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Male Pairings


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Yaoi, Gay, Kpop, Fantasy, Magic, Horror, Drama, Angst
(This thread is ever evolving and will likely change as I find more things to add)

Hello Reader!
I play Asian Characters. Move along if you don't like it.​

Don't be overwhelmed, if you don't want to read everything just contact me for a TLDR
look in the actual spoilers for pairings and plots and such. Don't be afraid to DM me I don't bite unless it's been predetermined that I can ;D

Disclaimer to Staff:
All links in Document follow Site Rules and are View Only.


Male x Male only
For Writers Sanctum I RP on forums
For everywhere else (See Signature)
Daily Posts Usually, If not Multiple Times a day
for Roleplays

One Paragraph and Up.
Author is more of a novel writer and as such like larger posts, but don't always post that big.
No less than one paragraph unless we've been roleplaying long enough to know it's acceptable.

Please be at least high school level in grammar and spelling.
Nothing ruins a good plot more than text speech or extremely terrible grammar and spelling.
We all make mistakes, but there is a difference between "knowing you're shit, and knowing your shit."

Rated R / Mature
Reader Discretion Advised.
All Roleplays will contain sexual content, though the ratio varies
Typically 90% plot 10% sex

Ask about OOC contact details / check signature

Author Plays all Roles
Author prefers Switch Partners or partner's who don't mind helping with the story but I will play with anyone
Sexual Position has nothing to do with dominance out of the bedroom.
Author prefers characters that aren't extremely cliche IE subs that do nothing but lay there or doms who don't cry.
All characters in sexual situations must be at least 19 years old or older.
All young characters in abusive situations must be backstory or sidestory only.


Forbidden Romance
Disney Rewrites
ABO Universe
World Building
Serial Killer
Post Appoc
TW: Suicidal Themes

Historical Fantasy

Unsure of
Sci Fi

Absolutely Not
Erotic (pure sex no plot)


Power and Corruption - Think of Gollum and the Ring In Lord of the rings
Character Development - Nothing better than watching a Character change in the story
Good boy Bad Boy - Two characters with completely opposite world views uniting.
Alienation and Belonging - not so popular character finding their place
Man Struggles against Society - Society is against him and he prevails
Crime doesn't pay - reforming a criminal
Love is the worthiest of Pursuits - Riches and Fame don't matter, Love does
Death is part of life - Characters die, and we move on
Sacrifices bring reward - Losing something to gain something else
Human beings have the same needs - No matter who - we all need love
Yin and Yang Balance - that perfect match
Necessary Deceptions - Sometimes hiding the truth is better than exposing it
Power Temptation - posing characters against something that could corrupt and taint them


Fantasy Plots
Realistic Plots

DISCLAIMER: this RP thread is posted in MULTIPLE sites.

I'm an adult over 25 years of age, I roleplay strictly as Male Characters against other Male Characters.

My preferred position is Dom but due to many requests I am picky about who I will Dom for, I typically will switch with the right partner, but strongly prefer playing doms.

I have been roleplaying for over 15 years, I started when I was 8. You can do the math there I suppose.

I'm not very strict on Paragraph length, nor am I picky about actual post Size, you give me enough to work with and we can call it good.

I prefer roleplaying on Discord primarily for the notifications, but I'm open to having OOC chatter on discord and an RP On the forums.

RP Triggers:

  • Non-Male Characters- Please note, While I respect peoples Identities, I do not want male Identifying characters in my roleplay unless spoken about in length prior to engaging.
    • This is due to trauma with male identifying individuals and bad things I've experienced.
  • Female Characters - Same thing, if your character was not born male, please don't inquire.
  • Other Genders - There is only one exception to this, and I will detail it below in things I like.
  • Non-Asian Characters
    • Due to preference I only roleplay with and against Asian characters. I prefer real life pictures of Korean Idols (not BTS for trauma reasons), usually actors from the countries of China, Japan, Thailand, Korea, and the Philippines. I enjoy KDrama and it gets me more into the plot to play as those types of characters and against them. I apologize to Eurocentric FC's.
  • Furries, Anthros
    • I will do Shifters, but they must go from a complete Animal form, to a complete human form. No ears, no tails. They can have slight claws and small fangs, but I really got sick of anthropomorphic characters so it's a no now.
  • Other Non-Humans outside of your usual Supernatural / Magical creatures are iffy. Talk to me first.

IRL Triggers OOC:

  • I have been through severe mental and emotional abuse - this typically does not affect my roleplay so long as my partner is good at communicating their wishes and activity then Typically everything is fine.
  • If someone goes silent for a long period of time I automatically think I did something wrong, this is due to abuse, please if you plan on bouncing for the day / night let me know It helps with my anxiety.
  • Politics. Considering how f'd the world is right now, I don't want to hear about any politics, I don't care which side of the line you're on I've grown sick of it all so please, no politics.
  • Religion - I am religious and don't like to speak about it

  • Minimal sex
    • I'm not someone who enjoys writing out detailed and lengthy sex scenes. I'm asexual outside of roleplay so sex does not bring joy to me. Please if you plan on having sex, I would like it novelized and put in with effect, romance, and a reason for being there, not just to bone.
  • Romance and Sensualities
    • I'm a sucker for long drawn out roleplays where the characters clearly like each other but it goes slow, be it because of how they are interacting, or something else.
  • Bad guy no more
    • Roleplays where I get to play someone who is typically considered bad, IE Serial killer, Soldier on the Winning team, or some other role that is thought of to be 'evil' and have them have a change of heart and reverse them slowly
  • Conflicted Romance / Forbidden Romance
    • "I want to love you but I just can't...." often known as Romeo x Juliet
  • Internalized Homophobia
    • You know they want to, but it just isn't in the cards yet.
  • Mentor / Student
    • College level romance where
  • Mafia, Gang, Crime Plots
    • bread and butter, I love Mafia themes.
  • Political Drama ( I'm unlikely to RP this with fresh partners. Maybe after I know you a while.)
  • Incest - rarely in some situations under some situations.
  • Shifters + Vampires + Supernatural Elements
    • Most of my characters are Shifters, Vampires, or other form of non human.

Example images of what I roleplay with, and against:

List of Plots: (because this changes and I like to keep it updated live, it's on a google doc so it can be used on multiple sites and be changed for multiple sites at once)
Plots and such
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