to write as the character you bring to the table then so be it.

This will be long term, detailed, and span over three parts aka three chapters. I'll explain about the chapters below. I cannot write for one liners, sorry meaning I would like paragraphs, description.

My schedule will be hectic. I'm in retail, the holidays are coming. There will be times when I am not online or I come online but don't immediately write to a thread. This does not mean I'm not interested, please don't think that, and please don't spam me with PMs about when I will post. That will make my interest decline.

Communication is the key. Please never assume. If you have a question ask me. Talk to me. We are in this partnership together, if something doesn't work for you let me know as I will to you.

Everyone, whether they admit it not makes mistakes in writing. I make them. I'm no grammar teacher, I don't plan to be one so just keep an eye out on your posts please.

Never control any characters I make no matter their status. This is a major pet peeve of mine.

If you have a writing sample pass it my way please.

Be prepared to help plot with me about this idea. Also, no ultra submissive Mary Gary, God mod sue characters. Also, get ready to play multiple characters.

If you are okay with the above give me a cookie please so I know we are good to go. This roleplay is a first come first serve.

The thread.

The setting is a modern science fiction one. It will be appropriately in the libertine section due to violence, language, and possible romance themes depending on how things go. I'm not opposed to romance and scenes of a mature nature so as long as it doesn't take away from the plot meaning it is done at the right moment. This isn't smut, throw that idea away quickly.

The year is 2015, the countries of yesterday are now gone and in their place a single worldly unit known as The Federation lead by not one individual but seventeen elected individuals: The Federation Council. They govern the Federation and in turn, the world bringing forth advancements in technology. The chaotic era the world was once in no longer exists but what the council does not want the public to know is the private war they wage with humans born seemingly with powers.

This select group, so far counted to five, are deemed Elementals-antagonists-as the government classifys them, to you, you are just trying to survive and understand why you were born the way you are and what the future holds.

Alrighty guys and gals, this is a three part roleplay. Beginning, middle, and end divided into three chapters:

Chapter 1: Hunted.

Chapter 2: Peacekeepers.

Chapter 3: Return to Naught.

Chapter 1 deals with known elementals being hunted by the government at all costs and them trying to elude the council all while surviving, understanding the powers they have.

Chapter 2 is the aftermath of 1. Whether the elementals can work alongside former enemies including what the world means to them.

Chapter 3, the final arc introduces the silent enemy threatening mankind and the elementals while close to the latter at the same time.

There's always room to plot in spite of me laying down a rough draft. I want you to plot with me to help build this story.

One elemental= one element period. No exceptions. Nothing like being able to control the darkness to raise the dead or invisibility against EVERYTHING, nope. You are free to create a element for your character, within reason, but with it comes a weakness such as if they use their power it leaves them vulnerable for a time or may cause some lasting effects.

I could go on but that would take away from the PM plotting so if you are cool with everything I put up give me a cookie and either a message below or in the PM.
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