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  1. So, you’re not going to find any plots here. Why not? Because I feel a RP could be far more interesting if we come up with a plot together by brainstorming, than sticking with a pre-made plot. If you don’t like to brainstorm, I suggest you move on!
    Now then… How does this work? Simple! Below, I’ve posted lots of ideas: roles, settings, themes. And in my mind are even more ideas. What you should do is read through them and tell me what you like (preferably more than one thing) and what you like about it or any thoughts/ideas that popped up. Then, I’ll tell more about those ideas and react on the ideas you mentioned. And then you can again mention your ideas. And then me... and then you... I think you get the idea!
    So, here we go…

    I love to work with pre-made characters, as they are usually far more developed than a just made-up new character. So, that’s why I like to use one of my existing characters. I’m not going to introduce them however. Instead I have posted a list of roles they could play in our story. Basically every role listed down is linked to one or more of my pre-made characters. Think of it as a list of half-pairings, in which I’ve listed the role I like to play on the left, but you still have to fill in the role on the right. Be creative! There are common pairings like experiment vs creator, but you’re free to come up with a more uncommon pairing. Note that this list is not strict, we do not have to play that exact pairing, it’s more like a guideline to help us create a plot. Also my mind is not limited to just these roles and/or pre-made characters. There is much more to think of, and I’m even willingly to create a new character or use another pre-made character.
    - Thief
    - Hacker
    - Adventurer
    - Pupil
    - Nerd
    - Messenger
    - Gang member
    - Imaginary friend
    - Experiment
    - Mysterious person
    - Stalker
    - Special agent
    - Psychic
    - Ruler
    - Run away from home
    - Guardian Angel
    - Popular high-school student
    - Team player
    - Leader
    - Seducer
    - Slave
    - Random encounter

    Here are a couple of settings that might help us get started brainstorming:
    - On the Go
    I’ve always wanted to do a roleplay ‘on the go’. This setting means that our characters are not stationary. They’re travelling. In a vehicle for example. What kind? It could be anything! A plane, a RV, a cruise, a truck or something more exotic like a ski-lift, a subway car, a hot air balloon. We still need to decide whether they are travelling on free will or not and where they’re going to.
    - Metropolis
    Another one of my desires. So many (fantasy) roleplays are placed in woodlands or in small towns/villages. In this case I would like to try a roleplay in a metropolitan setting. The possibilities are infinitive! There could be a gang, there could be a random encounter, tourists, something high school or university related perhaps? Tell me what you like…
    - Beach
    A relatively new idea of me is a beach setting. A couple of ideas that would go together with this setting are a car wreckage which forms a hangout spot for a group of teens, a cocktail bar, or an uninhabited island (plane-crash?).
    - The Facility
    Think of an extremely large building with a labyrinth-like floor plan. A hospital, a labratorium, a nuclear plant or maybe just a school, anything! Our characters could be inside (at least at the beginning of the story)
    - On TV
    Our characters could be part of a TV show (or digital podcast). Maybe a reality soap, a game show or a quiz? And they are contestants I guess? What is their goal? Money, or is there something more/something else they are going for.

    These are things that doesn’t really fit in my character/pairing list, nor in the setting list. These ‘themes’ are either things that interest me, or where I have a certain opinion on. And these themes could help our story get started.
    - Magic
    The roleplays I like to write are not always tend to be very realistic. There might happen things that do not have a (logical) explanation. Magic. That does not automatically make it a fantasy-story however! In case we do go with a fantasy story, I prefer low-fantasy. Stories about fictional kingdoms and all kinds of fictive races are a no-go for me! But one (or both) of our characters being wizards or side-characters that possess magic is okay for me. I’m even fine with a whole world filled with magic, as long as it’s not the main-part of the story!
    - Change
    I looooove changes. Whether it be a physical change or a change of character, I like it! Friends becoming enemies, enemies becoming friends or even lovers. Manipulative people that try changing someone’s thoughts. But also people waking up and suddenly realizing they are someone else. Etc.
    - Busting clichés
    I hate clichés. But I love busting them. Give me any cliché or far too overly used plot-line and I try adding a twist to it. For example: ever thought of a knight rescuing a princess. I bet you did. Now try to implement a metropolitan setting in to it. It may sound weird, but as I said before, our story doesn’t have to be realistic.
    - Brainwashing
    One thing that fascinates me, and kind of hangs together with the ‘change’ theme, is brainwashing. Something that doesn’t feel right, but only your character seems to notice? Everyone else seems brainwashed? Something like that… Or maybe a cult? Someone escaping from it?
    - Parallel Universes
    Parallel universes, or alternative timelines. What if someone had never made a certain decision? Or a world where everything looks like the real world but it’s just slightly different. This one might seem easy, but is actually very difficult, as it will require to have both an idea of the ‘normal’ situation and about the ‘alternative’ situation. Also I’ll require a strong plot and a preferably experienced role player for this.

    If you’ve made it this far, there is just one more thing I have to mention. I’m not a native English-writer speaker. I usually have a lot of trouble getting down on paper exactly what I want to tell. Also, my grammar might not be perfect. The only thing I expect from you is that you respect this and that this is not a reason to suddenly end our RP. I’m always open for feedback or suggestions to change my last post.
    And, different thing, but kind of related to this. I’m not living in America and I might be in a completely different time zone than you. This might mean that we’re only able to post once a day.
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  2. Just to let you guys know, I've made some small changes to my intro post and I'm still searching for a roleplay partner!

    I really need someone who is able to brainstorm! I can't generate an plot on my own, I need your help and ideas as well!
  3. I saw "Imaginary friend" in your list of roles, and I imagined so many ways how that could make an interesting plot.

    How long do you usually like your posts to be? Is it closer to two lines, two paragraphs, or two pages? cx
  4. Sorry, I've only noticed your reply just yesterday. I don't really know the definition of a paragraph. As I learned it, a paragraph could be as long as five pages, but also just a few lines. But in terms of lines my post are usually between 3 and 15 lines, depending on the situation (in a conversation it's much harder to write long replies), my inspiration and the amount of input you give me.

    If you're still interested, you could send me a PM so we can exchange some ideas ;)
  5. Ayyyyy I'm interested :D

    I'll shoot you an PM when I get the chance :D
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