No ▫ ▫ Mercy for the Wicked

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  1. (ooc: If anyone is interested in this jump-in rp, it's based off of Supernatural! My girl's a hellhound.)

    Why don't you let Ole' Crowley offer you a trade my little pet?" A sneer of a smile crept across the
    demon's face, his black eyes starred at the red-headed woman with lustful, hungry eyes.

    Harper was hesistant - she watched him suspiciously, bracing herself to move if he decided to act
    suddenly upon her. He was still, though, and feigned a clever benign facade so well that she almost
    wanted to believe him to be a kind man. But she knew better - her mother taught her better than

    "If your mother taught you better than that, then why are you here, little Harper?" Crowley crowed,
    grinning haphazardly at her. She grimaced. " Don't be so rude, that's no way to
    treat a potential client," she snapped, flipping the bird at him before crossing her arms
    impatiently. "Are we here to deal, or not?"

    "Absolutely. What is it you want?"

    "I need you to bring a few people back from hell for me."

    Crowley's smile vanished into a scowl. "A few? A few souls is not equal the price of one soul. Don't
    try to cheat me here."

    "Then what use are you? And you call yourself a demon. Useless. You're a waste
    of my time."
    Harper snapped at him angrily, and turned on her foot to walk away, giving
    him a disregarding wave of her hand as she did. Crowley reacted to this - he never wanted to lose
    the chance for a deal. "Wait - wait, maybe we can work something out."

    Harper smiled while her back was turned to him, it disappeared into her poker face when she turned
    back to him."That's what I thought," She said, authoratively. She knew
    how to handle these pieces of shits. Don't show weakness, or fear. That's what mom always said.

    "You're an awefully demanding little thing, aren't you?"

    "Typically, the daughter of hunters are."

    "...Must be in the genes," he muttered under his breath, "So! Anyway, on to business. Your soul is
    not worth three, no matter how special you may think you are. However, today, you are special. I can
    offer you one deal - to answer your question, yes, it keeps your soul in tact and it will belong to you
    - I just need one thing of yours. Nothing that is nearly as valuable as your soul, of course."

    "Deal. Take it - whatever it takes. Just bring them back."

    "Absolutely. Anything for you, my little pet."


    She still had the hunter's scent.

    "Run, run, as fast as you can, my little pet. You can't get far from Crowley." His words echoed in hear
    head like a memory, but it wasn't a memory. He was drawing in on her. She could feel him in her
    bones. She could feel them in her blood. The howls resonated across the forest floor in a
    symphony of bone-chilling roars.

    Blood-spattered claws cleaved into the earth, throwing dirt and blood flying in all directions behind
    her. She stumbled and fell, giving opportunity to the hound at her heels to reach at her back with its
    claws. She yelled out loud, and quickly threw out all of her strength to throw the beast off of her.
    She crawled up to her feet, her eyes vicious with rage at the hound as it moaned from pain and
    staggered up to its feet.

    She didn't remember much of anything after that.

    "Run, run. That's all you can do."
  2. A young brown haired girl, oddly adorned in a kimono which was decorated in silver, knelt by the stranger. Her eyes had appeared red for a moment, but they faded back to a pale blue, as it had always been, and she peered in close at the wounds on the unconscious being. She reached out and gently prodded it's face, hoping to awaken her.
    "Hello... are you alright..?
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    The Alp dashed along the rooftops, hearing the sounds of pursuit, long iridescent blue ribbons trailing behind her, a light smile playing on her lips. This spirit of nightmares loved a good chase. Dashing ahead of the two runners, she soon loses one of the heartbeats, finding a different one further up. Then, footsteps echo behind her. In a flash, she turns around, facing her follower.

    It was Xavier. Another Alp, Xavier was as greedy as he was lustful. "You're late on another payment, Norway. Tomorrow, I'll stop by your house to pick up the late fee." He says, his smirk wide enough to be heard in the darkness.

    "Just give me another week. I'll have your money." Norway's defiant voice ringing out.

    "You'll have my money when it's do, little girl." The young woman's eyes flash dangerously. "You need to learn that. So, I'll see you same time tomorrow night." And with that, the older Alp was gone, leaving with a sadistic chuckle.

    Norway spat the ground he had stood, turning around and jumping off the roof she stood on. The two heartbeats were close together now. They had caught her interest, so she had decided to make conversation. Walking in from a side alley, she saw them, two girls, neither much older than she. "Hello? Is everything all right?" She asked, raising her voice to a higher octave to make her sound more innocent, more human.
  4. Angeal stood at a gas station filling up her ride, she stood there wondering what the two of them would be thinking on how she left. She had just left a note saying, "Sorry guys I had to leave I'll catch up with you boys in the next town." Angeal could picture the annoyance on Dean's face and the sigh Sam would let out and how blank Castiel's expressions would be and she just smiled to herself, 'bunch of idiots' she murmured to herself. Hoping in her old rusty jeep she roared away on the dark highway. The back seat was filled with her equipment. She wasn't just a hunter, she knew alchemy which she used to her advantage and it was kind of hard for her to take in how she was actually an angel, like castiel but she had no idea where her 'grace' was.

