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A few rules to sign up for the RP:

1. Place your character sheet here and NOT in the OOC.
2. You are allowed to post a WIP but let me know in the OOC that it is a WIP or I will assume it is finished and not allow you in because of lack of content. Also, post in the OOC when you are finished, so I know to go and look.
3. Follow the Character Creation Guide to a 'T'. Ask any questions in the OOC.
4. You can decorate the Character Skeleton any way you want but do not take away or add anything.
5. Please use illustrations. No anime pictures. No photographs. No exceptions.
6. Take out anything italicized and the asterisks within the character skeleton.
7. Again, post any questions you have in the OOC.


Please fill out the skeleton below and see the ‘Character Creation Guide’ to answer any of the areas marked with an asterisk (*).

If applicable
Height and Build:
a picture will suffice for this

*Race Details:

Three Positive Traits: This is how I know you're thinking about it.
Three Negative Traits: These better be legit negative not a veiled positive.

Write a short blurb about how others view your character- we don’t want to get too in depth with this because characters can surprise us. But at the same time, we don’t want anything too bipolar or cardboard.

*Deck Style:
*Magic Class:

List Two Skills Here: Name your skill and give me a brief overview. This is not, for instance, attacks or different ways to use your magic. This is just helpful skills that you’ve picked up over the years (or other things to go along with your racial traits). You can branch out with this or stay along the same thread you were. This has no effect on your stats or deck. It's just a bit of personalization.
*List Racial Trait Here: Yeah, this is a c/p. Just want everything so I can see it.

*Advantages: I’ve listed several places where you could use an advantage in relation to your deck or race. Just keep in mind that advantages have to equal disadvantages and you can have no more than three of each.
*Disadvantages: See above.

If you wish to add more information about your weapons- feel free to do so here but keep in mind that there are no enchanted weapons in this world. And nothing is indestructible.

List family/friend/acquaintances/or other people that are intrinsic to your character to be connected with because I might use this later for a few plot points
What is your background? Keep this basic and simple-just so we know your roots.
How did you join the Army of the Dead? Give what your character was doing previously and how they ended up in Exis’s shadow army.
What is your reputation within the army? How do your other members view you. No one is an enigma, and the army is small enough that we have all heard tales of everyone in it. CONSIDER THIS IC KNOWLEDGE! OTHER CHARACTERS WILL KNOW THIS!



  • In the "Chronicles" is a list and description of the four categories of species. Yet these are broad terms and not really a reflection of individual races. For instance- it is pretty much like calling a person Caucasian- while now you have an idea as to what they look at you have no idea bout their personal nuances. They could be American, Canadian, British, Irish, Central European, etc. So while I give you categories to choose from- I will also give you free roam as to the race your create just please keep it within the guidelines of the original synopsis. And whatever category you choose- you get stat points to spend and a Racial Trait. Here are the points and traits as follows:

    ⛺ Highborne:
    One stat point to either Control or Charisma
    Racial Trait: Diplomatic Immunity- being the most prosperous of race in Aeon has lead to being widly accepted about the world. There is practically no prejudice when dealing with merchants (that are within the merchant’s guild and other legal circles) and they will usually not be treated with animosity unless they enter an antagonistic situation. They also usually do not have to have writs to enter more secure villages and encampments- and usually can get away with petty crimes as opposed to serving jail time.

    ⛺ Groundborne:
    One stat point in either Strength or Stamina
    Racial Trait: Golem Sense- living underground or in the ground has given many Groundborne a natural affinity to directions. Not only that- they are less sensitive to blunt and bludgeoning injuries as their skin is thicker and more durable than any other race’s skin.

    ⛺ Shiftborne:
    One stat point in either Coordination or Control
    Racial Trait: Dual Nature- the essence of shiftbornes in the fact that they are of two natures and that their true façade is not always the one you see. They are able to transform into another form (if given a B or greater in control this is at will- less than will be more sporadic) and use it as adeptly as their more prominent one.

    ⛺ Brokenborne:
    One stat point in whatever category you choose.
    Racial Trait: Kaliedscope Genetics- given the fact that their race does not hold up to the other three’s unities this category of races doesn’t have a racial trait that runs predominately throughout. They actually suffer from lack of a congealed genetic structure and may find themselves more prone to diseases because of such. Also, the reproductive gender of this category may also find themselves infertile.

    You will place your Racial Trait along with your other skills in your character sheet (a simple copy paste can do) and apply your stat points where needed. Then you will go about fleshing out the individual nuances of what race you are. If you care to make one of your skills something to do with the race- just make sure that it is fluid with the description. Here is an example:

    Category: Shiftborne
    Race: Octurnes
    Race Details: Octurnes- like all shiftbornes- have two forms. In their main form it is mostly humanoid except with the presence of wings and brittle bones. These can allow them to glide for short distances before becoming exhausted. In their second form they turn into a horse-sized griffon-like creature that is capable of flight and uses its’ sharp claws and terrifying screams to hunt down prey. There is only one gender of Octurnes as they are a hermaphroditic species that is extremely androgynous- even so they are usually separated by who takes the breeder role and the inseminator role. They value beauty above all things and the lighter the feather color the better.

    So maybe you can put down as one of your two skills- gliding in the main form. And I also might request that you take a hit to Endurance considering the brittle bone bit.

    PLEASE CONSIDER: I will not take any omnipotent races, I will not take any giant races or miniature races, I will not take ‘undead’ races, and I will not take talking animal races (shiftborne’s second form doesn’t count). I do love intrigue, mystery, fantasy, and inspiration characters as much as the next person but please don’t make them down right improbable.

  • No man is good at everything, but we aren’t going to break down into extreme specifics for this part. Your three categories are: Might, Ranged and Magic. Might entails the ability to do both weaponed and martial combat- usually either or and with only one certain weapon class. Ranged entails the ability to be good at aim, speed, accuracy and the ability to use a weapon that fires projectiles. Magic is pretty much self-explanatory but deals with how powerful you are and how much control you have your magic. Each person will get one primary and one secondary skill- they can either be different or the same- just matters how many points you want to allocate to each area and what you want your character’s talents to be.

    Deck Style: Might/Ranged

    That means that the Might is the primary skill while Ranged is secondary. Your character will be better at handling- lets say ‘swords’ than they are with ‘bows’, but they will still be able to use both fluidly. So this means they have no talent what so ever in magic.

    Weapons: primary-Sword /secondary-Bow
    Magic Class: N/A

    Next let’s name our deck. This is by your own design and used to pinpoint how the character will be imagined. Let’s take our deck from above and call the occupation: Hunter.

    Now that we have named it and given it primary and secondary skills- lets describe it. All I want from you is a brief description on what your character does in this occupation. This can be as detailed or vague as you want. If you go rather detailed I may give you extra points or skills- but I also may give you a disadvantage with that. Want to avoid it all together- just be brief and simple.

    So lets’ give an example of a good description:

    Hunters are nomadic people that make their living on the cusp of the woods hunting game and on occasion the escaped criminal. They are good at trap laying, tracking, skinning and tanning. They excel in both short range combat and long range- and are very good about laying low and picking off an enemy from afar. What they lack though is able to battle large groups as they are used to only one or two quarry.

    So inevitably I might reward you with a bonus skill of tracking or sniping, but I would also give you negative points for being able to handle a large group.

    And that is it! Now to transfer it over to your character- in the end this is what your Class lineup should look like:

    Occupation: Hunter
    Deck Style: Might/Ranged
    Weapons: primary-Sword /secondary-Bow
    Magic Class: N/A
    Description: Hunters are nomadic people that make their living on the cusp of the woods hunting game and on occasion the escaped criminal. They are good at trap laying, tracking, skinning and tanning. They excel in both short range combat and long range- and are very good about laying low and picking off an enemy from afar. What they lack though is able to battle large groups as they are used to only one or two quarry.

    Of note: If you build a Magic Deck- you need to pick a magical class to build on. Even if you build a Magic/Magic you only get ONE class- no one can wield multiple magical classes. Yet the Magic/Magic does mean that they have mastered that class- which is rare in this world. And as a reminder- please see the 'MAGIC' section of the Chronicle of Aeon.

    Now make sure when you fill out your stats that they meet these requirements for your deck. This is to make sure you fully optimize your character and don’t have failings later on:

    Primary- B in either Strength or Stamina
    Secondary- C in Strength
    Both- A and B in Strength and Stamina

    Primary- B in either Perception or Coordination
    Secondary- C in Coordination
    Both- A and B in Perception and Coordination

    Primary- B in either Control or Intelligence
    Secondary- C in Control
    Both- A and B in Control and Intelligence

  • You will have 13 points to spend in each of these categories to begin with. The ranking goes from X-F, and while I’ll allow Fs I will not allow Xs just yet. Yet as the RP goes on I may reward points. These will come from either good RPing, or in general, level ups based on surroundings or enemies. Please allow these points to reflect your character’s abilities and choose wisely. After I approve your character you will not be able to edit them unless we have discussed it thoroughly.

    Strength: Power behind your attacks but also how much you can carry, hold or throw.
    Endurance: The resilience you have to attacks and also your ability to withstand harsher climates and more taxing journeys.
    Coordination: Agility, accuracy and speed. This also has a lot to do with how fast you run and how quick your reaction time is.
    Control: The power you have over your magic and special moves- how much restraint and strength you can use it with. (Even if you don’t use magic is probably good to put a few points in here or you might fail to hit anything).
    Perception: How aware you are of your surroundings and the people that are in it. Not only could you possibly spot tracks, trails, and traps- you can even start reading people.
    Intelligence: While wisdom is an inherent trait how intelligent you are is learned. This is how much you know of the world and how quickly you pick up on it.
    Charisma: This is about how fluidly you can speak to others and make them feel comfortable and welcome.

    X= 5 points: Genius
    A= 4 points: Gifted
    B= 3 points: Above-Average
    C= 2 points: Average
    D= 1 point: Below-Average
    F= 0 points: You have no skill in this what-so-ever.

    So you will lay out your Stats in this manner- just remember you only have thirteen along with whatever you accrue due to racial properties.

    Strength: A
    Endurance: B
    Coordination: D
    Control: F
    Perception: D
    Intelligence: B
    Charisma: C

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Synopsis: Being a young man of knightly prowess Nomas is often the first to go for what he feels is right and refuses to sway away from it. He is a druid at heart using magic until he is close enough to a person to use his sword.

Description: His a rather tall compared to most and is a thin build, he often wears rather lose clothing with an enjoyment for not feeling constrained by armor. He has eyes that are a deep purple that seem to always be watching people with a youthful curiosity. His hair is a light shade of orange that matches his tail and ears

Name: Nomas Ghoma
Age: 27
Height and Build: Standing just over six foot Nomas is a rather Tall and awkward in his human form. And weighing just under 170

*Category: Shiftborne
*Race: Kitsune
*Race Details: Kitsune are a foresty race in heart allowing them to switch between a humanoid form with fox's tails and ears often setting them apart from humans while their other is that of a small fennec fox, they are all free spirits and often live in loose packs normally around twenty. Often at war with other packs, they are often well versed in fighting in both of their forms and easily use both while attacking a single combatant.

