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  1. I, Melissa Berrd, take Micah Johnson to be my lawfully wedded husband. To have and to hold, from this day forward. For better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health. To love and to cherish, till death do us part." -March 6th, 1985


    Join the Johnson family on the crazy adventure called Life! Being one of the unluckiest family in the world, they have experienced some of the craziest adventures. Stranded and struggling to survive in Alaska, Losing half the family back in Europe, and living through frightening tornado's are just a few of the adventures experienced by this family. They have dealt with heart break, terrible loses, and deadly situations, teaching them that no one is more important than family!

    This is a roleplay about the Johnsons' lives. The parents will be played when necessary, but will not be parent of the main cast. The children's lives are the focus of the roleplay and how they learn to deal with one another as siblings and the world full of trouble. We will play the adventures that I mentioned above, but in whatever order y'all like.

    So, Let's start the adventure!

    There is only a few things I'd like state for the rules.
    1. Iwaku rules apply
    2. Please write in third person, at least a paragraph per post.
    3. Make sure you have proper grammar and spelling.
    4. Don't go more than a page ahead without making sure everyone has posted at least once.
    5. Yes, this will have romance and some action, so please keep gore description decently low and don't go past kissing.

    Characters & Relations (open)

    Nico, Biological Son. (20)- Played by CuccoLady
    Takumi, Adopted Son. (19)- Played by Nekrokhasm
    Cassandra, Biological Daughter. (18)- Played by Autumn_Burns_Red
    Addison, Adopted Son. (17)- Played by Dragon
    Rollan & Rylee, Adopted Twins. (17)- Played by Rin Mico
    Hannah, Biological Daughter. (16)- Played by CuccoLady
    Candence, Adopted Daughter. (7 1/2)- Played by Shadows
    May, Biological Daughter.(5)- Played by CuccoLady
    Serafina, Goddaughter. (16)- Played by Kirisuna
    Noah, Cousin. (18)- Played by Damien Nyr
    Ariel, Cousin. (15)- Played by Kitsune
    Charlie, Family Friend. (21)- Played by HellHoundWoof
    Peyton, Family Friend. (20)- Played by Autumn_Burns_Red
    Caleb, Family Friend. (19)- Played by Kronas17
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  2. 6:45am, Monday, April 17th, 2015.​

    Hannah-Biological Daughter
    Hannah opened her eyes as her phone alarm began ringing. "Ah...already?" She mumbled, rolling over onto her stomach and pushing herself up on her knees. The room was silent and dark, the only sounds were her sisters breathing and a slight snore from May. "Time to get up. You've got 30 minutes." Hannah informed her sisters, rubbing her eyes then jumping down from her bed, the top bunk of she and Cassandra's bed. Nearing the bedroom door Hannah could then hear her parents and older brother talking in the kitchen and doing dishes. "I'm turning on the light." Hannah said before immediately flipping the bedroom light on and of course squinting her eyes. Now there was movement in the room, the sounds of groaning and shifting in beds made Hannah smile. Hannah crossed from the bedroom to the attached bathroom several times as she took a shower, got dressed, and put on her makeup. Whilst putting on her makeup, Hannah heard the all to familiar question if she might make pancakes for May. "No, May. There isn't enough time to cook and eat them." She replied shortly as she closed up her makeup bag. By then it should've been pretty light outside, yet it was just as dark as midnight. Although there was no sight of the moon. Hannah opened the bedroom door and headed down stairs after saying, "It looks like it's going to storm. I'll put the umbrella's by the door."

    Nico-Biological Son
    "It looks like the storm will just go around us. I don't think they'll need to stay home." Nico explained to his parents, who sat at the kitchen counter drinking their coffee. Nico wasn't one to be nervous during storms, but he did like to know the pattern, danger level, and if they needed to take precaution when big storms came. Nico looked down at his watch as he set the empty coffee cup in the sink, wondering if he would have time to drop everybody off at school instead of them taking the bus. This storm gave him a bad feeling and the last thing he wanted was the kids, as he always called his siblings, riding on a bus during a possible tornado. At that moment the girls bedroom door opened then shut and out came Hannah, dressed and ready for the day.

