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  1. So I don't have a plot in mind at the moment but maybe we could work on one together :)

    Not picky I play both male or female tend to do long posts unless I have bad writers block but that only happens if I'm not to interested

    I don't mind what type of rp it is

    Hope to hear from ye soon :)
  2. Sure Im game for something.
  3. Anything in particular you would like to do? Or which you like to be?
  4. Oh I have a weakness for Sci-Fi stuff. I love romance that falls along the lines of accidental ones. Friends then lovers type things. Nothing like you have said "smutty" I like just fun rp with random silly or a touch of drama. Nothing over the top to make the story to heavy.
  5. Well I pretty much do everything mature or not I don't mind I like the idea of friends turning into lovers that seems good to me

    I'm just about to hear to bed but I'd love to help come up with a plot
  6. Ok, Im off tomorrow so Ill think on it. Is there anything you havent done and would like too try?
  7. Am nothing I can think off
  8. OK well this just came to me.. How about something modern.

    Like wrong numbers lead to a curious event. Like a random text sparks a why not date or something? A what the hell sort of thing. Or something close to that. I mean everyone has phones lol.

    Or in the furture it could be. I dont do that great in old world settings only because I forget how to speak properly lol.

    Anyway get some rest and let me know. No rush. Just late night silly thoughts right now I guess.
  9. Hmm sounds interesting :)
  10. I just thought of another one two friends like lets say from college. They take a road trip to go to one or the others siblings weddings. Its a long road trip and things happen along the way. They've had crushes on each other but never did anything about it. The road trip brings out fun events, crazy drama and all around silliness that could be well, fun. What you think?

    Kinda makes me want a road trip, but my real car acts up all the time lol.
  11. Lol sounds good to me :) lol I don't drive but a road trip does sound fun ok so now we just have to decide on which character is which do u prefer to be male or female?
  12. I like male. Ive done mostly M/M for a while now but Ive started to branch out and do M/F

    I still rather play Male since its what I know best. Being female for me is a bit harder and I dont feel I do a good job at it.
  13. OK that's fine with me :) which one do u want to do so mxm or mxf I don't mind
  14. MxM would be really nice. Sorry for the delay also, I worked a double today.
  15. No that's fine :) OK anime or real pic?
  16. Um let me see what I have. I could go either way. I have a few anime pics So cute they are. One is a neko :)
    Also sorry for the delay Im not sure if I already told you but yesterday I worked a double and then today I closed. The same girl called out again. Im about to drop.
  17. Oh your grand my replays are slow most of the time lol well yeah I don't mind :) Awwwwwwwww I love nekos there sooooo cute
  18. I can play one if you like. I havent done that in ages.
  19. OK, so whats the game plan? Im ready when you are.
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