No Getting Off The Island

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  1. You wake up on a strange but beautiful island, bound by the hands with dirty wet rope. However, nobody was around you at that point...where is your loved ones? Your home? Your way of life? Its all gone...and someone or something brought you here...

    -Dont worry about being any of the enemies I have that covered!-

    "Hello? Hello!" Marissa spoke trying to sit up using her hands when she noticed they were tied.
    "Oh God, oh God whats going on?" The young woman breathed as all she could hear was the crashing of the waves against the she was at a beach then, but why?
    Rolling over on her tummy she pushed her legs under her...sitting up before standing.
    "What the hells going on here?" She said to herself not trying to hyperventilate.

  2. John's eyes fluttered opened as he sat up from the sandy surface. "How did I even..." The man reached to scratched his disheveled hair, but quickly took notice the rope that bound his hands together. As anyone could probably concur, this was no ordinary situation. How did he even get here? Last he recalled, he was at home on the couch sleeping through a movie. Breaking his train of thought was the rush of ice cold ocean water that had crept up onto his feet. " I the only one here?" That's right. He couldn't have been the only on on this island...right? There must be others like him, confused and probably panicked. With that small gleam of hope on his mind, he dragged his bare feet along the beach, circling around the edge of the island.
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    Skylar woke up with a yelp. He scrabbled to his feet, falling back on his face. He scrambled at the wet sand in panic, trying to push himself back to his feet, but with his hands bound as they were, it was hard. The male wriggled upwards away from the sea. His feet were becoming soaked, the wet traveling up his pants, saturating the material. "Hello! IS ANYONE THERE!" He yelled, just as a gust of wind blew past, practically throwing a ton of sand into his wide open mouth. He coughed, spluttering the sand back out. He'd swallowed some. This made him realise just how dry his throat was. How much it hurt to speak. Let alone yell. "Ow.." He croaked, trying to swallow. It felt like sandpaper. A million tiny claws scratching frantically at the back of his throat, striving to escape. Damn, he needed a drink. Where even was he? He didn't remember being tied up on some random island. Were there others here or just him? Wait. This was probably just a dream! That had to be it. But... Wait. If it was a dream why did it feel so real? The pain certainly felt pretty undreamlike. This was too weird... He would've shouted out again, but he didn't feel like increasing the pain in his throat anymore. No thank you.
    Britta felt the waves lightly touch her toes and she awoke to birds and the sound of breaking waves. She felt her wrists bound tightly together by a thick rope that chafed her skin. She relaxed on the soft sand, taking in her surroundings. She was a surprisingly relaxed person in general, and would have stayed in her position If she hadn't heard another person screaming. She sat up slowly, pressing her fists against the ground and pushing to get herself into a standing position. She felt really stiff, indicating she had been there a while. She stared at her restraints. She had to get those off. They were really bothersome.
    "I am here!" She yelled back, making her way to the voice.
  5. John jerked his head towards his right. No way. That was the sound of an actual living being. There were actually others? Maybe his mind was just screwing around with him as it usually does. Damned thing. Suddenly, another voice was heard. His ears perked up to the sound of second voice. It wasn't as loud as the first yelp of assistance, but he could probably deal with it. Didn't really matter. The direction of the voices was pretty clear. And so, he put his legs to work, following the echo of voices that vibrated across the air. The glistening sand sifted through John's toes as he was running. To his surprise, nothing else tainted the sand underneath. On a normal beach, there'd be pieces of shell, pebbles, or even seaweed remnants scattered everywhere. But nope. Well, he didn't think about it too much. "Welp. Maybe that's just me."

    As John turned a corner, his gaze fell upon a figure of a person. Their hands were bound the same way his were.
  6. Hearing other people yelling only frightened the young woman as she looked around. "Okay, okay, calm down Marissa...just calm down and think..." The young woman said to herself taking a deep breath.

    -Suddenly, a man all different looking of course walked up to each of the members on the island and knocked them out! They all dragged the new people into an inescapable dungeon deep underground! Women had their clothes taken off and only wore white dresses while men wore filthy pants and a tank top-

    Marissa gasped as she suddenly awoken to these people all in the same cell as her, as her bottom lip quivered she held herself from sobbing, she didnt understand how this could of happend to her.
    The cell was filthy and was covered in rust as well as smelling like dead animal, thats because there was a dead human rotting in the corner of the females.
  7. "Meh... what smells... it's bad, but I've smelt it before..." Brita said, unconscious still. She was leaned against the wall and was in a sleeping position. Then she turned over, but accidentally opened her eyes.
    The rotting corpse was staring at her. She puked slightly in her mouth and muttered, "Mein Gott." She sat herself up, and started scooting away, but bumped into Marissa. It scared her, then she realized that this was alive. Her eyes had started adjusting to the dark. There were two guys on the other side of the room.
    "Oh dear God, what is this?" She asked somewhat panicked. She only lost her cool when she knew or felt she could die.
  8. When Skylar finally awoke again, to was with a groan. He sat up, looking around groggily. Now what was going on? Was this going to be a regular occurrence? Waking up, then somehow winding up unconscious again and ending up somewhere else? Because if it was, he was definitely gonna get sick of it, quickly. He looked around, wincing. He had a pounding headache.