    May-Biological Daughter
    May hid under her blankets as her older sister, Hannah, flipped on the light switch. She had not heard the other warnings about getting up and turning on the lights so it was quite a surprise. After a moment May peeked her head over the covers and let her eyes get used to the bedroom light. "Hannah, can you make some pancakes for me?" She asked, as she did every other morning, and frowned when the same reply was heard. With that important question out of the way, May decided it was time to get ready then flung her covers off her, and the bed, to wake up. Running across the bedroom, May flung open the closet door, letting it hit the wall beside it, and put her fingers to her chin. "I wanna wear my princess dress." She informed no one in particular. In May's world, everyday was a formal day which always lead to the same princess dress outfit. Which was why she had some many of those dresses! "Cassie, can you get my dress down?" She asked, trying to reach the dress hanging from the top rod.
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  3. Caleb Beckett

    Caleb groaned as he slowly opened up his eyes and looked up at the ceiling above him. Today was a moody day , he could feel it and there was nothing more he wanted to do rather than throw the covers over his body and drift back of into a peaceful sleep. He sat up running his hand through his messy bed hair and looked out the window to see the dark gray sky full of clouds. The other day when he was watching the weather station they mentioned a storm coming but there was a high percentage that the main storm would go around them leaving some wind and rain. His younger brother Lucas was still fast asleep and Caleb walked over and gently shook his brother awake. " Come on buddy, gotta get ready, were stopping by the Johnson's on the way.

    The Johnson's had been like a second family to Caleb and he'd known them for a couple of years now. Lucas slowly sat up and rubbed his eyes and Caleb jumped into the shower. When he was finished he opened his drawer and threw on some jeans , gray t- shirt and a black hoodie too go over his shirt. Caleb made sure Lucas had his bag packed and placed his umbrella on his bed before walking out the room and downstairs to the kitchen where his mom was. " It looks pretty bad out there but the storm might pass by, If it gets to bad out there you and Lucas come home". Caleb nodded his head as he ate his quick bowl of cereal.

    Lucas zoomed down the stairs dressed similar to Caleb except for the fact that his hoodie was blue. Caleb slid Lucas his bowl of cereal which he downed in seconds and was by the door ready to go. Caleb put his hood on and made his way to the car and over to the Johnson's house. When they arrived Lucas rushed off and knocked on the door shouting. "It's us open up guys". Caleb shook his head walking up up the steps next to his brother.
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  4. Cassandra-Biological Daughter
    Cassandra woke from a well deserved sleep to the sound of her sister Hannah's voice. "Time to get up. You've got 30 minutes." She alerted Cassandra and May. Cassandra pulled off the warm covers to embrace the coldness of a storm day, which filled the room. Walking over to her dresser, she pulled out the outfit she had put together the night before. A gray long-sleeve, a green sweater, a basic pair of blue-jeans. Than walked of to a small closet, which she called hers, she pulled out her olive-green and red scarf, as well as her brown boots.

    Turning around at the first notice of May, her little sister wanted her princess gown...again. Cassandra complied and pulled it down out of the closet. "There you go, May." She smiled at the blonde headed girl. When she noticed, Hannah leave the room, Cassandra hurried into the bathroom for a quick shower. Hopping out she dressed in her clothes, placed earrings on, brushed her teeth, did her make-up, and returned to the bedroom. "You almost ready, May?" She says to the girl. "If you want I can do your hair for you." She offered the girl. They still had a few minutes, and it normally didn't take long to put May's hair together just like a princess should have her hair.
    Peyton-Family Friend
    Peyton had been up for a while, monitoring the storm, in her kitchen. The small one bedroom apartment's heater was broken, and well she was only thankful that it had a fireplace inside of it. Sipping a cup of caramel coffee, she scrolled down the Weather Doppler she storm didn't seem to head towards them directly. The town should only get a few showers, but nothing to serious. Though the storm had the capability to shift it's tracks and hit them head on, which frightened Peyton.

    Closing the lap-top, Peyton collected her things, journal, book, phone, umbrella, lap-top, and made her way out the door. Locking the front door and exiting her apartment, she found her Jeep and climbed in. The ominous storm clouds filled, Peyton, with fear and she decided to stop by a friend of hers house.

