"No Friends" Club.

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  1. Today was the day she could finally take no more of her day-to-day loneliness. Heidi Barber sped through the hallway, anxious to arrive at the last room on the right, where the rumored "No Friends Club" was said to be.

    Heidi was at her breaking point. Today was the day she had proclaimed would be different. The day that she wouldn't fade into the gray. She had spruced herself up, curling her hair and even wearing a bit of makeup. She had even planned out her outfit the night before. Yet, all these actions were in vain. As always, no one paid attention to her. In fact, Heidi felt like her peers were avoiding her even more so today than ever.

    It had not always been this way. If her best friend had not moved, things would be different for her.

    In a final, desperate attempt to reach her goal, Heidi had decided to stay after school and join this "No Friends Club." ...As sad as it sounded. She could no longer take it. She turned the knob of the door, blinking back tears and hoping to see an array of fellow students gathered inside the room.

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  2. The leader of the group, Alfred Jones, had always been alone. So thus, he surrounded himself with loners. It wasn't a good thing to do, oh no. But it kept him happy, all in all. It kept his new friends happy, too.

    Alfred- now goes by just Alfie, started the group when he was just a small kid. Third grade, actually. It was simple, start a group where everyone who wasn't in a group was allowed in! Well, the idea took like wild fire, and as he grew, the club grew. Most of the kids ranged by size, shape, and just how they looked.

    Alfred was a good looking boy- highschool had been good to him. The only thing that kept him away from the popular table was the fact that he hung around the losers. He didn't see why that was a bed thing, they where with him since day one! He couldn't leave them, he loved his friend too much! And as soon as he had heard about a new member, he had welcomed her in right away!

    Not knowing what the girl was like- or, what they looked like, he simply told her to come to the meeting and make herself comfortable. He didn't really judge anyone by how they looked, but when she came in, he noticed her instantly.

    Her hair was beautiful and he bet it smelt good. Great, maybe. But he wasn't going to sniff her hair anytime soon. The others where broken off into groups, just playing Chess or talking. It was like a social event outside of the social event.

    Alfred straightened himself out, and walked towards the newcommer. " Hello! You must be Heidi. I'm Alfred, but everyone calls me Alfie. " His happy blue eyes scanned her over, making note of her in his mind. She was gorgeous, but he wouldn't say anything.
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  3. Heidi averted her attention from the people that filled the room to the person that approached her. She studied the guy for a brief second, slowly but surely recognizing his face.

    "Hi.." Heidi started, her voice soft and quiet. It had been a while since she had engaged with her peers besides saying "Excuse me," or "Thanks." She was a little nervous, but all the while, happy. She felt happy someone had finally brought her back into the picture instead of letting her fade into the background.

    "It's nice to meet you, Alfr-Alfie." She spoke. She couldn't help but grin. It was so nice to be social again, not to mention with someone as cool as Alfred.

    Heidi had heard many things about him. In fact, her best friend Clara would never stop talking about him. He was as attractive as she had foretold, and as friendly as they said. Heck, he was apart of the "No Friends Club."

    "..This is the uhm.."- her voice dropped to a whisper- "No Friends Club...right?" It sounded so foolish to her, but she was without a doubt, without a friend.
  4. He could tell that she was nervous just by her body language. Her eyes where darting around the room, as if she might want to break through a window to get out if she felt threatened.

    Alfred watched as she studied him, along with the rest of the room. Oh no, did he have something on his face? Was there something in his teeth? Probably from the salad he ate at lunch... Wait, was she speaking? How rude of him! He had a wondering mind, which sometimes got in the way of conversations every once in a while.

    " This is the place! " He said, with a small smile. Alfred was always happy when new members joined, it had slowed down for quite a bit. Most of the kids that had been in the group had left, simply because they all made friends! It was sad to see them go, but he was always happy for them.

