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  1. I can't seem to find any good roleplay! But at the same time, I'm simply too lazy to make a roleplay of my own. Anyone with me?
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  2. Not really.

    I just haven't been looking for new ones lately.
    Enough either die off randomly or simply have group conflicts that these days I decided just to join those that friends invite me to.
  3. Honestly, I have mainly stuck with this forum due to the community. Haven't RPed in several months.
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  4. I find a dedicated partner that understands my needs and wants, works with my schedule and is open to any and all ideas.

    Works for me.
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  5. Nope. Happily plugging away at some quality games. Probably making more soon.
  6. The community is the vast majority of my posting here.

    Probably only about 100 or so of my posts are In Character RP posts.
  7. I have TOO MANY for my time schedule O___O Also I've got two more RP's that I haven't started yet and are way overdo. So, basically, I'm rolling in 'em! :D
  8. I haven't found an RP to join in 5 years! What a terrible roleplaying forum!
  9. For me, its a case of always coming up with group ideas that other people aren't interested in, since I have a nasty habit of becoming obsessed with fandoms that have a very small fanbase. On the off chance that people do join, one thing or another happen with the other roleplayers that make the roleplay unable to continue. I also have the pesky issue of not being interested in very many roleplays outside of my limited interests, too. It doesn't make it easy to find roleplays/partners xD I've managed to get a group-turned-onexone roleplay going here though and it seems to be going well, so that's encouraging~

    I'm sticking around here mostly with the hopes of working into the community over time and seeing where that takes me in terms of possible friendships and roleplays in the future. Its refreshing to be here, since the site that I came from was mostly very young teenagers with me as one of the oldest people on the site at only 24.
  10. Duuuuuude I gots the perfect place for youuuuuu. :D *points happily to the above post*
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  11. Y'all just gotta look! Or maybe consider putting your own group /1-1 ad out for people to join. Just like I'm doing....

    But yeah, you should make a request or come up with your own ideas - It almost certain somebody will be interested c:

    Good luck in your quest for RP!
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  12. I have the same issue. It's mainly because of writing style. If a roleplay's name is interesting to me, then I will get check it out. But, if the posts are just one sentence or even one paragraph, then I will leave the roleplay.

    It sounds a bit elitist, but I like roleplays with more writing. If a roleplay has people who write three or more paragraphs and it's interesting, then I will join.

    For that reason and many others, I can't find a roleplay on this site. This site doesn't based on how good or bad your writing style is, it's based on the genres. Which bugs me a whole lot.
  13. Nope. Got plenty of good people to roleplay with. Just need to get back to replying to them. 2/3 of my group RPs have begun to stagnate though.

    If you're having issues finding someone to do something very specific try broadening what you're looking for and going from there.
  14. CHAT ROLEPLAYS FOREVEEEEER! -waggles arms around!-
  15. ILIUM's pretty cool. But it's more collaborative writing than roleplaying.
  16. I have like one person who I mainly rp with on here, absolutely love him, he is the best. I have a few other people who I am starting rps up with currently too.
  17. I checked it out, and its not really my style. I appreciate the offer though, thanks for that! I've never been 'invited' to join a roleplay here before ;3;
  18. Dude, have you checked the Jump in forum? I was browsing it the other day and there are many really cool rps. Some with no replies!!

    Jump ins are perfect for you if you're lazy. No character sheet.

    You could have started an intro post in the time it took you to make this thread!
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  19. We need to form a group RP to deal with all the people in this thread who are not RPing... that would solve your problem.
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