    Pulling up to the Johnson's house, she grabbed her bag, got out of the Jeep, and walked up to the porch. She seemed to arrive just as Caleb did. "Hey, Caleb." She spoke with a smile on her face. "How's it going?"
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  5. Serafina-Goddaughter

    When she woke up, Serafina yawned. Its been a few years since her Father took his own life and she found herself under the care of Family Friends. But she still kept in contact with her other Relatives in Korea. Luckily her parents have raised her well. After her siblings were done, she herself just took a quick shower before grabbing a fast breakfast. It was just a normal day, just like any other. Of course, she was all tidied up and ready to go to School. With that rain outside, she was sure to carry an umbrella, not wanting to get her hair all wet. Today of course, she was just wearing her school uniform, which she has been doing since she was five. That was something she grew accustomed to as well. Even if the school she went to didn't require a Uniform, she still wore one out of a sense for nostalgia. Hopefully she could get a ride to school today. She didn't feel so inclined on riding the bus either.
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    "Goodness, does it really have to be gloomy?" Ariel whined as he stared out of one of the many windows that decorated the Hart household. He watched as dark, ominous clouds rolled over them, threatening a few heavy showers, no doubt. It made the teen pout as he pushed himself away from the window. Hopefully, it'll only rain while he's safe in the school. He really didn't feel like getting wet today. Despite his wishful thinking, the pink haired male still planned on bringing an umbrella, as well as a jacket. No such thing as being too prepared. Not in Ariel's mind, at least.

    Seeing such horrid weather made the young male grateful that his father was off work for today. That meant that he could get a ride to school and won't have to worry about being stuck in the rain as he waited for the bus. His thoughts were interrupted by his father's voice.

    "What's so bad about gloom?" The older man questioned, looking at Ariel over the rim of his mug and through his lenses. The question got him a narrowed gaze, like he should already know the answer. It was a slight judgemental stare, but he brushed it off.

    "Dad, gloom means rain! And that's never good when I have to walk in it," Ariel explained, moving his hands around for emphasis. His father just chuckled softly at his antics before turning away, focusing back on his newspaper. Yeah, he was one of those Dads.

    "Well, eat up your breakfast and then we can be on our way." Ariel joined his father at the dining table, plopping in the seat across from him. It was silent as he dug into the breakfast that his father cooked him, practically stuffing his mouth. Soon, he was done and getting to his feet, taking his empty plate to the sink in the kitchen and rinsing it off before setting it down. Returning to his father, he waited for the man to gather his things before they were out the door and to the car, piling in. After buckling up, they were on their way to the school.


    The ride to school was short and silent, only the radio filling it in and Ariel soft singing. The fifteen year old hopped out of the car, closing the door behind him. "Bye, Dad! Don't forget to pick me up after school!" He informed him as he began to head to the entrance. He heard a response, but couldn't make it out. It was followed by the sound of a car pulling off. Ariel wondered if any of his friends or family were there yet as he entered the school.

  7. Caleb waited outside the door with his brother and looked up at the gloomy sky. For the most part it only seemed to have two types of weather, extreme heat or terrible rain storms and both sucked in his opinion. He removed the hoodie from his head moving his hands through his hair as he watched his brother take a seat on the steps and pull out his phone. He snapped out of his thoughts when a jeep pulled up next to his car and Peyton climbed on out and walked up the steps. " Hey Caleb, Hows it going". Caleb's lips quirked up into a smile of his own and he shoved one of his hands into his pocket.

    " Hey Peyton, so far I'm doing okay but this weather is so crappy. The storms needs to hurry up and pass so that we could get some decent weather". Nodding his head Caleb turned hearing the sound of the door opening. He spoke to Mrs. Johnson who had a warm smile on her face and greeted the three of them." Oh come in, the weather is getting worse out here". Walking in Caleb greeted Mr. Johnson and Nico who were in the kitchen.

    He looked around for a moment before taking a seat while Lucas stood up to into his phone to even pay attention. " So what do you guys think about the storm? And is Cassie ready yet?". Usually he came to pick her up for school and occasionally the rest of the gang came when they wanted to. It was almost like a routine for them.