    " So, Heidi, what do you like? " He asked, with another smile. Alfie was always a cheery guy, regardless any situation. Well, not to say he was ALWAYS that way. Though it takes a great deal to ruffle his proverbial feathers, it isn't hard, or pretty when it happens.
  5. Penelope Warner looked up from her book when she heard the club door open. The girl who entered was very cute and seemed somewhat uncomfortable. Penelope smiled a little, remembering her first time coming into the club.

    She had always been the shy type and she had always gotten grief for it too. She answered questions in class on occasion but otherwise she kept to herself. Bullies had always targeted her because of it. Everyone else just thought she was a mute. In conclusion, most people make assumptions so she made one: people are stupid.

    It wasn't until she happened upon the club one day while running from a pursuing bully that she found people who actually bothered to get to know her as a person. That's when she found her voice.

    Watching the club leader talk to the girl she couldn't help feeling a little nervous. She would have to talk to her eventually and conversation was not her strong point. The girl looked friendly, if not approachable, but Penelope's stomach tightened at the thought of speaking to her. It was always embarrassing stumbling over her words with newcomers. She watched from behind her book with tentative hazel eyes.
  6. Heidi's smiling features turned thoughtful at the question. "What do I like?" She thought to herself. Well, she liked a lot of things. It was an awkward question, at least in her opinion. She met Alfred's eyes with a questionable gaze.

    "Well, I like a lot of things." She voiced, her words coming slow. "I like pizza..I like soccer, but I'm really awful at being consistent with exercising." She trailed off, beginning to feel uneasy.

    Heidi had never been much of a talker. She felt like she didn't have a lot to contribute conversations. After all, she had was always been the Plain Jane. The one that faded into the gray. She was more of a listener than anything. A listener and a watchman. Life passed her by, and she had never felt the need to be pro-active about it. She was content until just recently, when she realized she was utterly alone.

    Heidi looked around the room again, her eyes falling upon a girl who seemed to be buried in her books at first glance. Her heart skipped a beat when she realized she was peering at her from behind the pages of the book.

    She swallowed. Heidi hadn't prepared herself for the stares she knew she'd receive. She suddenly felt very out of place. Somewhere in the back of her mind, she knew she was only receiving the stare because she was the newcomer, but Heidi couldn't help but feel insecure. Was there something on her face? Did she look like she was trying to hard? She thought the dress she'd put on was respectable for school, but maybe it was a little too edgy.
  7. Alfred listened to her intently. Some of the other kids liked soccer, maybe she could hang out with them? Pizza is always good. Note to self: Schedule a pizza day. As the lengthy teenager began thinking to himself, he barely noticed that the other shifted her gaze to Penelope.

    Alfie knew he probably shouldn't, but he did it anyway. Alfred got a small smile plastered to his face, and soon put that plan to action. He carefully took the newcomer by the hand, and lead her over towards the bookworm. He could tell that she was scared by the way she looked around, as if she was a lost puppy.

    " Don't worry! No one will judge you here. " He said, with a soft smile. It was hard to believe someone like Alfred would be in a club like this. He seemed the type that would have friends to spare! Well, in third grade, most kids didn't take a liking to Orthodontic headgear. His teeth where oddly shaped when they developed, and because of that, braces where a must.

    Once they where off, he nearly smiled at everyone he met. It was like he was a new person! A new person, indeed, but he never once left the club. He loved it there too much!

    " Penelope. " He greeted her with a smile. Smiles all around! " I'd like you to meet a new club member. Her name is Heidi. Do you think you could show her around the room a bit? "
  8. Heidi stumbled behind Alfred as he gracefully guided her to Penelope. Her heart pounded; She couldn't make herself believe Alfred's words. Heidi couldn't help but still feel extremely nervous and out of place. When Heidi realized he'd guided her right over to Penelope, she gulped.

    Introductions, she thought to herself.

    She had always hated these kinds of things. They were always very awkward, at least for sputtering, stuttering busy-body. She forced a smile in Penelope's direction, internally freaking out.