Personality: Nomas is often very excitable about most things around him having not spent a long time around people outside of his pack. He is quite curious in his own right but tends to be very caution of anything new. He loves sparring with those he trusts and fighting those he doesn't. Often something like a coin or a shiny bit of metal is enough to render him docile to whoever gave him the gift.
Three Positive Traits: He is a generally curious person who is quick to try and pick up on whatever he tries to get his hands on next. He is a decent fighter on his own and tends to know well his own weaknesses and avoids fighting anyone who exhibits anything he's afraid of. He is often used in his fox form as a scout to recon an area before the army.
Three Negative Traits:
He is generally weaker than a standard soldier in the army as he is made more for quick attacks, a good hit against him will easily take him down. He is easily turned neutral to a fight when the enemy gives him a gift of gold or another shiny object. He's afraid of snakes and the dark to the point he is nearly incapacitated by the fear.
Nomas is often treated as a coward because he isn't a fighter in the sense most other warriors of the army are. He stands by his convictions that the fighting is right, but he himself doesn't often see fighting.

*Class: Druid
*Deck Style: magic/sword
*Weapons: A longsword
*Magic Class: Aural
*Description: Druids are often looked at oddly by others. They are very nature oriented peoples who often speak about the whisperings of the winds or the actings of animals when they get a chance to see nature. Often relying on magic before steel they are always magic wielders to some degree.

List Two Skills Here: He knows how to farm and hunt often using those skills when he isn't working in the army for a standard living.
  1. *List Racial Trait Here: Ability to change into a fox at nearly any time, and heightened balance and hearing thanks to his tail and ears

    *Advantages: He is an amazing scout.
    *Disadvantages: he is a poor person to leave on guard because he is easily pacified

    What is your background? He was a normal upbringing from his pack, but he found his affinity for scouting where he was quickly scooped up by an elder in the village who taught him in the ways of fighting. At twenty, he set out to make his own living and quickly found a place for himself in various armies.
    How did you join the Army of the Dead? He was a hunter for quite some time before his skills were noted by a local recruiter. He signed on with the flashing of a few coins more than he was making selling rabbits and coyote ears.
    What is your reputation within the army? He is respected in his ability to find things out about enemy movements quickly but he is often looked oddly at for the fact he is not often a fighter

    Stats (1-10 scale)
    *Strength: 5
    *Endurance: 8
    *Coordination: 7
    *Control: 5
    *Perception: 8
    *Intelligence: 5
    *Charisma: 5


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A magic healer of great power, Keren is the headstrong Second of their clan. Equally ready to heal a wound or cause one, they are a loyal defender of their people, a shining example of a War Angel in action. However, don't get on their bad side as it usually yields negative results.

Name: Keren Chaikin
Age: 27
Gender: Alum
Height and Build: 5'10" armored and 5'8.5" unarmored, Keren has a muscled build due to their training as a War Angel and the natural height that come from their race.
Keren is the typical Ke'rata, with deep bronze skin, bull horns and soft fuzzy ears. They have both the broad hips for females and wide shoulders of males, with a smaller waistline. Keren has half of their dark hair shaved, with runes of protection buzzed in the shaved area. Though they remain mostly in light cloth armor, their hands and feet are heavily armored. They also have a short cloak, that stops mid-shoulder. It is clipped with two small metal wings, a symbol of their class.

Category: Brokenborne
Race: Ke'rata
Race Details: The Ke'rata are a race of horned humanoids. They are gifted healers and excel at Anatomical magic, along with advance herbology. They have several bovine-like characteristics, including bull-like horns and pointed fuzzy ears. Ke'rata have three genders, the traditional female and male, along with alum, a gender that is seen as the in-between. There are technically two different types of each gender, those who can breed and/or be bred and those who can not, but the Ke'rata don't really place much stock into these differences as it's always been this way.

Females are usually handle aggressive roles, males hold most of the order and alums keep everything working smoothly within the clan. They have large clans, that are lead by a Head, usually an alum. Industrious and stubborn creatures, they are able to out-think their way out of most issues and crush the ones they can't. They aren't opposed to outside help, especially from other Brokenborne, but it would take a lot for them to get to a place where they would even think to ask.

Three Positive Traits: Loyal || Honest || Unwavering
Keren is loyal to those who have earned their trust, easily backing their friends up whenever they need it. They aren't one to abandon an ally in their time of need. They value honesty and will rarely lie, even if it means being punished for something. This means they expect honesty in return and do not react well when lied to. Keren is amazingly determined, even for their race. They do not waver in their convictions one bit and surrender isn't a word they know too well.
Three Negative Traits: Self-Deprecating || Merciless || Willfully Stubborn
Keren isn't easy on themselves at all, any and all failures are solely their fault. No way around it, there's always some way that Keren could have done better, been smarter, fought harder. Almost as a product of this, they are merciless in battle and in wit. They'll spare those that surrender, but not without giving them good reason to. Keren can also be a pain to debate with, as they just don't know when to stop trying. Even if they are dead wrong, they still want to have the last words in an argument.

Most Ke'rata see them as a good leader, able to command respect and fear in healthy doses. Outsiders who have heard of them usually are fearful or scorn them because of the ruthless methods and attitudes they seem to possess in battle.

Class: War Angel
Deck Style: Magic/Might
Weapons: Great Ax and Magic
Magic Class: Anatomical
Description: War Angels are the top of the class in Ke'rata culture. Skilled in both healing magics and physical ability, these warriors are the frontliners, healing allies along with taking down enemies. Each Angel is different, as each one can specializes in a different weapon, but most tend to stick to swords or maces. These warriors' numbers are very small however, due to the amount of mental, emotional, and physical strain the training puts on trainees.

Skills: Herbology- Years under a master herbologist have given Keren a keen knowledge of usable and dangerous flora in Aeon. They are able to identify and use these plants to their fullest capabilities though new plants can baffle them.
Debating- Although they are stubborn, they tend to use it to their advantage, trying to use their words and logic to get things done. While it's not always a foolproof plan, it has worked for them in the past to drag out arguments until the opponents simply give up or better yet, draw the first blade. Either way, Keren is practically blame-free.

Racial Trait: Kaliedscope Genetics- given the fact that their race does not hold up to the other three’s unities this category of races doesn’t have a racial trait that runs predominately throughout. They actually suffer from lack of a congealed genetic structure and may find themselves more prone to diseases because of such. Also, the reproductive gender of this category may also find themselves infertile.

Advantages: Extremely strong, gifted healer, strong leader
Disadvantages: Doesn't take "bad" or "wrong" orders well, too willing to sacrifice themselves for others, weak in ranged combat

What is your background? Born in one of the larger clans, Keren was the second oldest child of the Grand Archivist Hadan and his mate, Head Adara. Though Heads are chosen by the people, everyone knew that either Keren or their younger brother Zohar were the likely heirs as both were strong and well-liked. As they grew up, it seemed that the scales tipped into Keren's side and they became Second, or the heir, when they were 19. At 20, they had joined the training for the War Angels and became one officially at age 24.
How did you join the Army of the Dead? Being the Second doesn't mean much when your carrier is still up and kicking, so Keren started doing odd jobs for other races. Kill this, hunt them, heal these people. As they keep doing this, they started getting bigger and bigger jobs. Eventually, the High King chose them to join the Army of the Dead, in secret of course. Keren merely told their clan that a big job had come their way, don't worry, and took up the offer.
What is your reputation within the army? As a Brokenborne, most don't give them the time of day. That's not to say they don't know them, everyone's at least heard one of the many times they've killed half of the enemy to make some sort of statement. Some even fear that ruthlessness and make an effort to never be near them.

-Strength: C
-Endurance: C
-Coordination: D
-Control: B
-Perception: D
-Intelligence: B
-Charisma: C
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Name: Aolan
Age: 40
Gender: Male
Height and Build: 6ft even, thickly built

*Category: Highborne
*Race: Lowfolk
*Race Details: Humans are a curious race with no real specialty or niche in the world. Said to breed quicker than rats by some of the more long-lived races of the Highborne, they are hardy but not too much so, intelligent, but not too intelligent and are often regarded as being able to fulfill whatever spare roll is necessary. Truly an odd people.

Three Positive Traits: Loyal, Shrewd, Calm
Three Negative Traits: Cynical, Aloof, Conservative

Aolan is slow to trust, and even then, he keeps his words close to him. If you’re looking for a charmer, he’s definitely not the one to call on. He has earned a reputation as a calm and efficient man that isn’t prone to rash decisions, so his cold and aloof nature is more or less forgiven by those who know him. He keeps each person that he serves with in the army on a professional level of relationship, able to talk and cultivate trust for the sake of keeping a cohesive unit. He is also a rather unsettling individual, keeping quiet and looking none too friendly, seeing the world through eyes almost always narrowed to shrewd slits. He prefers also to stick to the shadows and watches the hands of others as well as their facial expressions and body language. A watchful and cautious man indeed, if not a friendly one.

*Class: Manhunter
*Deck Style: Ranged/Might
*Weapons: A crossbow/hand-axe
*Magic Class: N/A
*Description: A manhunter is, well, a man who specializes in tracking and dispensing of other men. He knows how to stalk and prepare game, if only to sustain himself if his provisions were to run out hunting his target, and he is a marksman with his preferred ranged weapon- although it is always a crossbow or longbow, nothing loud or unwieldy. He is handy at the art of interrogation as well, able to extract information quickly, if not sloppily. It should be left to his majesty’s inquisition for that, but bringing the man to them is this person’s job and he is good at it.

List Two Skills Here: The art of interrogation – He’s able to pick apart a man using mundane objects like tongs, splinters of wood, shards of glass, etc.
The art of game preparation – He’s really good at catching and prepping small game like rabbits, hares, squirrels, snakes, etc.
*List Racial Trait Here: Diplomatic Immunity

*Advantages: Crack shot with a crossbow, good tracker
*Disadvantages: Not fit for the thick of it, knows he won’t last in a close fight

If you wish to add more information about your weapons- feel free to do so here but keep in mind that there are no enchanted weapons in this world. And nothing is indestructible.

