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  1. Yep... that's right! You won't find any plots in here. Not because I do not have any, nope, I have lots of plots. I'm just not gonna post them here. Why not? Because I prefer to create a plot together with you, rather than you just picking a pre-existing plot.

    So? Are you the kind of person that has a lot of inspiration/creativity, loves long brainstorming sessions and exchanging lots of ideas before we actually start our story? And are you also the kind of person that doesn't mind that my English might not always be that great? Good, you've opened the right thread!

    Still got your interest? In that case here are some brief descriptions of my pre-made characters, all of which are eager to start new adventures:
    - The smart one that spends a whole afternoon completely messing up your wardrobe, reading through all files on your computer and opening every closet and cupboard in your room only to find a corkscrew.
    - The mysterious one that will lurk in your shadow, following every singe of your footstep on your trip going back home, only to return the keys you'd lost an hour ago.
    - The strict one that write books full of completely unnecessarily rules, confronts you with those rules, makes it very clear you should follow them, but at the same time stubbornly ignoring any rules you come up with.
    - The popular one, that randomly infiltrates your group of friends and transforms them into a bunch of cheerful, inspired and confident team-players.
    - The mischievous one that jealously implants a virus in your lovers mind and torture your lover as long as you don't break up with your lover.

    And here are some do's, don'ts and donuts:

    Most of my characters are very flexible! If I've introduced one of my characters to you and you think the character is interesting, but are unsure whether it will fit the genre/setting/plot. Don't worry! I'm okay with changing my characters according to the situation.

    Speaking about characters. I like unique characters. I do my best to develop my characters in such a way that they have interesting quirks and behavior. I expect the same from you! No stereotypes or mary-sues!

    I would really love to play a RP in a metropolis setting for once, instead of the medieval towns and forest-like settings I usually play in. However don't consider this as a strict rule. The setting should rather be based on the plot we come up with than the other way around.

    I rather do not play any sci-fi, as I feel I'm not really good at it. Apocalyptic plots are fine by me however. As for fantasy, it's fine by me, but I'll need a good plot for it to work and I prefer fantasy more as a side element/genre rather than the main genre. Preferably no large worlds with complicated history and weird races and castles and kings and stuff :P

    Apart from that I'm open for any genre: romance, horror (although never done that before), action, adventure, drama, quests, realistic/modern/slice-of-life... you name it!

    That's it for now! If you're interested feel free to PM me and tell me some of your ideas, things you like, things you don't like. Ask questions, anything!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.