    "Hi." Heidi spoke, flatly. She studied Penelope for a second, taking in more of her features now that she was closer.
  9. Shou Akane sat it a corner, looking at everyone. Was it weird he joined this no friends club just to have a club? He was treated like a freak anyway. People always call him a blond failure, when he never was. He was just anti-social and so what if his hair was bleached to near white-yellow?

    He remembered the day when he first joined the club. Unlike most, he didn't ask if this was the club he wanted to join to Alfie, he said that he was joining this club. It surprised most, but he didn't care. The first thing he did was sitting at one corner and just observe the 'social gathering'.

    At the corner of his eye he saw a newcomer. She seemed to be neevous of her surroundings, and he wondered if he should tease her. It would be fun, he thought to himself.

    As Heidi introduces herself, Shou creeped from the back and ran his fingers through her curls and sniffed it. "Smells nice," he said softly into her ear and went off.
  10. Kevin didn't even care to look up from his book to see the newcomer. Maybe that was his problem, that he didn't care enough for others for them to care to talk to him. He didn't talk much and when he were with others he just didn't know what to say and often just said 'mm' or 'yeah' without much expression. People thought he looked angry and scary all the time, some had told him that if he smiled then he might look more approachable, but smiling wasn't his strong side.

    As the chapter he was reading ended he put the book away and let one of his feet down on the floor from the windowsill he was sitting on and looked towards the girl. He had a kind of angry expression even though he didn't mean to look at her like that, and it might have looked as if he was irritated with her. But in reality he simply looked to see what kind of person had joined them because of loneliness or whatever reason there were. She looked pretty normal to him, he didn't see a reason for her to be alone. Maybe it was because she was shy. It seemed like that.

    He took a hand up to his messy black hair and brushed it through, everyone thought that he colored it because he had such pale skin but it was naturally black. Or actually it was dark brown, but that could only be seen in strong light.
  11. Penelope looked down toward the pages in her book before closing it and smiling nervously. Her little tuff of a ponytail bounced when she nodded, her voice having suddenly ran away from her. She tried to speak anyhow just to show she meant no harm. "I-I'm sorry for, um, staring at you. I-I didn't mean anything by it your hair is just...really cute." Penelope was so very glad for her darker skin tone at that moment as she stood up from the table.

    She gave a short bow, as was her customary nervous gesture. "It's nice to meet you Heidi. I'm Penelope. Welcome to the club. The people here are really nice, I promise." Just as she had finished saying that Shou walked up behind her and sniffed her hair. Again, thank goodness for darker pigments. "D-Don't mind him! Shou is a little weird... Let me show you around the club room." Penelope sighed, unable to make much other than rushed, embarrassing statements.

    She showed Heidi to the Foosball table in one corner of the room. "Some of us get a little competitive when playing this game," she explained solemnly. "I'm apparently very bad at it. Sometimes we go outside and play on the field if no one's out there. The table there is for playing card games or board games." She then led her to the small bookshelf against the adjacent wall. "We have a small collection but sometimes the library gives us books that no one checks out."

    "There are all kinds of people that, um, come to the club. It's a really nice place to be." Penelope gave her another shy smile though she was being sincere. She felt things were very awkward between them at that point, but she wanted to get rid of that right away. "If you have any questions about anything you can always ask me. Homework or anything, really."
  12. Heidi found Penelope to be pleasant, and also shy like herself. She knew instinctively she'd get along great with her. Maybe not so much with this Shou guy though.

    Heidi stiffened, immediately uncomfortable the long thin fingers she felt entangled in her hair. If that wasn't bad enough, the guy had the audacity to lean down and smell her hair. She yelped in surprise, even jumping forward a bit. The hairs on the back of her neck stood up, and her heart beat out of her chest. This guy had really, really surprised her.

    Her fight-or-flight response to the gesture continued, and caused her to let out a long, blood-curdling scream. She was in such a panic, she didn't realize until she looked around at other's reassuringly faces that this was just some guy trying to be funny.

