No Man's Land

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  1. This is just an interest check, so just a short summary will be stated here.

    I would like to make a World War I story , about a fictional squad of French and Brittish, who, after charging during an artillary barrage becomes dis jointed from their main forces. So scavaging becomes invaluabe. I have dubbed them "The Lost Battalion", though in reality it's a 6-man squad with 1 field nurse.

    Let me make a few things clear;

    1. I am not being sexist in saying officially the nurse, who will need to female, isn't part of the squad. You have to rember the time period. Women just werent allowed to be soldiers, even being a doctor was pushing it.

    2. That said, my charcter who is the sergeant and commands , will teach the nurse how to take lives as well as save them. This is where the romance can start. Romance is optional.

    3. This is WWI. Up to this pont many of the weapons, tools, and warmachines had never bwfore been used before. The shock and awe of zepplins leveling cities, clunky tanks lurch through no man's land and the dread German U-boat reaking havoc on supply lines. at this point planes couldnt drop bombs and were used for aerial dogfighting and parachutes hardly worked. And one can hardly mention WWI without thinking of Chlorine or mustard gas

    4.This story of these unsung heroes who fought alone, and died fighting Germans; they fought togther, bled togther and died together. Characters WILL die. This isn't meant to be a story about the outcome. Its a story about bravery and fighting even when the odds are stacked heavily against you.

    5. I will let you choose how your character dies--No Rambos. But if a bridge has to be blown to stop reinforcements that is acceptable.

    Given sufficient support--I'll list weapons, locations , positions to be filled--and make an IC. if you have any questions, ideas or CONSTRUCTIVE critisim. I'll listen and take it in account. But sometings I won't change.
  2. Before anything is said, this is already impressive as I see you have done your research. Although the only one glaring problem I can see is that some (if not most) solders would be carrying a Dead Man's Switch. If you don't know about this i'll indulge further but if you know or have a plan to avoid it, i'll leave that there then.

    Other than that, it looks very interesting and worth trying.
  3. You mean like a fail-safe to keep them in?
  4. Well more of either A. Have the commanding officer tell everyone about them, and the dangers of them. B. Having some way to defuse these (although that would be diverting from realism, if so) or C. Pretending they don't exist.

    Considering looting and scavenging is a important part, if this were to exist, this would kill mostly everyone every time someone encountered one. As the bombs' soul purpose was to prevent and deter looting. Please message me if you wish to know more, so we don't flood this page.
  5. I'm not sure I follow your thinking on the 'purpose' of bombs; I mean yeah, booby-trapping a dead body especially one thats a former ally--it's been done since man could make combustibles. It's a well-documented tactic. That said, there was a LOT going on in WW1. tying grenades or other explosives to a single dead body when machineguns firing from nearly every direction, you have gas which will basically melt your lungs, blind you among other things. Then you have charges from one trench to the other in suicidal raids. And thats not including artillery, or even enviornment. I'm not saying it didnt happen, not saying it couldn't have.

    What Im saying is it's highly un likely that will be a probability; The soldiers we play are 'stuck' and there just will be no heroic return, no shiny medals. Because they start in no mans land andu to a gas attack, explosions, gunfire--when they retreat from charging--they end up well beyond German trenches and are near Cambrai thats French-Belgian region that had fallen to Germany. So the squad has two choice go back through chlorine gas, machinegun fir and general hell on earth--or--they can attack bridges, sabotage depots and generally give the Germans hell as long as they breathe. Communication in those days was still very limited so they wouldnt be aware allied troops were behind their lines unless they were in clear view of German soldiers. lol

    The deaths will come, but they will come LATER. I had intended for everyone to pick a number 1-7; I announce in italics if said event will kill then I roll a 7 sided die whosever number comes up I'll PM and we'd work out the details then play it through.
  6. That all said when it comes down to--its still up in the air. I really wis people would take a interest in these types of stories much like yourself.I get so tired or bein a superhuman with abilities--or fighting zombies, etc. it's fun for a while but even if you tweak it abit, just enough to make it your own--it's always going to be what it is. I'm not dispraging their creativiity or the authers. Im justired of seeing the same thing.

    I realize that some can say the same about v war stories, and I realize im no pioneer in making this roleplay. But i have a passion for history--wars in particular. I feel its importance in shaping our very natures and the irony is, is a lot of thing used or have in the paas came frrom thinįs used for unspeakable dpreprivity. I also likke heros faced with odds and despite being terrifiedd they somehow move fords.
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