No Dominion: A Dark Fantasy Adventure

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    Today is the anniversary of the Unification that happened 547 years ago. It celebrates the first day, and the beginning, of peace in Aeon at the hands of High King Exis and the six Immortals. The Citadel, the capital of Aeon, is covered in flags and banners. People have come from all over to witness the marvels of the Citadel, like its floating castle and advanced technology. They laugh, they drink, and they watch the fireworks over the Citadel’s buildings. They don’t know that on the borders of their great world something sinister is starting to brew.

    High King Exis has called a few of the most skilled members of the Army of the Dead to the Citadel. They are to meet in the shadows and receive their orders from an emissary of the Rat King. They learn that entire cities are going missing, the dead are stirring, and horrible abominations are cropping up and killing everything in sight. Even worse, the High King suspects that the other Immortals may have a hand in this. He’s asked the Army of the Dead not only to look into these rumors but to end them as quickly as possible. He doesn’t want fear and panic to grip Aeon again. He refuses to allow the wars to return.

    As a member of the Army of the Dead, you’ve been tasked with carrying out High King Exis’s will. Little do you know where it will take you and what you will learn. All you know is that you cannot return without completing the High King's orders.

    The World of Aeon used to not be united. The world was divided harshly into varying kingdoms, and those kingdoms knew nothing but war. Hundreds of years passed as the world died and mortals clashed against mortals. Historians have tried to predict what started it all, but ironically they quarreled amongst themselves. What can be agreed upon, though, was how the wars ended.

    It was called The Unification, and it changed everything. Six generals from six different armies abandoned their posts and formed a covenant. They promised to end this. They gathered soldiers from their own armies, from peasants, from nobles, and even from criminals. They used their combined intellect, prowess, and skills to end the war once and for all. And on the first day of peace, they were granted immortality by the old gods and took their place as the deities of Aeon. Yet, they did not ascend to some greater plane. Instead, they stayed in Aeon.

    They became known as many things, the most common names being the Immortals or the Walking Gods. Four of the six disappeared in time, still around but not in the public eye. The two that remind, High King Exis and the Rat King Sol, formed the Citadel. It was the capital of the newly unified Aeon, and the floating castle tethered to it was to be a beacon for all.

    The first army formed underneath the six general during the Unification. It was not composed of soldiers or peasants but prisoners of war. They were talented men and women that had been sentenced to death. They were a small group, but highly trained and very loyal to the generals. They did whatever was asked of them, even if that meant sacrificing their lives. They were dead anyway, why prolong the matter?

    After the Unification happened, most of the armies were disbanded or turned into peacekeepers. The Army of the Dead remained intact as the High King’s personal force. Nowadays, they are comprised of those that volunteered for the service and the were chosen by the High King.

    Unlike how they were formed initially, there are very few criminals that are allowed to join. Mostly they’re men or women who committed small crimes but were judged harshly due to their station. Murderers and thieves are not welcomed.

    The Army of the Dead work in the background of all the bureaucracy and heroics. They make sure that the people of Aeon are barely aware that darker forces claw at Aeon’s borders.

    While this is dark fantasy, as there aren't a lot of High Fantasy tropes, it is still a "quest to save the world." Sorry. Not sorry. They're fun, and I'm an ole softy for High Adventure.

    What you have read is the basic bones of the RP. There's a lot more:
    Race Creation: In which you create your race based on one of the four prominent categories in the world (Highborne, Groundborne, Shiftborne, and Brokenborne)
    Class Creation: Yes you make your own class. This allows you to add a lot of personal touches to it without having to worry about someone stealing your thunder.
    Magic: I have created magic for this RP. I mainly did this to avoid abuse and staleness. An example of some of the classes: Anatomical, Thermal, Ephermal, and Thread.
    Setting: Endless Forests, Mirror Deserts, Floating Prison Islands, and Entire Cities Built on the back of Wyrms pepper Aeon.

    I really want this to be a group effort instead of me ruling it like a totalitarian government. I'm open to suggestions as long as it doesn't break one of the fundamental rules of the RP. I'm also down for the creation of extra History, Events, Landmarks, Factions, and Quests.

    There will be a stat chart based on a handful of pertinent stats (think Dnd, but a few less). These are RP stats and not incorporated in dice rolls. Though we can always roll dice if the moment calls for it. These stats help define the strengths and weakness of your character in a quick glance fashion. So, you aren't wondering why the alchemist over there is lifting up a boulder. Maybe he is excessively strong but horribly uncoordinated. You probably need to take that boulder from him.