    Heidi listened to Penelope's short explanation of Shou, unsure of whether to be angry or creeped out. Luckily, Penelope gave the tour, taking her mind off Shou, but not completely. Heidi nodded as Penelope explained, unable to contribute to the conversation. She was still...disturbed.
  13. Umieko awoke from her nap in a silent startle. She heard the 'new member ' walk in, the introduction process begin and then the beloved tour of the club room. Her long dark hair curtained behind her and her school uniform was creased due to horrible sleeping habit. She sat up slowly, bringing her knees to her chest as she stretched her arms and pat her cheeks lightly. Her eyes fell on Kevin as he sat on the same couch reading a novel of what she predicted to be his second since entering the club room. Her thoughts were a jumbled mess and she could not piece together a sentence that would be a socially acceptable conversation. So instead, she sat in silence for a moment, waiting for her batteries to recharge. Her arms rested on her knees and her head rested on her arms lazily. Her dark hair fell over shoulder in beautiful waves and her gray eyes watched Kevin in innocent interest. He tended to hate when she stared but she did it anyways. If only to annoy him furthermore. She had concluded that if he were going to be near her when she awoke from her daily naps, then she should have rights to stare in thought at anyone who was in the general region of her eyes.

    As her eyes focused on Kevin, her thoughts began to process. She had fallen asleep on the couch again. It was a hazardous flaw of hers. It was one of the reasons she was in this club, one of the reasons she had no friends. She had the habit of simply falling asleep in anyplace she found to be most convenient. They called her "sleeping beauty", she was often talked about, often confessed to and often included. However, she was not accepted. Her sleeping habits made her an oddity and therefore she had no friends. The people in this club were quite welcoming when she joined. It was also nice to have a couch to sleep on, rather then the tables in the school library.

    She tucked a lock of hair behind her ears as she felt her recharge complete. By recharge, she meant the rate in which she fully awakened. After awaking from a nap, she needed an extra 2 minutes to awake. If the recharging didn't happen, she tended to fall back asleep in a matter of minutes. Umieko, turned away from Kevin to stare at the new member. Her gray eyes examined the girl silently and concluded that the girl was quite cute and she wished for further communication in the future. She wondered why such a normal looking girl chose to join this club....did she have a strange flaw like her own? The topic pinned her interest and she decided to investigate the topic in the future as well.
  14. Ahh, the sound of a girls' scream. So high pitched, yet has beauty in it, Shou thought to himself. Heidi was rather pretty, he thought, and seemed fun to play. However, there are more people to tease with, see different reactions is so interesting. No two reactions are the same.

    He jumped on the spine of the sofa where Umieko was sitting and tried to straighten her shirt properly. "Hey sleeping beauty," he spoke softly to her, and after straightening her uniform properly, he left, going back to his spot at the corner.
  15. Umieko didn't jump when Shou touched her, nor did she scream like the other girl. She was quite used to Shou's need for physical contact. It was another hazardous flaw one of them had. Shou was strange and mysterious but also kind hearted and shy. And kind hearted was a stronger characteristic then strangeness, so she forgave him for his sometimes strangeness and accepted him for his flaw. Afterall, they had accepted her for her....strange and uncommon sleeping habits. It was only fair.

    Umieko smoothed her hand down her uniform, from which Shou had just tidied up for her. A lazy smile appeared on her lips and she glanced up to thank him but then noticed he had slipped away to his spot in the corner. Such a shy one he was. She leaned her elbow against her knee and rested her chin in the palm of her hand and stared at him in amusement.

    "Shou, you are both strange and kind. You fix my uniform but then run away to that corner , making your previous action a bit strange." Umieko said lightly, a carefree laugh on her tongue. It was a laugh that both displayed her dimples and crinkled her eyes. "Hmm, shall I thank you for your kindness or cringe from the strangeness of it?" She asked amused. Although she was used to such action, it never ceased to entertain her.
  16. Penelope rubbed her hands together nervously before looking back up to Heidi. "If you ever want to just, you know...talk or something, I'm always free. I mean, I have things to do, but I wouldn't be too busy to talk or anything." With that she smiled in what she hoped was a friendly way and not weird looking at all. It was true, she was pretty much always free. Homework was a simple task for her. She looked nervously around the room trying to find something or someone to start a conversation with or introduce her to since there were a few lively people.

