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    For PC gamers this game unlocks in only a few hours, but for those of you playing PS4 it's already been out for a few days. I'm curious for who is getting this and for those whom have it, what do you think? what did you name your first discovered planet?
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  2. Loving the game .Could not care less for the whiney kids who thought they were getting a mmo like experience nad conventional multiplayer... Its super relaxing, its gorgous, the music is god tier, it allows me to just grind and explore and not have a care in the world half the time. In a world full of handholding, super agressive in your face DO THIS LOOK AT ALL THE DIFFERENT THINGS YOU CAN KILL. It is rewarding.
  3. I haven't played it, but from what I can collect from a couple let's plays, it looks beautiful. Wish I had the console to play it.
  4. Same. It looks absolutely beautiful. I think I will probably get it, maybe by next year though.
  5. Oh god the pc release is a dumpsterfire
  6. It's nice to have a game that doesn't shove repetitive objectives in your face in order to progress. You can do what you want, progress at your own pace, and relax. I enjoy it a lot. People were probably expecting Elite: Dangerous and multiplayer combat, and since they haven't gotten it, are raging instead of taking the game for what it is.

    Can't make everyone happy.
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  7. I'll wait until player-built bases, planetary vehicles, space stations, and greater social interactions are included.
  8. Space Stations are allready a thing. Social interactions are currently about gaining or loosing something it is true. Bases are coming first content update. There has been NO word about planetary vehicles and I doubt they will come.
  9. I haven't had a chance to really look into the game, but some people on the Star Trek subreddit were fawning all over it. Hell, I'm not sure if the game is even moddable on PC, but I'd pick it up if there was a good quality Star Trek themed mod pack for it like with Stellaris and Sins of a Solar Empire.
  10. My friend was saying it's like a video game of Star Trek. One of the reasons I'm actually thinking of getting the game. ^_^
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  11. I'd be happy if players could manage/build their own space stations. There's a lot of potential for customization. The same goes for bases, which at the moment are primarily operated by NPC's. However, I'll be disappointed if planetary vehicles never show up.

    I'm imagining something similar to Space Engineers.
  12. I want it soo badly, it's just my type of game. Buuuut I'm kinda broke right now, plus my computer doesn't have enough memory to run it atm anyways; at least everything else is above the minimum requirements. I'll just have to wait a little while until I have money and can upgrade my RAM.
  13. Wishful thinking, but I imagine planetary vehicles could possibly be a thing in the future at some point. Also bases and freighter ships are gonna be dope. Super wishful too, but I'd love for some Organic ships, ala Farscape.

    My main goal in NMS is to find a planet inhabited by Sand Worms. So far no luck.

    I'm going to find that Sand Worm planet god damn it ;_;.
  14. Needs a Xenomorph hiveworld too. Just ultra-deadly planets in general.
    And gas giants.
  15. Wouldn't that be the fault of the devs and the advertising campaign if the people interested and ultimately purchasing the game were expecting something that the product that was delivered?
  16. NMS is almost unplayable from Steam at the moment... there's a staggering amount that needs fixing, which is a shame.
  17. Isn't the dev team like 12 guys?

    I never really had faith in this game delivering as an end product because it was hugely ambitious, overhyped, and then there was this huge press blackout before launch. If people making a game are trying to stop any information of the final product getting out before launch day, that's a big red flag.
  18. The game looks and plays as it did in the advertisements. I've yet to see any false info-- it was portrayed as an exploration game, and that's what we got. It could possibly be described as underwhelming in that regard, but I hadn't gone in expecting something radically different. I went in for exploration, not space combat/base building.
  19. It was never marketed as something else then what I have been playing to be honest. The majority of the hype was user generated. Not company fed for once. It has delivered me chill, easygoing exploration experience of incredibly scale. And they plan on adding more content as it goes.
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  20. *spots another Miku* That's a first

    I have it, and at first it was super laggy, but I just turned down the graphics and it works fine. But I like it
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