  8. color ref: Ro:#2d596e Ri:#a647f5

    Rylee-Adopted Daughter

    Serafina's movement woke Rylee. She had heard Hannah call her alarm through the walls and was thankful, once again, that she didn't share a room with the early bird. The sound of the shower was slowly starting to lull Rylee back to sleep, but her stomach started acting up. She cradled it with one hand while the other pressed against her mouth. As Serafina exited the bathroom Rylee rose and made her way to it, rushing the last few steps when her stomach lurched. She barely had time to drop to her knees and lift the toilet seat as she gagged, spilling her guts into the porcelain. She grimaced, flushed, and washed her mouth out in the sink Great way to start the the day, she thought bitterly as she brushed her teeth. She stared at herself in the mirror. "You look like shit," she made a face at her reflection. She brushed out her bed head and returned to the room to get ready. Hannah would not be pleased if she held up the family. Rylee stood in front of her closet in her underwear, trying to pick out an outfit. She looked down at her little baby bump, stroking it idly, before deciding on a dress and some simple black ballerina flats. [outfit] She made a face at the cloud outside as she pulled her hair into a messy bun. "Why bother if it might rain?" she muttered. She headed toward the boys' room, knocking loudly on the door. "Rollan! I know you're still in there! wake up already or I'm gonna eat your breakfast!"

    Rollan-Adopted Son

    Rollan's eyes fluttered at the threat of his food. "Don't you dare," he growled through the door. "Then hurry up," his sister singsonged back before her footsteps left. He dragged himself up out of bed, pushing the warm sheets of his naked chest. His hands made their way to his face and rubbed the sleep from his eyes as he perched on the edge of his bed. He glanced around the room. It looked like Nico was already up. Rollan yawned and stood making his way to the bathroom, feeling a bit nauseous. "Stupid Ry," he mumbled to himself as he finished his business and washed up. "This baby stuff is starting to rub off on me." He returned to his room and got dressed, knowing full well that Rylee didn't make empty warnings. [outfit(pic1)] He was trotting down the stairs when he caught sight of his sister, greeting their family as she got ready to sit down and eat. "You look like crap," Rollan pointed out, amending his cursing in front of his guardians while he pulled out his sister's chair and tucking it under her as she sat. He kissed her cheek before looking back up. "Morning everyone!" he greeted the room.
  9. May-Biological daughter
    "Yes, please!" May answered Cassandra quickly, running over to the small couch they had in their room. Taking a seat, May took out her braid from the night before and turned. "Could you do a French braided bun?" She asked, glancing back many times to see Cassie as she spoke. "Should we hurry, just in case everybody eats our breakfast?" She asked, the thought of having nothing to eat crossing her mind suddenly. "Can you do my hair on the bus?" She asked, changing her plan.

    Nico-Biological Son
    "Good morning, Hannah." He greeted casually. "We're the others getting up when you left?" He asked, standing up from his seat and going to the fridge. Opening the stainless steal doors, Nico reached in to get the gallon of milk and set it on the counter across from him. Once Hannah was up the other kids would follow one by one and he knew that the milk would be gone by the time they left, so now was the time to get cereal if he wanted any. Letting the fridge doors shut at their own speed, Nico got his bowl and poured out his cereal and milk then took a seat. Just as Nico took a spoonful, he heard a knock at the front door then watched as his father went to see who it was. To no ones surprise, Caleb, Lucas, and Peyton all rushed inside. "Oh, hey guys." He said, taking another spoonful of cereal. When Caleb asked about the weather, Nico couldn't answer and only shrugged to his second question.

    By then a few of his other siblings had snuck in without his notice, those including Serafina, then a little later, Rylee and Rollan soon followed. "Morning." He greeted them with a bright smile. Hearing Rollan's comment on Rylee's appearance brought his attention to Rylee. He didn't comment though, already learning that it was best not to ask reasons and just let them be. However, Hannah didn't agree so much.