What is your background? Rough upbringing in the villages on the fringes of the thick forests. He learned to survive by the sweat on his brow, the skinned knuckles, callused hands and bloody mouth life gave him. It was a hard family he grew up with and hard friends he hung around, but that was life and he made the best of it. A wily youth like every other bastard his mercenary father sired, he grew up wild and went off to become a poacher.
How did you join the Army of the Dead? Being a poacher isn’t half bad, hide sells for something, meat too. But you never truly live until you hunt the most dangerous game- men. It wasn’t until his twenties that he fell in with his father as a manhunter, a taker of bounties where the only option is “dead” and no “or alive.” His father was killed by his quarry on one such hunt. Words were said, a drink was had, but he moved on and ended up signing on to the Army of the Dead. Partly because it was hard, more for the pay and the fact he’d be regarded as a damn hard man. No longer a manhunter, but now one of the King’s killers.
What is your reputation within the army? You have three opinions when it comes to Aolan. Some people hate him for what he is and what he’ll never lie about being- a killer. Some people are glad to have a man like him when things get bloody. Others hear the stories of whose finger he’d taken and promptly scoff. Either way, his experience as a professional is valuable, just like anyone else in the company. After all, he isn’t known for his winning personality.

*Strength: C
*Endurance: C
*Coordination: B
*Control: F
*Perception: B
*Intelligence: B
*Charisma: C
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Renvar is a Highborne Human, who serves the Army of the Dead in an auxiliary role, particularly as a “Corpse Investigator”. He is the founder of his own field of study in medicine: Mortalitology, the study of what renders mortal bodies dead and how. Many see his work as unnatural, but few would refute his ability and usefulness.

Name: Renvar Setn
Age: 31
Gender: Male
Height and Build: Slightly overweight, 5'6''
Description: [spoili]

Category: Highborne
Race: Highfolk
Race Details: Highfolk are humans like their Lowfolk cousins, but with only marginal differences. Though most Highfolk generally have fairer skin, hair and eyes than Lowfolk, the only truly discernible difference is that Highfolk come from the Citadel, and Lowfolk do not.

Three Positive Traits: Knowledgeable, Studious, Friendly
Three Negative Traits: Morbid, Obsessive, Asocial

The nature of Renvar's work offers few opportunities for socialization, and neither does he care for it. He has a few eccentric habits that make sense to him, and largely doesn't care about what others think of him. He is driven by a desire to prove himself to the world and show that, shunned as is, he can still be useful.

*Class: Flesh Mage
*Deck Style: Magic/Magic
*Weapons: None/Magic
*Magic Class: Anatomical (Offensive)
*Description: Flesh Mages are very powerful and terrifying opponents, able to dominate the bodies of their foes and either rend them asunder with their very will or seize their bodily functions to force them into whatever action the Flesh Mage desires. However, the incredible amount of study and practice needed to master the art of offensive Anatomical magic means there is often little time for formal combat training, thus leaving the Flesh Mage quite susceptible to close range/melee combat.

: Being a 'harmful' Anatomical Mage of considerable power, Renvar was driven by necessity to learn first aid, due to the constant lesions and lacerations he inflicted upon himself. That necessity eventually became a hobby once he grew to learn the nature of his magic, then a field of study. Though his field of study leaves him most readily available to answer how a person died, he is quite knowledgeable on how to keep that from happening.
Writer: Renvar is a published author, and while most of his written work is made of medical journals, he occasionally writes smutty literature in his spare time. His work is by no means popular or even good, but it does have a small cult following. He does his best to keep this quiet as he finds it rather embarrassing, even going so far as to publish pseudonymously.
Diplomatic Immunity: Being the most prosperous of race in Aeon has lead to being widely accepted about the world. There is practically no prejudice when dealing with merchants (that are within the merchant’s guild and other legal circles) and they will usually not be treated with animosity unless they enter an antagonistic situation. They also usually do not have to have writs to enter more secure villages and encampments- and usually can get away with petty crimes as opposed to serving jail time.

Advantages: Quite skilled in his field of expertise, powerful Anatomical caster.
Disadvantages: Unfit for anything physical, effectively unable to protect himself from attackers.

The only thing Renvar carries or uses that could be considered weapons are a set of surgical knives and tools.

: Daniel and Lucinda Setn were overjoyed when their first son Renvar was born, but were heartbroken to learn he was a powerful Anatomical Mage. His childhood was a blur of visits to mage trainers, healers and little Renvar's 'special house', where he was kept away from anyone he could hurt. Unable to interact with anyone his own age, much less anyone at all, Renvar turned to books and study to occupy his time. Once he learned how to control his abilities, he attended a medical school. Fascinated by what bodies looked like under the skin, he entered the field of anatomy, soon becoming an expert in the field before pioneering his own field of study: Mortalitology, the study of death and its causes.
How did you join the Army of the Dead? Renvar had accrued a name for himself, and was called upon to assist in an 'unsolvable' murder investigation which he solved within a day. Recognizing the value of his work, he was invited to join the Army of the Dead. Renvar, grateful for the acceptance of his oft shunned work, joined as a consultant, but nonetheless official member.
What is your reputation within the army? Renvar is considered by many to be an eccentric scholar at best and an insane corpse defiler at worst. However, none question the results he's provided and he is valued by most all, if distrusted by some.

*Strength: D
*Endurance: D
*Coordination: D
*Control: A
*Perception: C
*Intelligence: A
*Charisma: D
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Sci-Fi, fantasy, post-apocalyptic. Roleplays with plenty of action, violence, and romance. I don't mind if the base is on one of those alone, but it gets boring when nothing else comes into play, know what I mean? - Also, I'll do something modern if it seems like something I'd be into, but that doesn't happen often.
Name: Rhi'Ihs
Age: 38
Gender: Female
Height and Build: 5'9" and of athletic build, not particularly bulky but firm and visibly muscular.

-Gills as featured in the image.

-Fins along the back of the forearms, calves, and along the spine from the base of the skull to just above the tailbone.

-Two fingered, two thumbed hands with tiny, but hard sub-dermal claws.

*Category: Brokenborne
*Race: Gorovehk

*Race Details:

-Short: Gorovehk are aquatic carnivores who are generally physically appealing, but otherwise repulsive.

-Extended: The Gorovehk are a race of aquatic humanoids who are often beautiful in appearance. In contrast, their customs and beliefs tend to be rather gruesome. They are carnivorous and cannibalistic and will devour any dead or dying creature without hesitation, regardless of sentience, due to a belief that if a once living being is not consumed, their bodies may eventually be overtaken by a dark god who seeks to end all Gorovehk life and perhaps more. Due to living primarily deep under water, their bodies are very resistant to pressure and are fairly tough, but as a side effect nearly all struggle constantly with carrying their weight on land. Another problem Gorovehk are faced with is adapting to light and, depending on how deep under water they dwell, some may never do so.

Because most of their females are infertile, one who is capable of producing offspring is treated as royalty and defended at all costs. Mothers unwilling to breed, however, are eaten alive by another female [Preferably from the same family] in the hope that she might gain her ability to breed. This of course, absolutely does not work. Fathers are much less glorified, as they are, in most tribes, just whomever may be up to the task and available at the moment. Some do tend to brag though.

Outside of willing Mothers being promoted to their equivalent of a queen, Gorovehk hierarchy is determined by strength. A small number of both males and females will prove themselves to be the strongest of their tribe, either by defeating any who challenge them or by slaying an exceedingly dangerous creature [usually from the surface], and will act as a personal defense force for their current mother [or mothers]. From there, they will select their personal forces via the same method. These Gorovehk will be tasked with guarding perimiters of their settlements [Or camps, if their tribe is of a nomadic nature] and collecting tributes from lesser tribes/offering to greater ones. At the bottom rung are hunters, foster parents for the children of Mothers, builders, and- For tribes who concern themselves with things from the surface, merchants and diplomats [Though most of them have an admittedly poor grasp of diplomacy].

Physically, Gorovehk anatomy appears to be very similar to surface humanoid races, suggesting they may have evolved from one such race to adapt to life under water. A few key differences however are; Smooth and slimy skin which is sometimes [But not always] covered in scales, hands with two fingers and a thumb on both sides tipped with tiny but hard sub-dermal claws, fins of varying length [Or in much rarer cases, tentacles - Those with them are widely feared and respected for their likeness to their aforementioned god], gills, full set of sharp and pointed teeth, and usually very small pupils. Gorovehk can survive on dry land, but are uncomfortable and very quickly become sick if their skin is not kept at least somewhat moist. Some force themselves to become used to the sickness and grow to more or less ignore it, but over time their outer layer of flesh and/or scales will flake off and leave them more vulnerable, as well as reduce their life-span by a few years in most cases.

[[Sorry about dumping there. Kinda got into it and couldn't stop myself.]]


Three Positive Traits: Brave, protective, ambitious
Three Negative Traits: Gullible, reckless, short-tempered

Personality: While not a particularly strong conversationalist, Rhi'Ihs is a bit friendlier than many of her kind [Which isn't saying much, but still] and makes a conscious effort to make herself more approachable. She prides herself on her physical strength, often boasting that she could have taken a position of power in her tribe, had she wanted it. She appears rather simple-minded, but is actually fairly quick to learn and is a bit more adaptable than the average of her race. In the first few years on the surface, she'd already learned a handful of big words and that not every problem can be solved with force. To be fair though, she still finds a lot of them can be.


*Class: Destroyer
*Deck Style: Might/Might
*Weapons: Heavy weaponry/Unarmed
*Description: The destroyer is your standard-fare brute, trading finesse for raw strength. This savage's every blow is potentially deadly, but their attacks can be seen coming from a mile away. A quicker opponent could escape with ease, but one misstep too many could spell out their demise.


1. Aquatic Hunter - While slow and clunky on the surface, she is a fantastic swimmer. When in water she can't properly make use of her weapon, but she doesn't exactly need it. She becomes a truly savage beast, capable of running down and making quick work of her prey with her natural weaponry; Her claws and teeth. [Combat and practical use - Can hunt fish and the like, as well as sentient races that aren't as well suited to fighting underwater]

2. Pack Mule - It's taken Rhi'Ihs several years to adjust to carrying her own weight on the surface, but she has, more or less. Lugging herself around was a bit of strain, but she could handle it. Now that applies to carrying extra gear.

Racial Trait: Kaleidoscope Genetics- given the fact that their race does not hold up to the other three’s unities this category of races doesn’t have a racial trait that runs predominately throughout. They actually suffer from lack of a congealed genetic structure and may find themselves more prone to diseases because of such. Also, the reproductive gender of this category may also find themselves infertile.

*Advantages: Can take a good deal of damage, as well as dish it out. Claws are capable of rending flesh and light armors like hide or leather.
*Disadvantages: Slow, clumsy movements are easy to avoid, and failing to connect would undoubtedly leave her open to assault. Also, even with her strength, swinging around a giant hammer is exhausting.. On the other hand, fighting unarmed reduces reach considerably.



Sah'Ihs - The Mother who birthed Rhi'Ihs and her brother. She gave birth to twelve more children before she was no longer able, and has since lived a comfortable life, as she will continue to do until she passes. She has a similar, but noticeably softer physique compared to the race's norm, and has somewhat darker skin than Rhi'Ihs, but is otherwise identical. She has a very dominant personality and can be a bit rude, but is not particularly unkind by Gorovehk standards.