    As she drove she had korean pop music playing on her deck until she noticed her EMF reader started acting weird and so she slowed down and drove slowly looking around and eventually halted. Grabbing her shot gun she got out and looked around while holding the EMF reader in the other hand, the song'Hello' by 'SHINee' could be heard playing in the jeep as she looked around and suddenly felt a presence nearby and aimed at what she noticed was two girls, Angeal didn't want to take chance for both of them seemed like lost souls. Surely no one dresses in kimono and stands at the high way in the middle of the night and the other woman just seemed bruised here and there probably while trying to escape from something. Angeal had her aim focused and asked, "Who are you two?" her voice stern and eyes frowning.
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    "I don't know." She had uttered to the first woman, concerned. The sudden, aggressive voice had surprised her as she spun herself around quickly; she released an almost squeaky sound; possibly intended as a short, muffled scream, nearly falling back at the sight of the gun, her hands instinctively holding her head. The silver of her dress seemed to glimmer in the moonlight, even in the night shade of the trees. Brown bangs had found a way to cover her eyes, unintentionally.
  10. Norway seeped into the shadows upon hearing footsteps, leaning against a tree, silent save for the small sound of her heartbeat. Another one, she thought, slightly amazed at the abundance of humans in this area. She quickly took the situation into account, in case she would need to fight. Three women, one with a shotgun, deadly to vampires, one that was possibly injured, and another that didn't seem to be a threat at this point. Skirting along the edge of the treeline, she came up behind the woman with the gun, fiercely taking it from her hands, and throwing it out of her reach. "No one is going to die here tonight." She said lowly, her voice back to normal, that same lower alto that let those around her know exactly who is in charge.
  11. As the gun was tossed away she looked around before sitting up straight, and clearing her throat as if to shake off the surprise of the shotgun aimed at her. She looked to the vampiric female for a moment, almost taken aback at her statement. Setting her hands in her lap she nodded. "R-right.." She turned back to the injured girl, pulling the wide ribbon cloth which ornamented her mocha colored hair out, and tying it carefully over a particularly large wound. She watched the cloth with her pale eyes, become stained by blood, pressing her lips together quietly thinking of what else she could do. She hadn't noticed any herbs yet that she knew of, that could help head the few smaller scrapes and scratches. They would be of good assistance for her, if only she had brought some she had already gathered with her.
  12. [ooc: I was a little surprised to see replies after coming home from work, but a nice relief, even if I haven't the faintest clue of what's going on! But the show does tend to run near highways; it could be a forest...near a highway. I guess. I don't know. It's all whatever. I'll probably throw in a boy character of mine at some point to you know, put some testosterone in this thread. ]

    For the briefest of moments, there was silence. There was peace. The thoughts that had been racing turbelently through the woman's head become hushed and only whispers of the chaos lingered in the dark recesses of her mind. Was this what death felt like?

    Harper drew in a sharp breath, life thrust back into her husk of a body with a force similar to an onslaught of bullets to chest - a feeling that she was quite familar with. But, everytime death was ready to take her soul, her body would not allow it, no matter how much she had once prayed for sanctuary, despite the inevitable fact that that was a right that she had sold away with the seal of a deal.

    The red headed woman's body flinched on the ground as she began to regain conciousness. All at once, her awareness of her surroundings returned to her. First, before she heard the voices, the smell of the few nearby caught her attention; she wasn't alone.

    Harper reacted immediately, her sharp eyes fluttering open as she threw her arms at the ground, thrusting herself upwards onto her feet, and several yards backwards to a safe distance from the people around her. She would have fled, but no sooner had she moved, the severity of the wounds from the bites and claw marks on her body crippled her. She stood her ground like a wounded dog backed into a corner, knowing that she would be unable to flee if these people had ill-intent. Hunters, again? No, the three women were an odd assortment. None of them seemed to be in a party together.

    "Who are you people?" Harper whispered with a muffled voice, still breathless from exhausting herself. Her wounds made her wince as she spoke, but they seemed to bother her significantly worse as time drew on, as if she were merely 'shrugging' them off. "What are you doing here? Kind of an... odd place for a gathering, don't you think?"

    Her eyes spied the shotgun on the ground suspiciously.
  13. The movement she was capable of regardless of injury astonished her to a point, but that soon vanished, as she could see the energy it took to do so, obviously exhausting her. She wasn't sure of the other two's intent, more suspicious of the female who had shown up with the gun, which Harper had currently discovered. She made a point to show no ill intention for her, however, and attempted to put on a gentle face.

    "You should sit and rest, Ma'am; you could make the wounds worse." Her voice was calming, and she didn't move from the spot on the ground where she sat. She raised a hand, the forefinger extended to point at her hair ribbon which was neatly wrapped around the more serious of the wounds. "That cloth can't stop your skin from tearing well. You don't want to pass out from the blood loss again." She simply looked up at her expectantly.

