No Game no Life + SAO kind of RP?

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  1.,hey guys~

    So I've been having this possible RP plot in my head for a while,but I've been thinking twice of actually starting this after what happened to the first ever RP I attempted to host,which didn't even get a chance to start because of finals and other personal reasons.But now,hopefully I would be able to manage this.

    I don't really have a complete plot written yet,but here's my main idea and how it's gonna work out.

    Basically,you're just another gamer who...well,loves playing games and is sort of tired of the world because of whatever reason and just want to escape from it all.Then one night,you're playing this new MMORPG game when suddenly a window pops out,asking you if you want to see a new world.Your character says yes,and then somehow they get sucked into a world based off video games... this RP will be loosely based off the anime No Game No Life and Sword Art Online.If you don't know either anime,I recommend you looking and checking it out.(says the person who has only seen the first episode of NGNL)

    *ahem* so yeah.I'll try to build on with the idea,but for now I'm curious if there are any people who are interested to do this kind of RP. (/~\)
  2. SAO was amazing. I'm in! Never seen NGNL. Do you mean a world where the character's physically there, but it feels like a game, with GUI inventory management and sparkly popping death sequences? (also, i like your banner. Can you make me one? :P)
  3. @Raitoningu yay sankyuu~ \(;v;)\ And...idk yet actually *shot* pretty much yeah.So it's gonna be like how it is in SAO,but instead of having a body left behind somewhere in their house,they actually ARE there in that new world. .3. (thanks again xD um...maybe? ".3. )
  4. this sounds like it could b e fun. I have seen both no game no life and SAO. (though maybe only three episodes of no game no life.) also i am looking forward to SAO returning.
  5. Yay~ I hope it will be > < .And yush,SAO II in 9 days~♥
  6. Ive never seen the anime but interesting concept! I am interested as well!
  7. SAO 2 comes out when i go on holiday D:. I guess i have to wait a while for someone to upload it to the internet anyway though.
  8. @Raitoningu well usually the subbed ones come out just a few hours(or the next day the latest) after an episodes gets released so...:V

    But yea...yay another person that's interested~ xD
  9. Hmm. yeah but i hate it when I watch one episode of something and there isnt a next one out yet because it means I have to wait a while. I prefer to just watch everything in one burst. Also, every time I see your avatar, it makes me think i've said something stupid but i can't work out what...
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  10. Well,yeaa...but it's SAO,so.. :P
    And good.Feel the disapproval feel my avi makes you feel. ~=A=)~ *shot*
  11. Y'know i bet I could draw the disapproval face over it and it'd match up completely. Something like this: -_-
    Actually I just noticed, i think a lot of the emojis are based on anime expressions rather than what normal people do. I dont think normal people can do any of these, but anime people can: XD, -_-, :D, etc..
  12. Do you have a spot left? Because I am interested :)!
  13. @RayChel had a good idea for something like this
  14. @Raitoningu Well....I think they actually are xP wonder what it would it be like if people CAN do those expressions... ._.

    @Daigneault of course x3 hoorah another person~ .3.

    @Minibit oh, she did? /3\)?
  15. :bored: Yep, that's the face. ^^

    Mini tagged me, so I'll give my two bits. I am trying to run something similar, but bizarrely different. Rather than try to take people away from Haruka, though, I want to know more about this one. What's the requirement for getting out of the game?
  16. @RayChel ooh...kk. :v

    So since they were teleported to this "new world",there's supposedly no means of escaping it.But these group of people (a.k.a. the RPers) will go on a quest to head/find the king/queen/"game master" and demand them to bring them back.

    ...or at least that's one thing I'm considering of doing.. /~\
  17. I didn't tag you to hijack players, I just thought you might enjoy this Roleplay, or that Haruka might like to join that while this one is getting together, or that you guys might want to collaborate; great minds and all of that
  18. Ah, sorry. I didn't intend anything against you, Mini. I was telling myself that so I wouldn't try any funny business.

    I think I need to go watch the first episode of NGNL. I'll be back once I have.
  19. OK so I just watched the first episode of NGNL, and while it looks good and i've bookmarked episode 2 for later, it's kinda massively different to SAO. Just what parts of each are going to be used here?
  20. @Raitoningu Well,I myself had only seen the first episode *gets killed by everyone*,and the only part that I've taken from NGNL is the part here everyone gets teleported to the new world...

    ...haaaa I'm a lame RP GM ;w;
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