Kresh'Ara - After Rhi'Ihs and her brother were born, Kresh was assigned to be their caretaker. He wasn't very fatherly, but he did teach them to speak, hunt and fight. Though age has dulled his senses, he is still considered capable and continues to raise Gorovehk children today. His skin and fins are a pale green color, all but his belly and face are covered in much darker green scales. He is patient toward children who make mistakes or take a while to understand certain things, but is intolerant of disobedience and disrespect.

Ghir'Ihs - Twin brother of Rhi'Ihs. He is a hunter who sometimes hunts on the surface at present, but has recently been considering making a life there like his sister. He's even gone as far as to speak with a few mercenary companies. Ghir'Ihs is almost identical to his sister, but is about a half-foot taller and has small clusters of dark blue scales on his shoulders, back and cheeks. His demeanor is similar to his sister's, but he is a good deal more capable of keeping his temper in check.

What is your background? There's not much to tell about her past. She was a hunter in her tribe. She did her job and often tested herself against her peers - lived a very simplistic life.

How did you join the Army of the Dead? The life of a Gorovehk is simple; If you are strong you guard the tribe, if you are even stronger you protect the Mothers, if you are not so strong you hunt, care for the young or you build. Sometimes a simple life like that isn't enough.

Rhi'Ihs had been to the surface to hunt exotic creatures, met and often fought with other sentient beings. While the bouts had been enjoyable, it didn't take her long to realize that some of these people had much greater purposes than she ever could have in her current life. She was one of many hunters, if she failed to complete her given task her tribe would not suffer for it. It felt empty, meaningless.

From then on she sought to change that, to find something to give her life meaning. After about a year of searching, she'd find her way into the Army of the Dead, having caught enough of the right eyes during one of many contests of strength. She serves now as a front-liner, taking the brunt of assaults while studying things like discipline and codes of honor during when she's not needed.

What is your reputation within the army? A valuable ally, but one to be wary of. Powerful, but dangerous. Though she takes care of her companions, in battle she appears little more than a wild beast and seems liable to turn fully feral at any given moment.


*Strength: A
*Endurance: B
*Coordination: D
*Control: C
*Perception: C
*Intelligence: D
*Charisma: D
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Saree Nett


Age: 24
D.OB: The fifteenth day of spring
Gender: Male

Height: 6'2 feet
Build: Slim, but tall

Category: Highborne

Race: Ma’archy

Race Details:
The Ma'archy is known as a proud folk who generally don't like to ask for help from the outside. As such they live their lives secluded from the outside, practising their own traditions, and passing down their knowledge to the younger generation. Within the Ma'archy the women rules and acts as the head of the families. The men are usually suppressed and held down for their gender. They are the best known for their (strong) magical abilities, taking much pride in it and centring much of their education around the mastering of one of the magical disciplines known.

Generally their people are described to be graceful and tall, giving them extra points in charisma. Alongside to it they are trademarked with pointy ears and their dark skin. Within the Ma'archy there lies a belief that the darker the skin is of their member, the greater their magical abilities are. Which thus means that, the dark skin is usually held in high regards within the Ma'archy. This, however, means thus that it is generally believed that these with a light skin aren't as capable in performing magic, or not at all. The prejudice is that light skinned people are better in brute force, thus brawling, than in the graceful, but also tender, works of magic. As such light skinned people face much discrimination within the Ma'archy, usually treated as outcasts and shunned for their 'lack' of ability. To make matters worse it is believed that the light skinned Ma'archy with talents within Core magic are especially 'cursed' beings, for they are said to simply lack the ability to keep their magic under control.

Because the Ma'archy generally focus on training their magical abilities, their strengths in might and ranger are usually severely underdeveloped. This leaves them vulnerable in these two fields. The light skinned people born within their culture are generally ousted, or receive no formal training at all, which leaves the rest with no proper mentors to teach. The Ma'archy's proud character also intervenes as they feel themselves too great to ask for help from the outside. Instead they rather rely on themselves and their own methods, often unwilling to admit to their own liabilities.
  • Positive:

The first and most obvious trait about Saree would be his willingness and thirst to know and to learn. The male is always found studying, trying to think up new theories and consuming them like a hungry beast. He spends and dedicates most of his time to learning, increasing his intelligence and most of all, training his magical abilities. This also shows itself when he is outside, where he carefully takes in every detail of his surrounding, sucking up the information and exchanges taking place there. For that reason he is known to be extremely detail-orientated, quick to seek out differences and compare them to each other. The subject that he interests himself the most in is; the anatomy of the races. As a mage who focusses on health Saree wishes to understand his own abilities as thoroughly as he can so that he can be effective. This also partially springs forward from his deep loyalty towards his mistress, Claudia, whom he wishes to protect on all costs. Though he usually acts aloof about his attachment it is obvious to the rest how deeply he cares about the woman as if she is of his own blood.
  • Negative:

True to the nature of Ma'archy Saree is also prideful. Though he isn't as arrogant and proud as most of the Ma'archy, him having it mostly subdued due to his role as a 'servant' he does have bouts of cockiness springing forth when he is dealing with other races/categories. This especially grows strong when he feels that the other is trying to make him bow down, his Ma'archy blood acting up to proof anyone, who challenges otherwise, wrong. Otherwise is Saree known to be passive, not really one to engage himself with others. He prefers watching from the sidelines, observing the crowd, over having to insert himself. Unless Claudia is involved, otherwise Saree will stand in the back and watch. This has to the effect that he wouldn't willingly help out a citizen, or anyone in need of help, when walking by pass, unless his mistress orders him to do so, or when she is found in a pinch. At last the male is, and he would admit it himself so as well, also a manipulative individual. Surprisingly to many Saree takes a likening to bending down the truth into his advantage, in front of others and even so in front of his mistress. As Claudia is known to be a little gullible she especially is a target for his little tricks of manipulation.


Class: Magic/Ranger
Deck Style: Druid
Weapons: Bow and arrow
Magic Class: Anatomical - Health

Though 'druid' is a broad class that can signify many it is in Saree's case that it mostly ties with his ability and role as a 'healer'. With his primary focus being anatomical-health magic, the male has branched himself out further into herbology and other non-magical health-disciplines that can help and assist him. This has lead to the second trait known with druids, a deep connection with nature. Though Saree doesn't share a connection with nature on a spiritual level he does have a deep understanding for the needs of earth and earth-life. This due to his youth between the rocks of the North, but also because of his own studies.
  • Skills:
Foraging - Due to the many journeys he would accompany the mistress on, Saree had to quickly learn and adapt to the ever-changing surroundings of nature. Where he, at first only had read himself about, he soon had to apply this knowledge to the outside world and in picky situations. This has to the effect that the Ma'archy has taught himself to quickly recognise and compare his surroundings to the painted pages he has read. Through trial and error Saree found out what to expect in a certain environment and know what and where to find everything in a certain area to survive. This makes him extremely useful in looking and gathering for food and clean water, which are primary sources for survival. Asides from that he also knows how to find herbs and recognises plants from each other to the detail.

Archery - He was quickly taught that with only healing magic on hands he wouldn't be able to protect Claudia. However, the male lacked the strength to brawl as well as the mistress does. As such he has decided to take up archery instead, to train himself in range and cover up his lack of muscle-strength in distance. It is also a role in which Saree can carefully watch over the situation and always have Claudia in his line of view. Saree covers up that what Claudia can't reach, or doesn't see, with his archery, hitting for the blind spots.
  • Racial Trait:
Diplomatic Immunity- Being the most prosperous of race in Aeon has lead to being wildly accepted around the world. There is practically no prejudice when dealing with merchants (that are within the merchant’s guild and other legal circles) and they will usually not be treated with animosity unless they enter an antagonistic situation. They also usually do not have to have writs to enter more secure villages and encampments- and usually can get away with petty crimes as opposed to serving jail time.
  • Advantages:
Brains - As mentioned before Saree spends much of his time studying. As such he carries a vast amount of knowledge with him that he is able to adapt into the situations he finds himself in. With a deep understanding of nature's needs and his own, as well as his magic, Saree is capable of efficiently thinking up ways to help and support, quickly able to recognise the holes and patches that others leave behind. A quick thinker and a fanatic with systems, that is Saree.

Humbleness - Not entirely an advantage, but compared to his race he is in an advantage. Due to his role as a servant Saree has learnt how to bow his head unlike the rest of his kind. Though he has his moments of arrogance, mostly springing forth out of disdain towards others, Saree does, however, realise the importance of admitting to their own weaknesses and asking for help. As such he will have less trouble with it than Claudia will have when it comes down to admitting to help. This doesn't mean that he will do so without hesitation. The Ma'archy will certainly feel a sort of reluctance to ask for help when involving someone he doesn't like, or plainly sees as lower than him. However, compared to the rest of his race, he is in an advantage when capable of asking for help.

Health - As a mage who performs Anatomical magic branching into healing Saree is known to be extremely healthy and capable of healing himself and others. Like most Anatomical users who heal, the Ma'archy is known to be in a fit condition and in better health than the average being walking around of his age. This serves as his greatest advantage as he isn't easily struck down by illness and the likes.
  • Disadvantages:
Brawns - Saree is an absolute disaster in fights. Though he has learnt how to use the bow and arrow and can draw it properly by now there has been years and much patience in it before he had mastered it even a little. The Ma'archy doesn't have the build or the muscles to properly engage himself in combat, making him an easy target as a Might. For this reason Saree usually keeps his fair distance from a fight, trying not to come in too close and leaves it up to the rest. He just covers up the patches, that the rest fails to see, away from harm's way with archery and heals the wounded.

Theoretical - It is wonderful to know so much, however, there is a disadvantage in it as well. Saree knows a lot and has applied just as much. However, much farther than this it doesn't go. He knows the theory, but he doesn't know reality. Where Claudia is capable of quickly adapting herself in new situations, Saree has to make himself comfortable first by reading and gathering the needed knowledge first. If he doesn't own the knowledge, if he hasn't studied the subject yet the Ma'archy is pretty much clueless on what to do and where to go.

Physique - Little muscle, no strength at all, never the fastest runner, just plain out of form. Saree is one of these unfortunate souls who would be picked last in any game of sports when forming teams. Though it has come a long way since his younger years the Ma'archy is still known for not being the most capable, or competent, scout around. This also affects his overall endurance. Surely he is healthy, but travelling great distances in one go just doesn't work for him. He needs plentiful of rest before he can move again. The same goes for his magic, though in a lesser extent, he can't over-use it as it tires him out quickly, which thus is the reason why he puts Claudia on a focus. Luckily he has other talents to compensate for what he lacks so greatly.