    Hannah-Biological Daughter
    Hannah smiled briefly at Nico as a reply to his good morning before going straight to getting her protein for breakfast. "May and Cassandra are getting up. I didn't check on the others." She answered, blending the strawberry flavored protein mix with the milk, then sitting down at the bar. Looking back to see who had entered, Hannah waved slightly at them with a smile. "Morning. Yeah, the weather sucks. I haven't seen the radar though, it might just blow over at lunch." She explained, never one to be short of words. "Morning." She greeted them, her smile only lasting a short time. "Rollan, do you have to say stuff like that so early?" She asked, now frowning. From her perspective, a comment like that would set off her whole day, so it seemed just mean to say that about someone. Especially her sister!
  10. [​IMG]- Adopted Daughter

    Cadence had gotten up at last and wearily sat up in her bed. She looked at her orange clock and saw the time,
    immediately tossing the blanket off of her and running to her closet,tugging a dress off the hanger and
    slipping into it. Snatching up her backpack, she neatly placed all her school supplies inside and ran down the stairs
    two steps at a time, proceeding to announce in her sweet childish voice of hers.
    " I'm up I'm up! Don't go without me!"
    She thought it was late and she was gonna be late to school in turn, but she was just being a little dramatic.
    It was like her, with all that energy and her wild imagination, just being herself. Her shoes clicked at the heel
    with every step as she skidded to a halt in the kitchen. Setting her bag on the floor, she just stood there, trying
    to catch her breath from running down the stairs.
    " Hey guys- what's for breakfast? Did I miss anything?"
    Her hair was in a mess, and her eyes were bloodshot because she had jumped from her bed so quickly.
    It wasn't like her not to be one of the first awake, but she hadn't been the early bird this morning. Eventually

    choosing a spot at the table, she laid her head down sideways and hey eyelids drooped. She was out of sorts
    today and she didn't seem to be feeling all that well as she was trying to fall back asleep at the table.
  11. Peyton- Family friend
    Peyton looked up at the sky as Caleb mentioned the weather. "Yeah it isn't the best weather we've had." As Peyton spoke, the door opened and Mrs. Johnson stood there with a warm smile on her face. Walking into the picturesque house hold, she offered her greetings to everyone and than to Nico. "Morning, Nico." She offered a smile. "So I received a call this morning about a house out by Whitfield's farm, and apparently there is a few dogs out there and well...I have to get them. And I was wondering if you could possibly help me?" Peyton spoke the last part a little fast. "I know it's a lot to ask a all, but it wouldn't be until noon and it wouldn't take long. It's just they are literally half the size of me." She laughed, though she wasn't joking.

    Cassandra- Biological Daughter
    Cassandra smiled at her sister. "Um, maybe." She hated to disappoint her sister in anyway, but at the same time she hated to disappoint Caleb. Morning car rides were like a ritual at this point. "That is if Caleb isn't down stairs...and if he is, I am pretty sure he will give you a ride to school, that is if you ask." She giggled. Standing up, she walked over to her desk and shoved her lap-top into her satchel, which was almost an equivalent to Mary Poppins bag, and slung it on to her shoulder. Walking towards the door, she held out her hand to May. "Come on, breakfast is probably done and we need to hurry."
    Walking down the stairs, the kitchen came into view. Everyone was gathered around the table, including Caleb and another family friend, Peyton. "Hey." She smiled at the two of them. Walking towards the refrigerator, Cassandra opened it and grabbed a brown paper bag and a water bottle. She always packed her lunches the night before and seemed to add a breakfast item to it. Looking over to May, she wondered if she was going to ask Caleb for a ride or not.
  12. Nico-Biological Son
    Nico raised an eyebrow. "Oh? I'm sure I can help, what time do you need me to be there?" He asked, checking his watch again. "Unless you're needing me to drive you?" He offered, making sure he didn't misunderstand her question. Helping out a friend never taxed Nico, especially when he was hanging out with Peyton. She was such a fun person to be around that time just flew by. Nico got to his feet just after his watch beeped, signaling it was 8:30 and they had 15 minutes before the bus would arrive down the street. At last it looked like the whole gang was here, Cadence just joining the group in front of May and Cassie. "No you didn't miss anything, Candence. But you should hurry to get breakfast." He said sweetly, patting her head as she lay it on the counter.

    May-Biological Daughter
    May grinned, hopping off the bench and running to the door. "Yes, I'm going to ask him!" She said as she fled the room and went looking for Caleb. Entering the kitchen, May caught sight of Caleb and immediately ran up to him. "Can you take me too, with you and Cassie?" She asked, looking up at him with wide blue eyes. "Are you going to take everybody?" She added, spinning slightly as she enjoyed her twirling skirt.
  13. Caleb watched as everyone came down and started eating their breakfast. While they were and everyone was talking he looked back out the window and frowned. It was a bit annoying with the weather changes but since it happened frequently everyone was used to it. He saw May come from downstairs and then head over in his direction and Caleb gave her a warm smile before the little girl spoke. " Can you take me too, with you and Cassie? "Are you going to take everybody?". Caleb usually took Cassie because they were close and Hannah whenever she wanted a ride to but he didn't mind at all.

