no name for this idea yet so just read it and tell me what you think

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  1. ok so me and my friend had this idea a few months ago and i only remembered about this because of a pixar movie that is being made oh and you might think im actually ripping it off but really me and my friend where watching monster high and thought of this and wrote it into our rp journal ((no idea about the movie until like two days ago and the journal is just a journal that we write in from time to time when we get ideas and who ever wants to use it can use it, she is on gaia and will use them sometimes but i claimed this one))

    Ok so what if their was a place for monsters of every kind to visit and be free with one another not having to hide in the shadows but be themselves. The owner of the place is a die hard human hater and only allows monsters so that he can be sociable but not have to deal with humans. Ok so i was thinking like a island or something kinda like a resort island ((think sandals resort but only for monsters.)) Now what if a human accidnetly books a vacation on the island and has to deal with every thing he was told to fear all in one place ((from vampires to werewolves to even bigfoot)) and they have to deal with the fact that they could be shown to the world. Do they get along or do they end up killing the human to keep their lives secret.

    now i was thinking of having profiles that way i dont have to all vampires and no zombies. I was going to ask that all the profiles have something different about them like how mine would have ((this is where my dear ravi would come in)) a vampire that cant stand blood ((yes thats a huge rip off of monster high but you know what coping something is the biggest form of flattery and i love draculaura)) ok so what do you think...would you join.
  2. I might be interested in this, perhaps as a cursed mummy woman. :D
  3. I would totally join in on this :3
  4. thanks loves i was getting sad thinking it was a good idea only in my head XD

    and ophelia i love your name ((i know a song bases on the ophelia from hamlet))
    Lulu i love your avatar...i feel im getting ignored everytime i talk to you ((i just see the picture looking away and i think that you are telling me to talk to the hand XD))
  5. Haha I've been there. What's this song you speak of?
  6. in the lake by emilie autumn
  7. Interesting. I'll look it up sometime!