Claudia Cardinale - The Mistress
"I'm just your humble servant, what is it that you wish for?"
They met when nine years old. Saree had just recently been orphaned and was wandering around on his own. As he had no clue as on how to survive in the world outside he had collapsed in a cave, in which Claudia had found him. She brought him back to her household where he had stayed since then. Initially they had wanted to send him to an orphanage for a new family, however Saree's family pride wouldn't let him. Besides, he was already too old to be adopted by another. He refused and offered instead to be taken in as a servant to the family, to repay them for their kindness of taking him in and so that he could maintain his own pride and honour. They agreed and soon the girl who had found him was put under his care. At first Saree didn't like Claudia too much. His judgement getting the better of him as he saw the girl as an omen. She didn't possess the qualities the Ma'archy valued so much, qualities he had been grown up with and knew how to show. Her refusal to ask for help for her inabilities annoyed him as well, as he believed that she was the last person in the Ma'archy who could afford the luxury of this pride. They clashed, their differences not working out quite well. However, as he was still an inexperienced servant, he made his mistakes, one of them resulting in a punishment by the lord of the Cardinale. Before the man could carry out his threat Claudia jumped between them and took the hit instead. Something she didn't have to do, or to stand for at all being born a female and the daughter of a noble family. Amazed at this gesture Saree had found a new respect for the mistress who he from then on had treated better. Though Claudia is a little gullible at times, making it easy for the male to feed her lies, Saree would never want to hurt the lady. Most of his priorities and his focus is with Claudia in mind, so that he may be able to support her further. Though he would never admit so out loud.

- Became an orphan at a young age through an accident.
- Doesn't remember much of how it all happened, but knows that it was mostly to be blamed to his race and their unwillingness to ask for help.
- The Ma'archy noble family Cardinale took him in as a servant.
- This was done to maintain his pride. Saree didn't want to freeload on them, or be adopted by the Cardinale out of pity, a remnant of his family pride.
- They had a daughter of his age, light skinned and all, like how they are shamed in their race. Saree somehow ended up being her servant.

  • Joining the Army of the Dead:
Volunteered to join in after Claudia did so. Though Saree was told that he didn't have to follow his 'foolish' mistress into the Army of the Dead, knowing that it wouldn't pay him, nor grant him any freedom he didn't already have. He, however, reasoned that he must protect his mistress as it is his duty to do so. Besides, so he reasoned, the reckless Claudia would be nowhere if it wasn't for him. The actual truth is, however, and this he won't ever admit, Saree is just worried about Claudia and cares about her deeply like a sibling after the years they have spend together.
  • Reputation within the army:
Usually known as 'Claudia's doormat' for the fact that he let's his mistress walk, and command, him. On a first impression one might think that Saree lacks a backbone, however, the members of the army know better than to say, or even think, that. The young male is only this submissive with his mistress and no one else. For anyone else who might try the male simply brushes them off, diplomatic as ever and true to the culture of the Ma'archy. Other than that Saree is known as the go-to person for the latest information, rumours, general knowledge and known to spend his time studying when on a break from looking after his mistress. However, despite his usually cool demeanour towards the rest it is general knowledge, except for Claudia, that Saree will stop everything for his mistress and that he places her on a high value and priority. This much to the hilarity of most.

Strength: 1/5 = D
Endurance: 1/5 = D
Coordination: 2/5 = C
Control: 3/5 = B *+1 Racial trait
Perception: 2/5 = C
Intelligence: 3/5 = B
Charisma: 2/5 = C

Total: 14/35
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Claudia Anne Cardinale

"W-who gave you permission to look at me...swine"
Age: 24 years
Date of Birth: 20th​ day of Winter
Height: 5'11
Build: On the more athletic side since she trains herself daily in sword fighting. (Meanwhile the majority of her race are slim, Claudia packs the muscle needed to deliver hard hitting blows to her foes. Yet still maintains that feminine "softness" to her) She still has a nice feminine hourglass body shape. But is not to be fooled for being "weak".
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Cherry brown (looks red sometimes in sunlight) the length of her hair goes no further than her hips.
Weight: 115 lbs

Sex: Female
Category: Highborne
Race: Ma’archy
Race Details:

The Ma'archy is known as a proud folk who generally don't like to ask for help from the outside. As such they live their lives secluded from the outside, practising their own traditions, and passing down their knowledge to the younger generation. Within the Ma'archy the women rules and acts as the head of the families. The men are usually suppressed and held down for their gender. They are the best known for their (strong) magical abilities, taking much pride in it and centring much of their education around the mastering of one of the magical disciplines known.

Generally, their people are described to be graceful and tall, giving them extra points in charisma. Alongside it, they are trademarked with pointy ears and their dark skin. Within the Ma'archy there lies a belief that the darker the skin is of their member, the greater their magical abilities are. Which thus means that, the dark skin is usually held in high regards within the Ma'archy. This, however, means thus that it is generally believed that these with a light skin aren't as capable in performing magic, or not at all. The prejudice is that light skinned people are better in brute force, thus brawling, than in the graceful, but also tender, works of magic. As such, light skinned people face much discrimination within the Ma'archy, usually treated as outcasts and shunned for their 'lack' of ability. To make matters worse it is believed that the light skinned Ma'archy with talents within Core magic are 'cursed' beings, for they are said to simply lack the ability to keep their magic under control.

Because the Ma'archy generally only focus on training their magical abilities their abilities in might and range are usually severely underdeveloped. This leaves them vulnerable in exactly these two fields. The light skinned people born within their culture are generally ousted as well, or receive no formal training at all, which leaves the rest with no proper mentors to teach. The Ma'archy's proud character also intervenes as they feel too great to ask for help from the outside. Instead, they rather rely on themselves and their own methods, often unwilling to admit their own liabilities.



- Diligent
- Heroic/Brave
- Self-sacrificing

- Guillable
- Spoiled
- Stubborn

Claudia can come off as a selfish spoiled brat at times, but that doesn't mean she lacks her manners. She can carry herself quite well in a conversation. Still, one shouldn't judge a book by its cover. Though she might seem like one of those typical bitchy characters she actually has a big heart. She's willing to stick up for the underdogs and put other's before herself. In fact, she has no problem sacrificing herself for others. She's all about seeing justice done and punishing those who do wrong. The whole good always triumphs evil thing. She's not just some spoiled rich kid that's never worked hard a day in her life. She carries her fair share and maybe sometimes more. Working hard is second nature to her at this point. Unfortunately, she always feels the need, the drive to prove herself to others. Due to the fact that she had always been told all her life that she was a failure, it's made her determined to prove otherwise. She can easily work herself to the bone, push herself too far, or end up doing something reckless just because she doesn't want to give up and be a "failure". It's a major fear of hers.
Class: Inquisitor || Knight Enchanter
Deck Style: Might/Magic
Weapons: Dual swords/Unarmed
Magic Class: Core Magic
Description: Though the name sounds fancy the title Inquisitor doesn't stand for that much. An Inquisitor is someone that's main focus should their physical capabilities, basically warriors. Warriors who have a skill for using magic alongside normal combat. They hit hard, are quick on their feet and can surprise you with their magical skills. Those with the title 'Inquisitor' must be part of an Inquisition. Those who bear this title also have a knack for getting information and being able to apply it as well. (Think of them as a detective of sorts) But she doesn't really do the detective work since her perception is low. But she can do the solving and piecing information together. She focuses more on exploring and when running into enemies taking them down. With the help of her partner, Saree, together they can solve a lot of mysteries.


- Ambidextrous: Normally Claudia doesn't draw her second sword unless she needs to. But she's trained herself to be good at wielding the sword with both her left and right hand. Of course, this made her swordplay style unique because it's not normally assumed that someone can use both hands equally. Usually, there's a dominate hand. Due to this little trick up her sleeve, she can gain a slight advantage over her opponent, even if it's only for a second. A second is all she needs. That being said, she keeps two swords strapped to the right side of her hip to throw some off.

- Quality over Quantity: Through careful observations of others and constantly reviewing her notes and putting them into practice Claudia has learned that it's not about how hard or how fast she attacks her opponent but rather how well she strikes her opponent. So instead, when she fights she aims to disable you, put you out of commission, or to kill basically. Short, calculated, lethal strikes instead of huge blows all over the pace.

Racial Trait:

- Diplomatic Immunity- being the most prosperous of race in Aeon has lead to being widely accepted about the world. There is practically no prejudice when dealing with merchants (that are within the merchant’s guild and other legal circles) and they will usually not be treated with animosity unless they enter an antagonistic situation. They also usually do not have to have writs to enter more secure villages and encampments- and usually, can get away with petty crimes as opposed to serving jail time.

  • She can apply the things she studies and observes quickly. Making her able to adapt to changes quickly.

  • Because of the fact that she's ambidextrous, she's focused on making her strikes quick yet precise

  • She has an uncanny focus when she's engaged in combat. Usually aware of her limits within herself and just how far she can push herself.

  • Unfortunately, she's not good at telling direction. She can easily get lost and overall lacks the survival skills to survive in the wild without help from others.

  • She's not good at taking in the things around her. Her perception's terrible. She's not good with survival things so she can easily overlook things that her important. Which is pretty ironic with her title being Inquisitor. Still her area of expertise comes when she can apply the information she's gathered and put it to good use. So though she might not be able to pick up on the important things around her, she can still do some use.

  • She hates asking other people for help, she's too proud. She would end up wearing herself to the bone before asking someone for help, even though it's obvious that she needs it.


Saree Nett || Servant/Companion

"Ha! It's not like h-he's grown on me or anything. He's just a pet that's all!"

When Claudia was 9 she went out on one of her routine expeditions through the mountains just for fun. Her journal tucked away in a pocket should she observe a dual of sorts. Still, making her way through the snow packed trail, she decided to rest and have her lunch in a nearby cave. That's when she noticed a boy collapsed inside. Quickly checking to make sure he was still alive she picked him up, carrying him the piggyback style all the way back down the trail back to the town. She informed her parents about the boy and when he awoke they were told that he was orphaned. Feeling for the boy, Claudia managed to convince her mother to let him stay. Though, the boy didn't want to be adopted into their family, which Claudia found odd. Instead, he chose to be a servant. After proving himself to her family he ended up being assigned as Claudia's servant.

At first, Claudia and Saree were not on good terms. She thought he would be more grateful considering she ended up giving him a once in a lifetime opportunity. Sadly that was not the case with him, so as such, they ended up butting heads many times. Constantly getting into arguments. Not to mention Claudia wasn't used to such blatant disrespect from a male before. Saree definitely wasn't making a good first impression on Claudia at all. One day, though, Claudia couldn't help but notice that he was getting in trouble for making a mistake. What that mistake was she didn't know, but her father was laying it on thick to him. For some reason, watching her father yell at him like that pissed her off. It definitely wasn't okay to yell at something that belong to her's like that. So just as her father was to strike Saree, Claudia stepped in and took the blow instead. This left her father in confusion and shock, he wasn't expecting this turn of events. Claudia rose her head, cheek stinging, turning her brown eyes up to her father and glared at him. If looks could kill he would've been lifeless right there. Still, all it took was a look from her to leave. All Claudia had to do was mention that her father laid his hand on her and he would have to fear the wrath of her mother.

