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  1. Unfortunately i'm here.. at my work.. on lunch break, stealing a bit of their internet, because i don't have internet at my new home. And it sucks. I wish that I could rp with you all. People that i'm sorry I haven't been able to contact would include but is not an entire list would be @Melon @FOX @Dawn @Esthalia @Lstorm @PSYCOsanches589 @Tribs @Iwazuma @Elle @Alan @Seiji @Ayla @WhisperingWillows and anyone else that i missed. I'm sorry to all of you that i haven't really been able to stay in contact. We are trying to remedy the internetless house with a house full of stressed out gamers.
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  2. Hey don't worry about it, life happens :3
  3. You're good, hun. <3 Just worry about setting up your new place, getting your new roommates in line, getting adjusted to the new life, etc., etc..

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  4. You getting internet done soon o-o
  6. Just focus about getting use to your new place for now.
    Iwaku shenanigans can pick up afterwards.

    You can do it! :3
  7. You got this. Not like Opie got this, because I don't want you to get this like he did. Sad.

    But you got this and you've got more people than tagged in your post backing you.
  8. Ty bud
  9. Ahahaha you are cute. I hope that I am getting Internet this weekend because I can stand this... like at all. I need you all in my life. And don worry. We got some things sorted out.
  10. Not soon enough. Never soon enough. I really am like.. going on withdrawal from like no rp..
  11. I love you two dawny thank you so muchfor being you and being awesome.
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  12. But but but... iwaku... I miss iwaku.. j need it's shenanigans. So.. damn.. close...
  13. I am not exactly sure what you are talking about with the Opie thing... but thank you for being there. I knew there were some people I know that I didn't mention. But i am glad there are even people that I don't really know.
  14. *See's so many posts*

    AAAAAAAAAAH!!!! *Drowns*
    You know you can multi-quote right? :P
    The bounty will be sweeter if you starve for it upon returning. :P
  15. sorry i was on a phone at that time and i wanted to answer all of you fully and to the best of my ability. <3 know that it will be sweeter.. but at this point i just.. am struggling for any sense of sanity.
  16. You got no games, movies or anything to pass time with?
  17. Not really atm. I don't have any gaming stuff set up in this freading mess of a house. I have my vita... which just isn't enough. And I don't really have any books that I want to read atm... so I am driving myself bat guano crazy.
  18. Distract yourself with stuff to help organize/clean up etc?

    A bit dull right now, but will have nice pay-off in the future.
  19. You're cool! Just try to not stress about the lack of internet for now, and stay focused on the things that make you happy until that stuff gets set up at the new place :)
  20. Ahahaha I already unpacked most of my crap.. and part of theirs too. I swear they get out of more things than I can list at the moment.. and it pisses me off...
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