    This RP will start with its core group, but I expect it to grow (especially after we lose the mandatory few people in the beginning.) This quest will not solely be battling enemies but also dealing with politics, subterfuge, and awkward alliances. So once these avenues in the RP open, other characters can join. They can be a part of the Army or a different faction. They can be specifically created for quest, and then tag along, or be a mercenary for hire. This will open up different theaters within the RP. I'm interested in expanding this RP beyond the quest, but it's rather hard to do that immediately. Expect this RP to grow with time.

    If you're interested in the RP, let me know (I'm working on my telepathy but I'm not that good.) If you have any questions, fire away.
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  2. Question: Could you elaborate more upon the different races and magics?
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  3. This looks pretty well thought out. I'd like some more detail on the magic side of things though. The "elements" of magic you used as examples certainly aren't typical elements so what kind of rules are we looking at for it?

    Also, just a side point, those mandatory losses I find are minimised by removing the "introduction". Start the plot after all the characters have already met, preferably in a combat scene so they can't spend forever conversing and getting side tracked.
  4. @Grothnor @Karakui

    No problem. Just a forewarning, there may be typos in these and they are liable to be altered (based on player's thoughts and recommendations). But this is the foundation I've run the game on before.


    (These are broad terms and not really a reflection of individual races. For instance: it is pretty much like calling a person Caucasian- while now you have an idea as to what they look at you have no idea bout their personal nuances. They could be American, Canadian, British, Irish, Central European, etc. So while I give you categories to choose from, I will also give you free roam as to the race you create just please keep it within the guidelines of the original synopsis. And whatever category you choose- you get stat points to spend and a Racial Trait.)

    The countless races of Aeon are known for their variety and countless nuances. Yet there are four categories in which all races fall under, these categories each have certain rules and guidelines that are followed along with a possible racial hatred against others.

    + Highborne: As their names implies they were the first set of races to ever exist upon the surface of Aeon, and so have staked claim to much of its ruling territories. They are known for their humanoid appearance, bipedal and with knowledge in all Highborne languages along with some basic Shiftborne and Groundborne. The Highborne have mixed aptitude, not really falling to one side or the other in magical or strength capabilities. Racial dislike: Brokenborne and Shiftborne, just for the fact they do not know much of their cultures.​

    + Groundborne: They came into existence underneath the surface of Aeon. Having lived countless years surrounded by rock and tone, they were forced to come to the surface for basic trade and welfare. Unfortunately in the past few years, many of their underground cities have caved in due to the earthquakes that have happened in Aeon. Many Groundborne now live on the surface, though most are still sensitive to light and known to be primarily nocturnal. They are quite a hardy race, and while can't wield magic as well as others, can handle physical tasks better. This race is also bipedal. Have a basic knowledge of Groundborne languages and some Highborne. Though they are not usually prejudice, will return racial prejudice against them.​

    + Brokenborne: Is a polite way of saying that the people of Aeon don't know where this race came from, or how it arrived on Aeon. This category holds the races that can't be described within the others. There isn't much loyalty within this group, other than the occasional familiar race with the category. They are for the most part bipedal, though may not have the natural four limbs; and usually, some nuance that sets them apart from the other groups. They speak whatever language they grew up around, though most can speak basic Brokenborne and Highborne. They don't have a particular racial hatred but are wary of all other races, even some other Brokenborne.​

    + Shiftborne: They live on the outskirts of Aeon, and are never really have become fully integrated into society. Most Shiftborne contain two forms, now what these forms are, are up to their particular race. They can shift between humanoid forms and animals forms, or between two humanoid, or between two animals; the possibilities are near endless. The Shiftborne are widely accepted due to the fact that they can look like any of the other races in one form. Language wise, they are the only category that is well versed in most other languages. Still they have a racial hatred against: Groundborne and some Highborne who do not understand their life in two worlds.​


    Magic is not really the proper term for what happens in the world of Aeon. More like a casual invocation of reality, affecting molecules and cells. Yet they have given it such a primitive name such as magic. Every person within Aeon, upon birth are given a test to decide whether or not they have this capability. If they do, they are branded on the right wrist with a tattoo and on the left is what category they belong too. They are categorised thusly:

    + Thread- The ability to understand and exploit the capabilities of the mind, to view every different person as a thread in a far larger web. These magic-users are able to tap into the minds of others and be able to read other’s thoughts. That being said, they cannot read the thought verbatim but have quick glimpses of patterns. They can also see when there is a valid connection between two or more people, and also the only magic-user class to be able to see when one person in under the control of another. Also, in some more complex branches there are vague remnants of mind control, but it takes years of practice and control. This is one of the more common forms of magic.​