    " Yeah you can come too. And I wasn't planning on it but if Hannah or someone else can cause I have room for one more". Caleb stood from the chair that he was sitting at and Lucas got up as well following him to the door. " Cassie were heading out , get May and the one other person who needs a ride can meet us in the car".

    After speaking he said goodbye to the parents and then headed out the house and towards his car. The weather hadn't changed that much since they had arrived. Caleb unlocked the car doors and and climbed in the drivers side and waited for everyone to get in the car before he pulled off for the school. On the way he had to drop May off first and then to their school.

  14. [​IMG] - Adopted Daughter
    Cadence sighed as she was dozing off, trying so hard to stay awake. It was her first day going back to school.
    This time she had a special teacher who taught kids like her, kids that didn't learn the same way other kids did.
    Even though it did make her feel a little upset, she didn't let it get to her. She watched the window for a bit before
    sleepily walking over to the counter and sticking a couple of Eggo waffles in the toaster. She had to reach to put
    them in and she stood on her toes, her height demeaning factor for her. She stood and waited until they popped
    out, taking them and returning t the table where she munched on them, no syrup no peanut butter. She always
    put peanut butter and syrup on her waffles. She truly was acting strange today. After finishing her breakfast,
    she picked up her backpack and sat down in the living room. She was nervous and left clueless as to what she should do.
  15. Rylee

    Rylee made a face at Rollan's back as he greeted everyone before taking his seat next to her. She bit angrily into her s'more Pop-tart, warm chocolate settling on her tongue. She knew she looked like crap, she didn't need him to point it out. But almost as quickly as it started, her anger dissipated through her next hmpf. She didn't have it in her to truly be mad at him. It was just how they were. Rylee looked up at Hannah's comment and couldn't help but smile. Hannah was ever the Momma Bear of the siblings, even though she wasn't the oldest. "It's okay, Hannah," Rylee spoke nonchalantly. "Mean people don't get to have the delicious sugar filled Pops," her hand had reached out and swiped the silver foil package from Rollan's spot at the table, which she had left for him earlier like she did every morning.


    "Hey!" Rollan protested as his breakfast was stolen, but made no attempt to get it back. He deserved that, he supposed, and knew Rylee was going to eat it anyway. She needed all the calories she could get. Plus he was still feeling a little nauseous, and melted marshmallows and chocolate would've just made it worse. He made a face at Rylee, jabbing her gently with his shoulder as he got up to grab an apple. "Yeah, Hannah," he continued from his twin, "mean people don't get a square of pure sugar, but we get to eat healthy." He grabbed an apple from the bowl that rested on the kitchen island, and walked back to Rylee. "Besides, I was just teasing," he glanced at Hannah and noticed how riled him comment had made her. "Honestly." His eyes were genuine. He would never actually hurt Rylee, either physically or verbally; their banter was just part of their daily lives and Rollan knew that if he stopped Rylee would think he was coddling her because of the baby, which she wouldn't like. She didn't want to be treated any different just because she was pregnant. "You know I love you, don't you sis?" He bent to kiss her onto of her head, like he did ever since their were young, and with her bright smile that seem to cut through all her fatigue, he knew that his comment was already forgotten. Rollan looked back a Hannah and was once again grateful that there was someone other than himself that would go so far for Rylee.
  16. Hannah-Biological Daughter
    Hannah sighed as Rylee defended Rollan, then Rollan defended himself, relaxing back into her chair. "Okay." Was her short answer, still not feeling it was all that funny to even joke about that. Then again, maybe she was just being sensitive this morning. Hannah heard May talking to Caleb and looked across as he finished up his sentence. "Do you mind taking Cadence also? Since you'd be dropping off May anyways?" She interjected. Before waiting for a reply, Hannah jumped to her feet and grabbed her school bag. "Bye mom! Bye dad!" She said quickly, giving both a hug before hurrying out to the typical bus stop with her siblings that were joining her.

