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Hey there everyone!
As the days get longer I find myself motivated to roleplay very often, especially during the weekends, since a lot of people are busy lately, my roleplays died off or are insanely slow, so I figured it'd be cool to get a couple new partners in!

So what do I have to offer:
Active, Reliable and communicative roleplayer. I am active at least once a day, maybe if a day gets busy I skip it, but you can usually expect one reply a day, if not more. I tell you when I am gone for a bit, or at least it'll be in my news feed. So don't worry about me just ditching you, I don't do this stuff! I also enjoy talking about things about the roleplay and if your personalities mash, even about things not at all roleplay reliant. I don't expect anyone to like me, but if we get along, we can chat, if not we can keep it on a roleplay basis. I also speak up when something bothers me about the story and try to fix it, I might be a little harsh at times, but I really never mean to be rude.
I do want to say my English is perfect, but I'm 100% sure it is not, I'm from Germany so of course my posts might contain some wrong things. I do believe it is possible to understand me and if anything bothers you, speak up, I want to improve!
My post length varies, but one paragraph would be lovely, I dislike one liners, I sometimes do them myself, but I try not to make them get the upper hand of my posts!

So what do I want from my partners?
It's rather simple, in my eyes at least. Don't just ditch me, talk to me about the roleplay when you want anything changed etc.. Please, for the love of whatever good is in this world, don't ever just quit on me!!!
That aside, please don't make the post length too small or too large, I am fine with a paragraph, but if you send me 20, I will most likely not give you back as much, of course, if you are fine with that, you can do as you please. I just feel like the longer a reply gets the less influence someone has on the small parts of the story.

So what roleplays would I like to do:
There is a lot! I enjoy slice of life, dark romance, fantasy, almost everything. If there is romance, I would love it to go past the first kiss, since I'm really a fan of a relationship with all ups and downs, the weird, sexy and the fun parts. All of it!
I also enjoy a good plot twist and all these lovely things. I have no particular setting in mind right now, I just love to make these up with my partners. I also don't mind more smutty roleplays, but purely smut is just not getting me long term and after all that's what I'm looking for.

So if I got your interest, please drop me a private message so we can discuss things further :3 Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day!
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