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  1. Howdy, new guy here.

    My name is a secret, but you can call me Tom, it comes from my club penguin username when I was four, my mom didn't want to use my real name so there's Tommy, blue is my favourite colour (Look at all the extra U's! Canadians spell words differently OK?) and two was just a random number, cool story right?

    I'm from Canada, so don't be afraid to make fun of me for that, I certainly make fun of myself.

    I'm on the interwebz basically whenever I have free time, but I'm usually asleep by 9:00 PM on weekdays, and 1:00 AM on weekends.

    I like tons of types of RPs, though I prefer fantasy, and in 1x1s I prefer combat-centric ones, feel free to ask if you wanna do one.

    I'm not new to RPing, look me up and you will find me doing other stuff.

    IRL I'm a nice guy... I like to believe, I can seem cold sometimes, but that's just my autism speaking, I try not to get in fights, but push me and I will push back.

    That's really it I suppose, feel free to ask any questions you want, I'll answer them.
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  2. Greetings fellow newbie AKA Tom

    When I moved to Australia (From the US) I had to take a spelling test. I was marked off for spelling theater "er" rather than "theatre" and "humor" as "humor" instead of "humour"

    Tell me about. Uh. Fandoms you're in? (//attempting to be conversational)
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