From that day forward Saree and Claudia were on better terms with each other. In fact, through the years, Saree ended up becoming a dear friend to her, and pretty much a brotherly figure to her. She wouldn't let him know that, though, her pride wouldn't allow it. But he was one of the most important people to her. It was good to have someone on her side after she had been told all her life she was a worthless failure to the house of Cardinale. Her parent's believe that Claudia has become more manageable due to Saree. So they appreciate him more than her, not to mention he's everything she is not. If only he was a woman, they would've traded him for her instead. Still, Saree has been by her side for a long time and she wouldn't know what to do without him now.

  • Born into a noble family
  • Is an outcast due to her light skin and is considered cursed due to her core magic
  • Society is ruled by women so she isn't completely out of power
  • Self-taught herself how to fight
  • Volunteered to join the Army of the Dead
  • Reputation: Identified as a spoiled brat and at times a little bitchy, but is good at heart and is a very hard worker. She gets her job done and doesn't slack off. Which can be appreciated by others.

Strength: B (3/5)
Endurance: C (2/5)
Coordination: B (3/5)
Control: D (1/5)
Perception: F (0/5)
Intelligence: C (2/5)
Charisma: B (3/5) *Extra race trait point​

Total: 14/35
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Lakkta Iosapp

The Banished

Age: 27
Gender: Female
Height and Build: Lakkta stands pretty short without her boots: 5'5, to be exact. Whilst her choice of thick and imposing clothing hides her body shape, underneath it is a thin and frail body that yields essentially no muscle whatsoever.
Description: As shown on the right, - though the black clothes are much more rugged and less neatly organised. Some will likely mistake her for a male at first sight. A thick, black mask and hood covers all of her face - what's underneath the mask is unknown to most. If you feel like your character would know what's under her mask, the mask hides a face with extremely pale skin, greyened lips, faded blue eyes, and an unkempt mess of jet-black hair. There are several scars over her face, and two small holes are visible on the sides of her neck. She's not undead by any means, but seems to look a lot more 'dead' compared to most humanoid races.

Category: Brokenborne
Race: Jaibred
Race Details: Jaibred are a humanoid-shaped race, that commonly lives in underground areas - akin to most Groundborne races - though Brokenborne are a lot more discreet, and use magic to form their underground communities, and some Jaibred make settlements above ground. Their skin colours are from stone-grey to deep-black, and their eyes are from faded-white to shallow-purple; better adapted to see in the dark than the light. They usually appear somewhat 'withered', and seem zombie-like, and their nails are long along with slightly sharp and feral teeth. The males of the race often have much longer nails that're almost to the point of 'claws', and short-stubby horns each side of their neck. Females have small indentations on the side of their necks instead of horns. The race is naturally short and slim; they rarely grow over 5'7, and usually live to about 123 years old in underground conditions. Jaibred above ground usually live to abut 72 years old.

The Jaibred are a very discreet race, as are most Brokenborne. Whilst they're not especially rare, they're rarely ever seen due to the nature of the race. Most Jaibred live within caves, making underground areas their homelands, and living quiet and discreet lives away from the troubles of humankind. Most Jaibred possess natural power from the ancestors that shaped some of underground areas forged by Jaibred hands, but Jaibred are usually unintelligent and lack advanced education.


Positive Traits
>Soft-Hearted: She might not look like it, but Lakkta feels much more comfortable and prefers it when people around her are happy and well. She will do her best to protect the others around her, and whilst she may have an extremely bland personality - she's rarely actually unkind or spiteful to anyone.
>Reader: Lakkta often knows how people are feeling, what's getting a person down, or if there's discord between group members. Whilst some are hard to read - and by no means can she read people's thoughts - she can often do discreet little things or gestures to try and cheer people up, despite her stone-cold personality.
>Natural Wit: Her intelligence and knowledge of the world around her is something to be desired, sure, but she can still act and fight in clever and intricate ways. She's a fast thinker, who comes up with tactical decisions quickly and effectively.

Negative Traits
>Blank: There's a difference to being socially awkward, and socially unable. Lakkta has 'F' ranked Charisma for a reason. She barely ever talks, and only says words when she needs to say them. Some of her top quotes are: 'Ok.' 'Oh...' and 'No.' Because her mask also hides the most part of her expressions, she's about as charismatic as a potato.
>Unresponsive: It's really unclear to most if Lakkta is actually listening or not. Sometimes she might be listening, but her very concealed appearance makes it hard to tell. Combined with her very quiet attitude, talking to her is extremely difficult - almost to the point of a chore.
>Dopey: Lakkta isn't fluent in common language - whilst she can speak and understand most sentences, when large/complex words come into play, chances are she won't be able to understand and potentially misinterpret orders. She knows the basic foundations of history, but has very little knowledge of political going-ons or rivalry between cities.

Lakkta is living proof that you shouldn't judge a book by their cover - or in this case, a girl by her choice of clothing. Most will see Lakkta as a menacing, intimadating figure - and many will mistake her for a man. Despite this, her quiet and wandering attitude is more peaceful than menacing - if a little mysterious. Her social skills are impressively low, with most of her forms of conversation being a simple one word answer or statement. She likes to keep concealed for her own reasons, and shutters most people out of her past or personality - and she will often not answer any questions aimed at her. Regardless of this, she's willing to serve and protect those alongside her, and does have an affection for those who work with her for a long amount of time. She might do discreet or hidden little things to try and brighten people up, and she still appreciates things most others also like - such as good food, cute animals, etc. Whilst her personality isn't absolutely blank, she's a curious one - to say the least.


Class: Flowshifter
Deck Style: Magic/Ranged
Weapons: Throwing Mediums/Blackjack
Magic Class: Core
Description: A Flowshifter uses the forces of gravity to push and pull objects and people around the field to more strategic points, or push enemies into points of harm whilst throwing a barrage of gravity-empowered blades. They're naturally a very frail class that will swiftly die if met by a tough enemy, but they try to use mobility and distancing from the enemy to keep enemies at a distance whilst their knives do the rest. They also place 'Throwing Mediums' on the floor to drag smaller objects or slightly pull larger objects towards them - which is very situational, but can sometimes come in handy. Generally, though, a Flowshifter will die very quickly if met by a close-ranged assault, and very large and enduring figures can resist and fight against the gravitational pulls.

List Two Skills Here
>Gravitational Disruption: By changing the intensity of gravity around certain areas, Lakkta can make herself or others float like a feather, or be pulled to the ground for short amounts of time. Using her Throwing Mediums, she can also briefly create a new centre of gravity and pull nearby objects towards it in a short, abrupt, tug. Lakkta is very good at displacing enemies into positions where they're more powerful with this ability, though the offensive capability of this is limited.
>G.P.E. Blades: Lakkta is skilled in the arts of using her Throwing Mediums - which are essentially just throwing knives designed to be used with Core magic. In combination with her gravitational magic, Lakkta can throw blades that carry increased kinetic energy, making them hit harder than your average throwing knife. She can also cause multiple blades to 'float' in the air and then attack with them at once for a more brutal attack, and generally pull off some pretty devastating moves with a combination of cutting power and gravitational potential energy.

Racial Trait: Kaliedscope Genetics - given the fact that this race does not hold up to the other three’s unities this category of races doesn’t have a racial trait that runs predominately throughout. They actually suffer from lack of a congealed genetic structure and may find themselves more prone to diseases because of such. Also, the reproductive gender of this category may also find themselves infertile.

>Battle Tactics: Lakkta's natural perception gives her a great sense of what's going on in the battlefield - this combined with her high control and coordination lets her employ clever and accurate moves that rarely ever miss, displacing enemies and providing great utility on the battlefield.
>Mobility: By altering gravity to make her or an ally jump higher, or 'float' in the air for a small amount of time, Lakkta can perform some aerial maneuvers and jump to places most others cannot, which can help her get distance between enemies, or help her or an ally survive long falls.

>Frail: Lakkta is unable to take many severe hits without serious injury. Whilst her cloth armor means she won't die instantly when stabbed, she's a lot less durable compared to most, and will likely require some form of protection.
>Awful Close-Combat: If Lakkta is met in close-combat, her hitting power is extremely low, and she doesn't know any advanced melee combat techniques. Whilst she possesses a blackjack, she doesn't really have a fighting style with it and will be almost guaranteed to lose if she's met in a melee combat situation.

A side note on Throwing Mediums: These are essentially small, sharp blades - what makes them different from your average throwing knives is that the shape is designed to slot into the ground and firmly stay in place - but they can stick into flesh just as effectively. When a throwing medium is embedded into the ground, a Core Magic user can make it the centre of gravity to shift small objects, and even slightly pull against larger, humanoid objects - though the gravitational pull is far too weak to seriously disrupt a battlefield. Please note that Throwing Mediums are NOT 'enchanted' in any way, they just serve as helpful 'markers' in the battlefield for using Core magic, as well as causing harm to an enemy.


>Brakken Iosapp - The older brother of Lakkta - a short Jaibred with a long black ponytail and brown-grey skin, with a large black birthmark under his right eye. Whilst the two never see each other nowadays and Lakkta is unsure what has become of Brakken at the present time, Brakken looked up after her after the dissappearance of her parents, and whilst Brakken was nothing special in terms of strength, power, or popularity - Brakken taught Lakkta basic language and how the world worked, and kept her fed as she grew up.
>Ten'Kia - Lakkta's mentor; a wise old Jaibred more knowledgeable compared to most. He was the one who branded her with the Core Tattoo when she was born, and the one who taught her the consequences of what would happen if she trained her abilities. Regardless, Lakkta agreed to be trained in the art of the Core in her younger days, and Ten'Kia also helped improve her education and knowledge somewhat, even if Lakkta's intelligence is still lacklustre.

What is your background? In general, Lakkta lives a nomadic lifestyle - though she's been banished and even punished in many places after they've seen her Core magic. Despite her talent, nobody believed she could do things for the good - and began to spread many poor rumors about her across cities. Some even wanted her dead, branding her a witch and leaving her to the hands of hired men. Lakkta was forced to conceal herself via a mask and cloak to avoid being spotted by others.
She's settled in a few places here and there, and helped other wanderers to earn little rewards for objects - which is how she managed to get most of her gear. The purpose of Lakkta's travels are to find a purpose to her life, as she's been outcast and banished from countless places; her existence is somewhat depressing. But she's a survivor, and will find her way in time.