    Maybe she could reintroduce her to Shou? No, she's probably still freaked out right now. Ultimately she could come up with nothing and gave in to the awkward air between them. Heidi seemed a lot like herself, but cooler, and why she wouldn't have friends was a mystery to this girl. Penelope had often thought if she was cooler, or even cuter, then she would have no trouble making friends- apparently not.

    She took Heidi's hand and lead her to the table where she was reading before and pulled out a chair for her. "I think that it may be easier for you to get into the club's atmosphere if we talked a little bit," she suggested nervously. There were always surprising people coming into the club, people Penelope was sure would have friends all over them. Being there had really changed her perspective on types of people and just how stupid most of them were. There were a lot of cool students in the club- well she thought they were cool- and he fact that they had come to the club sometimes made her angry. It was an awesome place, no doubt, but some people just didn't deserve to be alone enough to have to come inside.
  17. Shou sat at his corner, looking at Penelope and Heidi's direction, thinking about Umieko's reaction. It was way different from Heidi's, and it was interesting. Should he go tease Penelope now? He thought to himself.

    He decided to play a one-sided staring game with Penelope and started staring at her eyes, wondering how long it would take for her to notice.
  18. Miu lightly rubbed one of her temples. She had a headache from all the questions she had been receiving from her new classmates. Being an exchange student many people seemed to be interested in her, but none of them actually seemed to be interested in the person she was or any of the things she was interested in. She was shy enough as it was. While she struggled to answer some of the questions her classmates were asking her earlier today, she overheard someone in the background mention the "No friends club." ​Though she was, by technical definition, popular, it was only because she was foreign.

    None of those people were interested in her as a person. Though she was sure she could find friends among these people, a part of her knew that the people she was really interested, and subsequently be interested in her, would be in this room. Though she didn't immediately enter. Her headache wasn't subsiding, and she didn't want to be frustrated when she met these people, so she let out a deep sigh and placed a sole hand on the door and lightly placing her head against the frame, maybe she'd just listen from out here for awhile.
  19. Penelope realized it was rude to ask questions of someone without telling anything about herself, so she swallowed hard and told a little about herself. She fumbled with her hands as she spoke shifting her gaze from Heidi to her hands to other places in the room. "When we came back down to this part of town we decided to stay for good, or at least until I finished my schooling," she went on. She talked about moving around since that was most of what she knew, and about the rare instances when she wasn't being bullied into talking. As she talked she eventually calmed to look mostly at Heidi.

    With all of her nerves on edge she felt a little uneasy. "The past four yeas have been the longest I've ever spent in one place." She glanced away and met eyes with Shou. She froze for a moment, startled really, and found herself staring back at him. She couldn't help that he had lovely eyes despite being so weird and making her want to disappear...often. Other people's embarrassment made her want to disappear. If it was up to her she would be invisible at least the day. Penelope held his gaze with her own honey colored eyes unblinking. Why is Shou staring at me? Her face grew very warm but she didn't look away. She had gotten somewhat used to some of the club member's behaviors and she had long dubbed Shou a strange one.
  20. Marko was one of those new weird boys to the school who secluded himself not because he wanted to but because he was different, Marko wore his uniform but no shoes. His hair dark black and his eyes that are a very bursting purple. He walked around school with his shoes hanging over his shoulder, he rubs his nose as he see's a flyer on the wall about the "No Friends Club " he store at it and took the flyer off the wall. He was now determined to find this room, as he walked the halls he came to the room that was on the flyer. He took a deep breath and grabbed the door and opened it only far enough for him to peer into the room , his purple eyes and black hair swung in the door way as he looked at the rather large group of people. He sat there just watching them not sure whether or not he should walk inside or leave the scene.