    May-Biological Daughter
    May nodded along as Caleb spoke then spun around to face Hannah when she interjected. "Oh yes! That'd be great!" She said, excited to go along with Cadence and Cassie. May hung her bag over her shoulder and grabbed her specific umbrella with pink and white polka dots and let it unfold. "Bye Mommy and Daddy! Love you!" She said, giving both a kiss and hug, then running out with Caleb.
  17. [​IMG]- Adopted Daughter
    Cadence leapt to her feet and grabbed her backpack, running outside to follow her siblings to school.
    It was her first day not being home-schooled so she was quite nervous, checking the contents of her
    bag to make sure she had everything she thought she would need including a pre-made lunch especially
    for her. She sighed and looked out the car window, watching the grey clouds pass them by and the rain
    begin to drizzle form the sky with a gloomy effect on the world.
    " what is school like? Are the teachers mean? Are their bugs everywhere? I have heard some nasty stories... "
  18. Cassandra - Biological daughter
    Cassie smiled and braced her bag on her shoulder. Give her mother and father a hug, she said "bye" to them. She than walked out to Caleb's car. His brother had climbed in the back seat for some reason, but Cassie decided not to ask thinking it was to give her the front seat. May and Cassandra had already gotten in and buckled. Getting in she looked at Caleb. "This is about to be a long year." She said. Cassandra didn't mind school, especially with all the things she'd done there to improve it, but it was the fact she had to worry about colleges and what not. Hearing Cadence ask about school, she thought May would be a better fit to tell her, seeing they were in the same grade and all.
    @Kronas17 @CuccoLady

    Peyton - Family Friend
    Peyton smile with joy when Nico said he would help her. "Thank you!" She said a little loader than normal. Usually she would need to ask bringing in dogs, but the fact she knew they were half her size, and there was three of them, she thought it would be best to ask. Hearing him ask about what time, she thought for a moment. "Um, could you meet me out there at eleven? I have to get the truck first." She said to him.
  19. Caleb didn't mind at all taking his friends to school including the little kids. Once everyone was in the car and strapped in he started the car and then looked over at Cassie when she spoke. " Yeah your right about that but i'm going to make sure that we have some serious fun". He smiled and then pulled out of the driveway and made his way towards the school. May and Cadence school was down the road from theirs which was good since it was easier to pick them up at the end of the day.

    He pulled the car up in front of their school and dropped them off, waving as the teacher escorted them inside the building. Caleb then drove over to the high school and parked his car in the parking lot letting his younger brother and everyone out. The weather was still gloomy and now there was light rain and wind. Most of the kids were running inside and others were strolling around with their umbrellas in their hands.

    Caleb honestly just wanted to get the day over with and then head home. School was stressful in itself only because of the annoying teachers and homework, although Cassie usually helped him with it. It wasn't that Caleb didn't know the work but it was the simple fact that he was lazy when it came to school work and the only thing he really put his time into was the football team. Since the storm was bad and it was puddles, practice was canceled until the weather let up. His younger brother Lucas waved him bye and ran off into the school with one of his friends and Caleb turned to Cassie " Lets get through the day" and with that being said he walked with her into the school".

  20. Rylee and Rollan

    As if on some unnoticed cue, the twins stood, pushed their chairs in and kissed their parents goodbye simultaneously before following Hannah out to the bus stop, jabbing each other as they went. Rylee was securing her backpack onto her shoulders while Rollan adjusted his shoulder bag, pulling his beanie snugly over his ears. Rylee held out a hand to slow him before he approached Hannah. "Hey let's take it easy in front of Hanna Bear ok?" Rollan raised a questioning eyebrow. "What do you mean?" His sister shrugged in response. "With the bickering and stuff," she murmured, lowering her voice as they came closer. Rollan nodded immediately. "Yeah, I figured she's not particularly fond of it, but it's just what we do." Now it was his turn to shrug. "But whatever you say," Rollan did a little bow, earning a small shove. They were laughing as they approached their sister.

    "The bus is late again?" Rylee asked the waiting girl as they stopped on either side of her. The clouds finally broke and a light shower of rain began to fall. Rollan groaned. "Just our luck."
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