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  1. So, I've been mentioning it off and on for a while now, but my ex flies into Cali tomorrow and stays up until Monday, I believe. We still haven't decided if we're going to meet up/when we're going to meet up/where we're going to meet up, so we'll see how it goes.

    Yeah, just felt like sharing that I guess.
  2. Good luck I suppose! ^^
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  3. Luck, mate.

    To be honest, it's silly of either of you to have this kind of thing so drawn out/tossed up to chance. But that's just my opinion of it, or maybe it's becaue of how limited the girl's stay is going to be that I feel she should be better using her time (in laying out a sort-of schedule, or maybe she has, I don't know).

    At any rate, don't fall in love with someone who won't reciprocate. Or vice-versa. Or miss out on an opportunity. Or whatever. No pressure! :D
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  4. Yeah, she has some schedule. She's down here for some kind of leadership conference thing. So it's all really according to that. So it's either tomorrow or not until Sunday.
  5. Eh, she's an ex for a reason. I'd just remember that.

    EDIT: Also, wrap before you tap and all that.
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  6. QFT
  7. Well, message her and see what you guys can sort/plan out then. :P

    Good luck however it goes. :)
  8. Hung out today. Had lunch, went to Dave and Busters for a bit. Dropped her off where she's staying.

    Might see her Sunday, but that's because of my schedule.

    It was good. Things were good. After sunday? I can't say for sure. We'll see.
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  9. So, she flew out yesterday. This is went well, we're happy, and we're playing this thing by ear again.

    Oh and @Seiji and @Vindice, I hope you're both happy to know that your advice was followed.
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  10. So you... wrapped it before you tapped it, and are remaining friends...?
  11. Yeah. I'm pretty sure the remaining friends part wasn't your advice (or maybe it was... I have shit memory), but I know the wrapping it was.
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