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  1. Sign up Here: BIO AND JUMPIN - No Man's Guild OC sheet

    Welcome to the No Man's Guild, a guild for men and women alike who hasn't a place in society. This is were folks like you turn away from the likes of the higher ups, those who look down on folks like us for our skills, our rank, our class. Down here we welcome all walks of life because the more brother and sisters in arms we have the stronger we are!

    The shouts came from a massive Orc with three long braids in his beard and bear pelt vest. His beefy arms folded over his chest as he nods taking in all of the society rejects that stood before him "Now my brothers and sisters...look up. Above you is were the king sits getting fat while the rest of the kingdom starves. How is that fair?"

    The group roars in anger "Its not fair! I'm Ah'Jax, a proud assassin of the Elf race but the king he shamed me. Stripping me of my proud...I will do anything to get revenge."

    The Orc nods "And you shall get it brother."

    The sounds of more story sharing filled the massive underground world as you listened quietly. You joined for your own personal reasons, be it to escape your old life or maybe to over through the king. Whatever the reasons you joined.
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  2. A brown haired shorty stood in the middle of this "reject circle" twiddling his thumbs until it was his turn to reply, "Uh....I guess it's my turn, well. Hi, I'm Bjorji. I was a wizard of the mid-coastal area, until I was cursed by a smoke demon. Now I can turn in to smoke and turn everything I touch to ash in the blink of an eye. I'm here simply to kill the king and get back to my studies." Hoping that was a good enough introduction, Bjorji leans back into the commotion of holler, hoping to blend back in. Of course being only thirteen of course he still cared what people thought. Bjorji looked around watching the Orcs and assassin's hoping to listen in on a conversation, but not start one himself. Thinking about this he let out a discerning sigh. "This'll be a good day, I think..."
  3. The Orc that lead the commotion simply shakes his head, he understood about the demons that ran havoc in that part of the world "Brother Bjorji fear not...we know your pain. It was the kings that set out the demons. But know this we welcome you nonetheless!" He said raising his hands up triggering cheers and shouts for the boy.

    Next to Bjorji stood a stout chubby character, they were cloaked in all black standing only a foot tall.
  4. "Oh brother..." The short pre-teen turned towards the Orc and gave an insincere smile to avoid any further conversation.
    Turning to his side he analyzed the foot tall creature.
    "And who are you then?" If you would be so kind as to waste my time some more?"
  5. The short creature looked up his eyes wide with uncertainty, after hearing that this guy could turn him to ash he knew he was bacon...literally. He pulled off his hood revealing that he was a pig. "My name's Ok'No. Look I don't want any trouble...I don't do to well with Wizards and Warlocks." he admits looking away, hoping that Bjorji wouldn't question him further.
  6. "Heh heh heh~ Well....then what's up? Why are you here? You...don't mind me asking right?" He said turning his innocent child face into a crooked sinful smile. He leaned in over the pig lad, and patted his head, urging him to answer.
  7. Nyx found herself attempting to stand on the tips of her toes to see the action. Humph, everyone here... so tall... I can't see... An often straight face and dull stare watched as the others spoke. Softly her body wedged between various creatures: orks, elves, humans... whatevers, to hear the commotion. Seeing the rather short creatures before her gave a sense of comfort even in an uncomfortable situation.
  8. Bjorji stopped torturing the tiny piglet, and looked at the girl. Obviously intrigued at someone as short as he was he was delighted, but he couldn't just introduce himself. Plus shaking hands with someone means they would turn to ashes at his touch. "If I'm having this much trouble just thinking about talking to someone maybe I should just ignore them..." Alright it was settled he simply glared in despise at the newcomer.
  9. "Oh... you must be quite troubled." Nyx's head hung at a 90° angle, attempting to see the boy at a new perspective. "How rude... to not shake my hand... I am Nyx. Please, do not ignore me, I'll be lonely." she mused at the thought, eyes flashing with excitement for a brief moment. "Perhaps... you will keep me better company in the land of the dead?" the tell tale wails whispered quietly in her ear, gaining her attention. Not him! Not him! "Oh...? It looks like they do not want you yet... how disappointing."
  10. Bjorji chuckled as he spat out a comment "I mean, I'll shake your hand, just don't complain when it turns to ash" He shifted to a side as he crossed his legs in a chair. "What
    is a lonely girl like you doing in a place for rejects anyway?"
    he asked in a sour tone. Hoping to annoy her.
  11. "Ah... you must not wash your hands. It cannot be helped, most boys I see do not." despite the soft chuckle that passed her lips, her face remained stoic and cold. Her eyes shifted to the supposed rejects here, humming to herself as she could see the spirits who lingered to them. Some loved ones, some enemies, some cursed, some blessed. "I suppose I have been rejected... the spirits tell me so. I heard the commotion, I came to see."
  12. "Ah, okay. I understand. You have a surprisingly horrible sense of humor." The ashen one smiled. He clearly thought way too highly of himself. "It's obvious why you came here now, you 'know you are a reject.' He knew he was being cruel, his 13 year old immaturity was too great. His sinister smile greatly widened as he tried to dominate his situation. Until he noticed people leaving the group session. "Guess I should leave too" he thought. He lept off his chair and skipped to an exit. Where he took out his staff, he was a wizard of course. Practicing his spells he began to do.
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