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I'm thinking of something along the lines of this:

A country having just undergone a revolution for the worse. Their new leader is ruthless, destroying anyone that stands between him and his goals. Characters played would be survivors of mass genocides from their villages/towns. I'm thinking medieval for this setting, as well as fantasy, though unsure as to include magic or not.

The characters would eventually join up with an underground resistance, fighting to return their country to the people's hands after having it taken away. Vague I know, but it can easily be filled with emotion as well as a sense of realism to the character's reactions. Most all would have had someone close to them lost due to the new leader.

Problem I'm having is what direction to take it into right now, and what the end result should be. Then again, I've never done an rp, so I'm not sure how far into the plot I'm supposed to plan before I start letting the players direct it. Help would be appreciated ^^
I really like the idea, definately sounds interesting. If you're wondering which direction to go then use real life situations that are related and look at what happened with them, I us it to picture how things might play out. As for planing, it would be best if you at least covered the basics, like what the kingdom was like before and what has caused it to be taken over, also explain some things that have happened, like what cities have been burned and which have not, things like that.