    Upon examination, she estimated the woman was quite taller than she was. And perhaps stronger, physically- at least when uninjured. Judging by the claw marks, it was evident she had been attacked by an animal, or multiple wolves. Why they didn't kill her was a mystery, for they had her unconscious, and the main reason they should attack would have been to feed the pack or themselves. An enigma, as it seemed. These forests often provided strange upbringings and such. They interested her completely, and she usually enjoyed inspecting everything meticulously.
  14. IC:

    Angeal was startled and raised her hands in surrender as she felt her shot gun jolt out of her hands and she noticed another woman, clearly not a human, observing her from head to toe Angeal then glanced over to the girl who was wounded who sprang up and retreated and apparently the little girl in kimono seemed to be unaware of clearly what stood before her. Angeal couldn't help but notice the clawed marks on the wounded girl and her instant thought. "Being chased by hell hounds?" She asked looking at the vampire girl but addressing to the wounded one, "And you are probably here for a prey aren't you, how many fills have you had for the night." Angeal asked the demon girl. The music kept playing in her car and all she was worried about was her equipment, she glanced at the shot gun and tried her best to move around to get near it, 'damn i wish those idiots were here.'Angeal thought to herself. She could only imagine the things she'd get to hear if she told them about this later.
  15. She cast an annoyed look over her shoulder, clearly noticing her attempt to grab the gun. She seemed to know what she was talking about, but she knew what it meant also. She at least hoped the marks were of a normal wolf, but the idea had been shot down, just as she knew someone in the group would be if the gun was taken. "Stop there." She spoke in a muffled tone, pale eyes handing out a piercing gaze. "It pains me to see someone willingly attempt an attack on an injured woman. Regardless of species."
  16. Backing up a step as the woman with the gun addressed her, she said, "What you talking about." She said, her slightly broken English pointing her out as the foreigner of the group. "I am not what you think." She said, thinking that she was talking to her. "Just another soul trying to get by. Nur versuchen, durch zu bekommen, am I right?" She said, switching to German and back to English nearly flawlessly, but saying relatively the same thing. "And, no, I see you moving for gun. Don't try it." Was her continued statement, moving her foot to the inside of the shotgun woman's. "I will incapacitate you before you reach it. I am spirit of nightmares, and I am feeling slightly angry today, so please, don't make this harder on yourself, jäger." She pronounced the word "yeager" a word Alps used for hunters. Her voice never rose above a soft talk, and was always slightly subdued, as if the vampire was holding back. Norway moves further into the moonlit clearing, observing everyone calmly.
  17. IC:

    Angeal arched a brow as the woman in the kimono spoke and the heard the demon talk, she clearly spoke german very well. "You know it really pains me to see you and that injured woman out here all alone." She addresses to the girl in the Kimono and then stopped when the vampire told her to as she tried reaching for the gun. 'hopeless, so what we stand here like idiots' Angeal thought to herself, how she wished the winchesters could come to her rescue. "What do you want demon? If it's not blood or soul then take what ever it is and let us humans be." If she were a demon from hell she'd probably know her past but if she was just a vampire then Angeal could fool her by stating herself as human. Angeal could slowly tell that the hell hound won't be too far, it'll come back for that woman and she really hoped she could get them out before either of these demons preyed on them.
  18. "It is called being gute seele, a kind soul. Do not think us Alps as monsters. Simply humans with...special needs. And do not call yourself human, when," She smelled the hunter, picking up scents that clearly were not human or their animals, "you are not one. What is the English word? Hypocrite? You will not fool an Alp, madam." She says, smiling in the dark. "I see an injured, I go to help. Common sense, it is called. Never let an innocent die, no matter what species, race, or religion. That is what I have been taught, least. Unless you would rather my kind reap and cull the remaining humans from the area, and others that stand in our way. That certainly wouldn't faze me."
  19. "It is the Alp had said. One who sees a body lying unconcious should not simply walk idly by. That would be utterly immoral. What wrong has she done? She has only been attacked, how would that suggest she wished harm upon us? Your own ignorance outweighs your accusations; I would even go so far as to deem it simple racism. And seeing as neither are human, your statement is simply invalid." Her language was unusually refined as she stated her observations on the matter, not moving a single muscle aside from her pale colored lips.
  20. IC:

    Angeal found it hard to believe how the girl in the kimono was so naive but she was alert as it concerned the Alp woman, Angeal finally spoke, "Okay fine help your fellow human being if you wish but she really can't escape the hell hounds, she will be dragged down to hell no matter what and IF she's lucky an Angel just might pull her out." She casually grabbed her shot gun and spoke instantly, "Not hurting anybody just minding my own business." as she slowly walked towards her car and tossed the gun in too prove it to them and then turned to the injured women, despite the fact of what she had said Angeal was willing to take her away from the reach of hell hounds, "We gotta get her out of here, we're lucky and blessed that the hell hounds didn't come this way."