How did you join the Army of the Dead? Because Lakkta's presence was somewhat known due to her sheer power with Core magic and from the number of cities she was outcast from, The High King seemingly decided to give her a chance, and put her powers to use within The Army of the Dead. With no other purpose, Lakkta decided to join when she was offered the opportunity by a scout.

What is your reputation within the army? Many see her a menacing figure, and an extremely dangerous person to be around due to her affinity for Core magic. Those who don't are about the Core magic, however, will see her a peaceful and quiet individual, who can put up a fearsome fight with unique battle tactics when she needs to. In general, though, she's mostly seen as a bit of a mysterious weirdo.


Strength: F
Endurance: D
Coordination: A
Control: A
Perception: A
Intelligence: D
Charisma: F
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Name: Olayne Ghebb
Age: 25ish in appearance, 159 in actuality
Gender: Female
Height and Build: 5'7'' , Athletic, Martial

Largely appearing like a regular highborne woman of no noticeable special features - there are a few telling signs of mixed blood of some sort.
- Slightly pointed ears.
- Eyes that visibly adapt to darkness.
- Sleepless, meditates in a trance-like state in stead.

When the change happens, it is impossible to conceal - and with the extinction of her race, it is unlikely that all but the eldest living beings even know to tell her apart from some apparition, some vengeful creature from the darkest corners of the earth. She herself does not know the cause for it, but it is often best not to display this unusual form, she finds. Most of the changes are quite impossible to conceal:

- Her hair, though typically kept short, turns a stark, shimmering white and almost seems to flow like liquid moonlight around her. Similarly her skin loses its natural tan and pales to haunting alabaster.
- The horns of a great white stag sprout from her brow, almost making her appear like some avatar of nature.
- Her eyes turn pure black, almost like pools of pitch, with a mere shadow of an iris still looking out. Very unsettling to the onlooker - giving a more monstrous air to the uncommon appearance.
- Her voice rises in song whenever she speaks - a haunting dirge seems to be the tune of all her words, it registers on an almost instinctual level with listeners, as both beasts and men subconsciously grasp the palpable sense of loss that she carries with her.

In any case - a glimpse of this alien form is sure to raise questions, so she often chooses to forgo its use.

*Category: Shiftborn
*Race: Wydaen
*Race Details: Victims of the wars of unification - a deeply rebellious and headstrong people known, perhaps surprisingly for those who still remember their passing, as a dauntless warrior culture of empaths. Their magical bonds allowed them to read emotion and tap into each other's senses, making an army of Wydaen a remarkably cohesive force and a fierce foe to challenge. Though there is an inherent capability for shifting, theirs is not linked to animals. Their shifted appearance likely inspired legends of faeryfolk, as the wydaen's naturally immaculate forms are adorned with supernatural features - unique to the individual (silvery hair, stag antlers, bark-like skin, and a great deal more). Their voices were told to ebb and flow with powerful magic, and it is said that their most fearsome warriors brought great, elegant blades into battle with magical song on their lips.

Unfortunately, there are few, if any Wydaen left in the world - as their line is thought to have died out, as what little concrete history remains from that time tells of how the wydaen were adamantly against the rule of the King, and to the disbelief of all, rallied and died together in rebellion after Exis' conquest turned to their lands, suffering his rule only until a few generations ago. They are considered to have gone extinct, or into hiding.

Three Positive Traits:
-The world is changed by the hand of the mighty, I have a cause that will shake the world, and the will to see it through. (Driven)
-I strive to be more than I am. Though impossible, great ideals are worth the struggle. (Idealistic)
-The song of Wydaen is silent, but I hear the songs of others, the tribulations of their hearts and minds...And I weep, comfort and scorn along with them. (Empathetic)

Three Negative Traits:
-My heritage is a sea of ghosts and funeral songs, and one day my voice will join them. My cause damns me to a violent death, and condemnation. (Fatalistic)

-The stones have memories of their own - and they remember the most ancient crimes. Forgiveness is the high path, one I refuse to tread. (Oath of Vengeance)
-However admirable and true, the people of Aeon and even my comrades in arms serve Him. Let none know your heart, let none hear your song, I cannot allow myself to be swayed, my life loses purpose otherwise. (Driven)

- While graceful and polite as well as a remarkable warrior - Olayne is distant, and at first glance even cold to those around her. But those who've served with her the longest know the kindness in her heart, though attest to a sorrow that hangs over her like a pall in her least guarded moments. Even those who believe themselves closest to her are told nothing of her past, or whatever burden she bears.

Class: Oleth Ar'kerym (Singing Greatblade)
Deck Style: Might/Magic
Weapons: Two-Handed Longsword
Magic Class: Aura
Description: A style that was once common among her doomed kind, but is now singularly unique - a nimble, yet powerful fencing style that tempers raw strength with grace and technique. Divination through magic makes it almost seem like the warrior is predicting their opponents moves in combat, granting a remarkable edge. Knowledge and skill win, more so than raw strength.

List Two Skills Here:

-Natural Lore: Knowledge of the natural wilds of the world - gathering herbs, living or at least surviving off of the land. Tracking, hunting and avoiding the greatest hazards of the world.
-Music: Reading, writing and playing music for pleasure, or soothing rest.

List Racial Trait Here: Dual Nature- the essence of shiftbornes in the fact that they are of two natures and that their true façade is not always the one you see. They are able to transform into another form (if given a B or greater in control this is at will- less than will be more sporadic) and use it as adeptly as their more prominent one.

-Longevity: A long natural lifespan has allowed for one to pick up a multitude of tricks and practical bits of knowledge.
-Psychometry: Being able to read the emotions of friends and foes both within and outside of combat grants a considerable advantage in social and martial interactions. Finding the right things to say or ferreting out secrets is easier, as is turning an opponent's attacks against them, and resisting the power of their spells.
-Anathema: It's dangerous for her true nature to be revealed, surely those who remember the wydaen will not risk one of them to live.
-Mercyblade: Unless absolutely necessary, Olayne will stay the killing blow, which is naturally easy to exploit.



Sareth Oryn - A sprightly and lighthearted forward scout that once struck up a conversation with her, initially out of an intimate interest, which eventually became more genuine in friendship. Suspects her identity is a farse.

Loraeth Andale - A female highborn warrior of remarkable skill and spirit. Poor, violent background, serves the army out of a sense of duty and determination to rise from the dirt. Often Olayne's preferred sparring partner, and though guarded, both feel a sense of kinship toward the other. Mutual friend with Sareth.

What is your background?

While wydaen are largely forgotten, and those few who do remember them likely believe they've long since died out - their natural longevity was never studied and thus a few families have managed to survive, isolated from each other and completely alone, away from the eyes of Exis' enforcers. One such was a lone warrior who wandered the world for , before returning to find his homeland and his people brought to ruin. In his despair, he merely combed the ruins of their civilization in search of survivors. One such he did indeed find - a horrified youth struggling to cope with the destruction of her world. The wanderer continued on his path after their encounter, now with a companion. Watching the child grow, he taught her all he'd learned of the wild open world, and through both training, and the magical empathic song of their kind, imparted the knowledge and insight of their culture. At least, what little of its vastness he knew himself. Once she'd come of age, the sorrow that ate away at his heart was finally allowed to take hold and the wanderer sang his final song, spirit passing on from the world of the living, imparting last words of wisdom, and leaving Olayne to find her own way.

She continued her wandering, learning of the people of the modern age and inserting herself into the kingdom's populace silently, largely without a purpose. She had the means to protect herself, and the song of her people. Survival was easy enough, if not thriving. The opportunity to apply her skills in the enlisted army wasn't taken out of need or desire. The very prospect of rising through the ranks, that the prestige and honor would allow her to look upon her people's killer in the flesh, and sing one last song, was driving force enough. Not before reaching out, however - she had to know the why, what grand cause or purposes was worth the destruction of a way of life, of a people, now forgotten.

How did you join the Army of the Dead? The skills of a warrior are in great demand, depending on where one asks. Though she has toiled the fields with farmers, sailed the seas with sailors and walked a myriad walks of life for months of years - all was to the end of forging a fake past and identity that could be traced, and overlooked as unremarkable. Once that leg of the journey was done - the only step left was to enlist.

What is your reputation within the army? To the rest of the army, she is considered a dutiful, if eccentric soldier. She does not speak little, nor does she shy away from anyone, but all are left with the impression that she'll never truly open up. To those provided with the story, she's merely a young woman in search of a purpose, after her family passed away, taken by a particularly cruel winter season. Because her magic is subtle by nature, and she uses it as such - none are aware of it that she knows. She often holds back, making her skill with the blade appear less masterful than it truly is. After all - she's only been in the army for a year.

Strength: B
Endurance: C
Coordination: B
Control: C
Perception: C
Intelligence: B
Charisma: D

//Another note: As someone who's studied fencing and medieval martial arts and swordfighting for about 4 years, I know how fighting in reality works, a little too well as a few injuries can attest, and intend to portray Olayne as being of equivalent if not greater skill than mine. If anyone happens to want pointers about portraying realistic fighting technique (and how armor, different weapons and all that kind of thing works), don't hesitate to ask.
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Name: Vando Ulles
Age: 28
Gender: Male
Height and Build: 5'9". Thin but athletic, not much muscle mass, more suited for running than anything.

Description: Vando is an average specimen of the Ascalaphus race, short, messy black hair with grey streaks and sunken eyes with yellow iris's and solid black pupils, that of an owl's eye. Long grey-black feathers above
his eye brows and on his chest and the short tail-feathers of the same color give away his race. similarly colored feathers line the back of his arms.

*Category: Shiftborne
*Race: Ascalaphus
*Race Details: Ascalaphus are a forest dwelling race, making their homes among the tops of sturdy trees.
The Ascalaphus shift in-between the form of an owl and their human form which varies from person to person, some with beaks, feathers or eyes akin to that of their owl form and in some rare cases wings. An intelligent and agile race usually neutral with other Shiftborne races.

Personality: Vando is quick to help when needed and will often do so unprovoked, he maintains a fairly cool head at all times. He doesn't panic very often unless under extreme stress or the like, this allows him to focus on the task at hand, whatever it may be and fully take in his surroundings. However Vando is quick to lie often to save his own skin and will often do it without a second thought, much of his actions are for his own gain in the end subtle or otherwise, while Vando has a problem with lying at the same time he has no problem lying to people about how he feels about something and will let them know for better or worse.

: Witchhunter
*Deck Style: Ranger/Magic
*Weapons: Composite Shortbow
*Magic Class: Aural
*Description: Witchhunters do just as the title implies, in a broader sense they hunt those who use magic for evil. Witches. Necromancers the occasional rogue mage, trained to keep a distance and use Aural magic to supplement them in rooting out magic-users.


Magic Knowledge: Hunting witches and the like has given Vando invaluable insight into how the classes of magic work and what is required to dispel or protect one from their harm to some degree.

