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  1. The island of Gaea wasn't always the popular tourist destination with the likes of Ibiza and Majorca. At the start, the native islanders were enjoying the silence while America owned the island in the fifties and sixties until The Bahamas became a massive tourist destination. Companies from all over America started to work to turn Gaea into a massive, popular tourist island with bars and resorts all over the coastline like Spain's Ibiza and China's Hainan. Despite the estimations of the resort island, the natives disagree with the plans and refused them to change the whole island.

    However, the US government soon stepped in and forced the natives to flee inland or get out of the island. Most went inland and with the 'help' from the government, towns were rebuilt. The project to change Gaea into the resort island was done in the eighties and saw a big boom in tourism. Millions of tourists stopped by the island every year to chill or to party in the nightlife. The island was updated to compete with other resort islands as it was the third most visited resort island in 2005.

    Now in the year 2021, Gaea's coastlines were being used to the max and that caused a large number of development projects to be pushed inland. But, the natives began to worry that they were going to be forced out of their homes and started to protest against the developments. They were tired of being pushed around and decided to protest at the islands' capital, Neahkahnie. Behind the scenes, the natives prepared to take back the island by force during the height of the summer break.

    Avoiding the protect, many citizens (including you) decided to have fun in the capital city anyway at the pier. Not knowing the serious threat that will change their lives forever.

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