No more twinkies FOR YOU!

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  1. If you haven't heard, the Hostess company is going out of business.

    It is worth the mention when a giant corporation such as this goes down. Many people will be jerbless and suckling off the teat of unemployment.

    The only question I have is: What am I supposed to do now that there are no more twinkies?

    I am sure you are wondering the same thing, but fear not Iwaku. I got your back.

    How to make Twinkies

    Thank me later.

  2. As I told my friend earlier today. Buy a Twinkie (or other fave Hostess product) and put it in a time capsule. Pull it out when your grandchildren (nieces/nephews) are old enough to roll their eyes at the tales of yore and see if the thing is still fresh!
  3. I'm going to miss Twinkies, doughnuts, Ho-hos, and Wonder Bread. :[ We can hope that another company will buy them and sell the products, at least.

  4. Well...we'll still have Little Debbie right.
  5. Hostess is going the way of the Dodo, eh?

    My brother's girlfriend will be totally inconsolable...
  6. But...that was the stuff! D=
  7. Little Debbie, while pretty good, is like Hostess' 'dialed back' sibling!

    Also this.


    I wonder if they have any for sale at my local markets or if crazed sugar junkies have bought them all up?
  8. I'm pretty sure my store is already sold out. I know the known names are, but all the "regular" donuts I'm not sure. Had a woman buy the last three boxes of her favorite donut this morning.
  9. So I'm getting to america soon after id looses one of it's confectionery icons without ever having tasted one...
  10. Oh, there's still generic versions, which are more or less the same pieces of pastry shit.
  11. Man, Woody Harrelson is gonna be PISSED.
  12. I think I read somewhere that Woody Harrelson is vegan. So! That Twinkie in Zombieland was a phony an all organic snack made of corn meal. All the same, I imagined him going out and crushing all the Snowballs left in the stores... 'Cause there were lots of those leftover at the bakery outlet I went to today, along with the other snacks no one cares about. xD

    I managed to grab the last of the powdered doughnuts, some wafer cookies, some twinkies with the chocolate cream in them, the last apple pie, three loaves of bread, some dinner rolls... I got a pretty good stock, but man... I felt bummed when I saw how emptied out the shelves became. ;__; All of it was hella cheap, though. I won't have to worry about a lack of comfort food for a while.
  13. Twinkies are gross.
  14. Now what good is the Ghostbusters Twinkie reference?