Fletcher: Vando is skilled in creating his own arrows including a few special arrows, his few signature ones include whistling and splintering arrows.

Racial Trait: Dual Nature- the essence of Shiftbornes in the fact that they are of two natures and that their true façade is not always the one you see. They are able to transform into another form (if given a B or greater in control this is at will- less than will be more sporadic) and use it as adeptly as their more prominent one. In Vando's case this allows him to shift to that of a Horned Owl.

*Advantages: Useful anti-magic capabilities, medium to long range bow, observant and tactful

*Disadvantages: Not prepared for the long haul, prone to using people as distractions, almost no close range capabilities.

Weapon: Composite short bow, durable and allows for quick firing.

Arrows: (Color of name determines color of the Fletching on the arrow)

Whistling arrow: Whistling arrows have a small, flat head and have a partially hollowed out shaft with
an angled hole on it to create a sharp whistling sound when fired. Not primarily used to hit targets but to distract, especially effective when fired past ones ear.

Splinter arrow: Splinter arrows are actually several smaller arrows bound to one another all with small pointed heads. When fired they split from one another in a cone in doing so they lose some velocity and distance. Used when an enemy is too close for a normal shot or mild crowd control.

Stunner/Silencer arrow: A heavy arrow with a flat metal head. Not entirely effective when fired normally, however well aimed shot to the throat can effectively silence an enemy or a well placed shot on the back of the head could potentially daze or knockout.

Cecil Varon: Vando's childhood friend, opted out of joining the Army of the Dead with him, maintains contact through weekly letters. Slightly stockier build compared to Vando, has notes of white in his feathers and considerably more feathers than Vando often acted as the voice of reason for Vando.

Suleen Ulles: Vando's estranged mother. After joining the Army of the Dead, and her husband dying, Suleen broke off most of her contact with Vando, occasionally sends Vando things from the village he grew up in, but rarely writes. Tall and thin and sharing similar features with Vando most of which she passed down, save for the long feathers on her arms and hands.

Background: Vando comes from a long line of Witchhunters, his father and his father before him were all dedicated to the 'craft'. He was trained by his father and his mother served as his teacher for magic, after his father passed away to severe illness Vando became very reclusive and soon after left his village.

How did you join the Army of the Dead: Vando initially joined in a cloud of discontent to do the only thing he knew well, hunt those who use magic for perverted and dark ways. It soon became more than that and gave him a great sense of fulfillment.

What is your reputation within the army: Vando is on strenuous terms with a few members of the Army, having used them for cover when needed, no one was ever seriously injured and Vando usually compensated. This however left a bad taste in the mouth's of several members, otherwise a competent and skilled member, others often consider it bad luck to work with him.

*Endurance: D
*Coordination: B
*Control: C (+1 Racial) ((B))
*Perception: B
*Intelligence: C
*Charisma: D
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Fantasy (Modern, Futuristic, etc.)
Name: Toran Ibaki
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Height and Build: 6’7, wiry, muscular build.
Description: Prominent features would be pointed ears, the two curved red horns that extend from his temples, and long white-greyish hair. Use of Aural magic causes his appearance to change slightly as his skin darkens to a blood red over time while his eye color sharpens.

Category: Groundborn
Race: Half-Ogre
Race Details: One of the larger races to inhabit the world of Aeon, Ogres are a fairly diverse bunch when it comes to appearance. They tend to stand upwards of six feet in height, and almost all have at least some sort of horn(s). Long-lived and nomadic by nature, their society is very much scattered and no great cities or settlements exist. Small bands of similarly minded individuals such as craftsman may form, but ultimately many live a mercenary lifestyle. Known for their love of conflict and combat over parlay and words, their reputation is not the greatest among the other races and they are often seen as more trouble than worth dealing with. Still, they’re seen as honorable warriors who love to fight a bit too much rather than bullies or warmongers that cannot be controlled.

Three Positive Traits: Loyal, co-operative, and courageous.
Three Negative Traits: Blunt, judgemental, and competitive.
If all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail. A fitting statement to sum up Toran’s personality in a fashion. He knows he’s not the sharpest tool in the shed and has little problem in differing to others who are better suited for such things. When his skills do need to be applied, he’s rarely one to hesitate or doubt. The same can be said for his words, and though he’s not one to speak out of line, Toran doesn’t sugarcoat his opinions and thoughts. Probably why his companions ask for him to remain silent for the most part lest he say something that gets all of them in trouble.

Class: Breaker
Deck Style: Might/Magic
Weapons: Taron wields a guandao that's about eight feet in length with a sizable blade. His impressive physique allows for him to wield the heavy weapon with a finesse that's likely surprising and deliver powerful blows that can floor his opponents. While the blade is large and heavy enough to damage armor, the metal counterweight can be brought around to strike like a mace.
Magic Class: Aural
Description: Not the most descriptive of titles, a Breaker brings more than simple brute force to the battlefield. Tempered with finesse, a Breaker’s strikes are both accurate and powerful. These individuals also tend to be exceptional at demoralizing their opponents, but methodologies vary greatly. Whether through feats of martial prowess that leave them unchallengeable or simply through strength of presence, they strike fear into the hearts of their enemies.

Thunder Caller: For one reason or another, Toran’s voice has developed to the point where some have likened it to a force of nature. Even in the chaotic battlefield, his voice carries far and clear. Off of it, he’s quite capable of deafening others with the sheer volume he can produce.
Iron Stomach: Travelling the world doesn’t always allow for the best in food everyday. To that end Toran’s stomach has toughened up considerably and he can consume most things for nutrients without suffering consequences. Naturally this does cause some disgust around others, but the fact that more palatable food sources are left for them generally keeps their mouth shut.
Golem Sense: Living underground or in the ground has given many Groundborne a natural affinity to directions. Not only that- they are less sensitive to blunt and bludgeoning injuries as their skin is thicker and more durable than any other race’s skin.

Scatter the Weak: To those whose resolve and will are weak, Toran is literally a walking nightmare. His Aural magic bolsters his own presence to the point where it is a palpable sensation. A crushing weight on his opponents that unsettles them or worse. The use of his magic also causes his skin to slowly darken to a crimson hue and the color of his eyes to sharpen, another thing some people may be intimidated by.
One against Many: Between a combination of his weapon choice, large stature, and magic, Toran is capable of handling many foes at once. The large range offered by his weapon means it’s hard to close the distance, and with the effects of his Aural magic assaulting his opponents’ minds it becomes hard to work up the bravery to be the first. And it only becomes harder when their allies begin to fall around them as he lashes out with superior reach and inhuman strength.

Binge Drinker: Although not considered an alcoholic as Toran is not dependant on the substance, if given the opportunity to consume he will often go until the point of emptying his entire purse thanks to his high tolerance. While, thankfully, he isn’t a rowdy drunk, it’s still a bit troublesome.
Front-line Fighter: While his magic can reach out quite a distance, his ability to actually engage opponents is limited to melee. Not trained with any sort of ranged weaponry, his only real ability against archers and the like is to cow them with Aural magic while closing the distance.
Where are the Nails?: It’s been mentioned several times, but outside of situations that require his martial prowess or a bit of strong arming, Toran’s not really a good fit. He cares little for who he offends, and simply shuts up on the best of days. On the worst? He’ll be happy to start a fight if he doesn’t like what he sees..

Reise Schwarn: Toran’s “handler” when he was part of the Seekers. To this day he still isn’t quite sure which category Reise falls under, the two never really made an effort to grow close to one another. Assignments and support during them were Reise’s responsibility, and though they knew much about Toran, the opposite was hardly true. Well respected by Toran nonetheless and the first person he felt loyal to. They weren't friends, but they both did their jobs well.

What is your background? Left the home of his Highborne father after the man passed away when he was 15. His mother hadn’t bothered to stick around long after his birth, and the only thing his old man was really able to pass on were his skill and prowess in combat that had caught the Ogress’ eye in the first place. With little to his name, he left the small town his father had retired to and set off to find his own place in the world. A few years later he would join a group by the name of Seekers and work as a mercenary within their ranks. He stuck with them for quite some time before he eventually switched affiliations and joined the Army of the Dead.

How did you join the Army of the Dead? A fairly powerful Aural user is odd enough, even more so when they happen to be a Groundborn. Naturally there was no reason to turn away from the position. It may not be as lucrative as a mercenary’s life, but it’s steady and there’s always work to be had. Also people tend to look a bit more favorably upon a member of the High King’s personal force rather than some fighter for hire.

What is your reputation within the army? An intimidating bruiser who’s happy to put the hurt on others. Reliable and easy to work with, he often defers to others on mental matters. In his words, “Just tell what ya need, where ya need it, and I’ll get it done.” Some people are wary of him though as his magic is somewhat indiscriminate, even if its effects are lessened on those that are not the intended targets.

Strength: 4 (A)
Endurance: 2 (C)
Coordination: 3 (B)
Control: 3 (B)
Perception: 1 (D)
Intelligence: 1 (D)
Charisma: 0 (F)
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Name: Desken O'Esollen
Age: 32
Gender: Male
Height and Build: 5'10" and Average

Category: Groundborne
Race: The Exiled
Race Details: True to their name, the Exiled were once a Highborne race that was banished to live below ground. This happened a thousand or more years ago. They took what came of their sad fortune and created an entire empire underneath the dirt. As time passed they slowly evolved to be more in tune with the dark, rocky surroundings. They have pure dark vision, prehensile tails, and a slate gray hue to match their surroundings. Their ears hear better than most, and their perception reaches out with all the senses. Unfortunately, due to the many collapses underground a lot of the Exiled have moved to the topside where they suffer from the blinding sun. They are... well were... an elitist race that was self-assured in their knowledge and expertise. Topside, they've been greeted with more than contempt. So, the Exiled have kept to themselves sans a few brave souls that have found it more amusing to strike out on their own than to live by an antiquated code.

Three Positive Traits:
Charismatic, Well Learned, Pragmatic
Three Negative Traits: Egotistical, Proud, Flighty

Arcane Investigator
Deck Style: Magic/Ranged
Weapons: Throwing Knives
Magic Class: Thread
Description: They are a small group of investigators underneath the Rat King. They are assigned to look into oddities in Aeon and find answers no matter what. To be within this small circle one has to possess magic that is helpful to the investigation. They also need to be charismatic and iron-willed--never to be swayed by a pretty face or words. They are a shadowy group that are more clandestine than the Army of the Dead.

A Noble Tongue- Desken is very keen at knowing what to say to the right people. He can read people like books, usually, and has formulated a way to get his way.
Poisoner- He dabbles in the creation and application of poisons. He uses them on his knives. Most of them are fatal but there are a few with interesting effects.
Golem Sense- living underground or in the ground has given many Groundborne a natural affinity to directions. Not only that- they are less sensitive to blunt and bludgeoning injuries as their skin is thicker and more durable than any other race’s skin.
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