    "Wha..." He murmured, gazing at the other people around him. Where they just as confused as he was? Probably, by the look on their faces.
  9. "Ohh, discusting..." Marissa spoke trying her best to cover her mouth and scoot as far away from the bodies as possible...until she noticed something within the corpse, a knife!
    Closing her eyes for a brief moment she whispered something before opening them again and scooting close to the body.
    A quick tug and the knife came sliding out like butter, making a squishing sound.

    "H-hey you guys! I found a knife!" The young woman announced but not too loudly, in case a gaurd hears.
    Holding the knife, she started cutting everyones ropes akwardly introducing herself to each person she was helping.
  10. When her ropes were off, she shook hands with Marrissa. "Britta, nice to meet you. So now what? What are we supposed to do? Where are we?" She asked like she thought they knew.
  11. Sky wriggled over quickly, cringing as he brushed against one of the dead bodies. He shuddered, bile rising in the back of his throat. He held his hands out expectantly, looking at the female. "Skylar." He said, as introduction, wiggling his fingers. He was being impatient, but the ropes were cutting into his wrists, small drops of blood starting to appear under the grimy binding.
  12. John was sitting near the cell door, leaning his head onto the musty wall. This was the second time he blacked out. Kinda getting a bit old. Maybe that's just how those kidnappers like it. He wouldn't know. As the one girl with the knife started to release the bind around the other's wrists, John got a big impatient. So he decided to get in touch with his inner beast and start to bite the rope. He realized the others were introducing themselves, but he continued on.
    "Oh. Erm John." he grunted a muffled tone.
  13. Once Marissa had slowly and carefully cut the ropes of everyone she slid the knife between her belt and her pants, wedging it in between.

    "Does anyone else know where we are, because I dont...these men seem to be keeping us alive for now, and I dont wish to know why..."
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    The steal gate was opened and another man was thrown inside the cell landing over John with a low groan. Bran coughed as he rolled to the side. His hands were still tied behind his back by a thick rope and a there was a line of blood running down from mouth. "Fucking bastards..." He looked around and clenched his jaws. Where in hell was he?
  15. Marissa blushed as the man was thrown in rather violently, he was very handsome and naturally the young and beautiful Marissa found herself attracted to him.
    Taking her knife out she started to cut the ropes tied to Johns wrists, feeling herself blush she glanced at him and introduced herself.
  16. "Oh SH-" The Asian didn't have enough time to mutter a single word or reaction. What's the odds of having a finely built man to be thrown upon you? Not very high, let me tell you. John assisted the man up onto his feet. "Well, that's one more person added to our prisoner's clique. I'm assuming you randomly woke up on this island, right?"
  17. Bran stood up when John helped him up, moving a step away from him untrustfuly. He glanced at the woman at his side and stared at her for a moment. Hmm... He looked at the male once more as he spoke and huffed. "That answers one of my questions." He rolled his shoulder back and tried to untie his hands until he glanced at the knife. "Would you mind?"
  18. Suddenly, two men walked up to the jail cell, one being a huge burly man and another an older man holding a staff made of knives and screws!
    Both started speaking Russian to each other before a third man walked up holding an AK-47, he spoke the same language to the older man who seemed to be the leader before he opened the jail cell and grabbed Britta by the hair! Pulling her out of the cell and to another room where the man threw her and into the room and locked it.

    "You bastards! Let go of her!" Marissa shouted but the man with the gun only glanced at her up and down and with a discusting smirk pulled Marissa out and pushed her against the wall, feeling up the side of her hip.
    Trying to get away, the woman tried running but the man kept her still and started kissing her neck.

    After a few moments of struggling the young woman leaned over and bit the mans ear hard, making him bleed and pushed into him! Knocking him down on the ground.
    The jail cell was left open and Marissa grabbed the gun, but the man jumped on her...choking her.
    The gun that the woman held fired into the mans chest! Killing him instantly! Blood was splattered all over her as she stood there with the gun, shaking.
  19. Bran watched the entire scene, not being to help her. He could only watch the woman being touched like a rag doll. He growled disgusted and tried to break the rope around his wrists again, just getting to hurt himself as the rope burned his skin. Suddenly she bit the man and pushed him away, making him realize the door was opened. A gunshot make him look at the woman quickly, she was filled with blood but the one who fell dead was the man that was annoying her at first.

    Then the first burly man that walked inside ran after Marissa, Bran got at her side quickly kicking the man on his diaphragm with his knee, stealing the air from his lungs. As the burly man stilumbled backwards trying to breath, Bran looked at Marissa. "The gun! Use it!"
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  20. Another few shots and the huge man was dead, the man with the staff was gone without a trace...
    After most of the men were delt with Marissa fell on all fours and started gagging...she had never killed a man or woman before.
    "Oh God, why didnt anyone tell me..." She began but then crawled over to the corner and vomited, shaking before she stood up slowly...trying to hold in her tears.
    "We need to find shelter," she said before searching the dead bodies, completely discusted with them and herself, two radios were on each body and grabbing them she swiched the station to something only those two radios could access.
    "Alright, does anyone have any useful experiences with being stranded? Like starting fires or finding food? I know how to shoot, so...that might be useful..." Marissa said still shaking a little.