No mercy for the Wicked, no rest for the Just. (StarWars Roleplay)

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  1. [BCOLOR=#000000]A long time ago... [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#000000]in a galaxy far, far away...[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#000000]As sure as the rain on Kamino will fall tomorrow - as sure as the last, broken remnants of the Sith have found their way to Koriban. As sure as a broken Jedi Order has always returned to power... a reoccuring war between the darkside, and light war will be the center-stage, for every turn of the century. Yet again, on the now scorched planet of Dantoine, these two parties meet in a planet-wide battle. The righteous Jedi Council of Dantoine, fighting of the invading Sith Army of Sciost. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#000000]The Jedi have held a firm hand in the Galactic Republic for countless a century, and had become blinded by politics, while the Sith rose a hidden Army on the outer rim. Now, the Sith is on their doorstep, and knocking with a flaming bag of pudu, and a A-10 Blaster Launcher. They've invaded Dantoine, and made the planet a battlefield. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#000000]These, are the stories of the heroes of the battle filed, on both sides.[/BCOLOR]

    Vira Tapath, the Grandmaster of the Jedi Order of Dantoine hardly spent any of her day not holding her lightsaber in both hands. Between allowing her youngers moments of rest, and taking her own spot on the battlefield, she frequented the rampage more then it seemed anyone else on either side. Though, of course, any Sith would deny this.

    Vira whirled in the air, the force lifting her normal jump into a heightened, gravity defying act of wonder. She twirled into a quick flip, avoiding a flurry of five scarlet sabers to land outside of the circle that would have handed her, her death. Her own saber ignited in a hiss of energy, as she took her stance. The Orange blade clashed with her wardrobe of dark brown and green. Especially her dark blue eyes. Her body was lost in a blur as the blade began to cut light into the air - leaving nothing but a orange cut through the very air itself. The five Sith before her fell, but the Grandmaster knew better then to think she'd earned a moment of repreive. In that instant she withdrew into herself, and let her mind expand beyond her physical being. She became one with the Force, and saw the world as it was meant to be. For her, it was a dazzling light show between Red and Green.

    A Red figure behind her was mimicing her, digging deep into the force. An attack. Fueled by hate, and rage. Lightening.

    The Master twirled on her heels, at a speed that should've snapped her ankle, and held the orange blade up against a storm. The lightening hissed and crackled as it met her blade, her saber drawing it like a lightening-rod. The hate she felt behind the attack was unbearable. It made her heart ache, and her mind uneasy. This *wasn't* a Sith. This was a Fallen Jedi. One of her former students. Her children. Taken from her. Taken and killed to become an acolyte of something sinister. For a moment, she wanted to drop the saber and let her former padowane incinerate her with a thunderstorm of misguided emotion. Then she remember the ones fighting beside her, and how many would fall if she did.


    She muttered as the Force allowed her arms to overcome the strength of the storm, and tie it around her blade. An autumn blade of thunder crackled from her hands as he form disintegrated from sight and erupted back into view behind the Fallen Jedi, would been bisected.

    She called this Force Teleportation. Using an enhanced method of Force Speed, she is able to move at a speed that seems instantaneous.

    The Fallen Jedi began to convulse as the lightening, fueled by his own hate set fire to the nerves on the half of the body that was still connected to the brain. His torso hit the ground and once again, the Grandmaster retreated into herself. Searching for the next attacker.​