    + Thermal- The ability to either afflict those with heat or to remove it; it affects the body mostly though other heat sources can also be tampered with. This is one of the most common forms of magic, and the easiest to master. Still there are higher branches of this magic that can make even blood boil or a body freeze in an instant. Seeing as this a broad application of the magic, all Thermal magic-users can warm and cool things but they may be more suited to do one better than the other.​

    + Anatomical- The ability to rend one’s flesh from their insides out and make their own blood into a harvest for a plague. They also can seize or relax muscles and purge the body of impurities. This magic can be used for either harm or healing, but not both. Harm-based anatomical magic-users are rare and highly policed by the powers that be; they also manage to usually damage their body while they are still learning how to use their abilities. While Heal-based anatomical magic-users are more common and allowed into pretty much any home in any region; these magic-users are normally in better than perfect condition and manage to live longer than most.​

    + Core- The ability to affect the gravitational pull of objects towards oneself. They can both relinquish gravity upon both living and inanimate objects or place a heavy amount upon them. With some mastery they can also change the object in which holds the gravitational pull, making all things with a radius gravitate towards it. This ability, while not rare, is not allowed in many regions due to its cataclysmic effect.; so most Core Magic-Users are banned.​

    + Aural- The ability to sense auras and then to manipulate them. By sensing an aura, these magic-users can find hidden peoples, learn when others have passed away and communicate with living creatures no matter the language or cultural differences. With mastery, they can syphon away other’s auras or manipulate them into changing (some call it brain washing.) Aural magic-users are common at a mediocre level, more experience ones are rare.​

    + Wild- The ability to confer and alter the elements around oneself. This is one of the stronger magics, and the most coveted. They can cause foliage to grow, water to rebel, wind to change directions, and the earth to shake. Any form of element around them will bend, of course only if they have created a pact with that element. No Wild magic-user has a pact with all elements, just one or two. These magic-users are rare and when found they are either put to death or under the direct command of the Royal Army. This magic is not useable in the RP but will show up.

    + Ephemeral- The only ability that has no set standards. This magic is also called the Jester’s Magic, due to the fact that every few days, with no pattern the magic changes. The abilities are never extremely powerful or heightened, they are actually random and almost impractical. Still every single one has a use no matter if fits the present situation or seems to be completely nonsensical. This magic cannot be mastered for obvious reasons, and the magic-users that wield it are normally thought to be a joke among the others. The ability is rare, but not as much as you would think. This magic is playable, but I have to be 100% assured that you are a creative person and don’t plan to use this to create a power character; as I said whimsical and random.

    My notes: The STRONGER applications of these magics (which I've mentioned) are off limits in the beginning of the RP. Take the most base power.
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  5. Oh. This RP starts with an immediate attack. So there isn't a lot of standing around and exposition. I just find that people STILL drop like flies... because RPing. Which is a shame. But their loss.
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  6. I'm certainly interested. (You honestly had me at race creation)
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  7. Oooh, count me in as interested! I've been craving a roleplay in a dark fantasy setting for quite a while now.

    I'm not really sure what to make of your listed races, though. They're quite bare on details. o.O For instance, what kinds of... things are we talking about? For instance, are the Groundborne supposed to be dwarves? Or ten feet tall rock golems?

    Because when I read:
    I immediately thought:



    But on a more serious note, what... uhm, are they? And Brokenborne- okay, they're various races. Are we talking like demons here? Mythological creatures? Centaurs, harpies, fairies, driders...? Or just various shades of human? What's the scope we're working with in this setting? :o
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  8. I think it's more a case of each of the -bornes being a category. So Brokenborne might encompass 4 or 5 difference humanoid races.

    I have a colossal itch to play an Ephemereal character now that I've seen it. That could be very fun to play.
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  9. I hope I had you before that. There was a lot of exposition.


    I think I'm hilarious.

    Alright. Let me explain it like this. Consider the categories (Highborne, Groundborne, Shiftborne, and Brokenborne) like primary colors. You have red, blue, yellow, and green. Lets say Groundborne is Red. Within the red, there are numerous shades. You can even have some reds that look downright yellowish. The races are the shades. On one end of the spectrum you can have dwarf-like races and on the other you can have golem-like characters. Their shared attribute is that they come from. The dwarf-like races may live in hills or the on the sides of mountains, while the golem-like races might actually live in the ground. The categories are a blanket term. Much like we blanket by skin color and not nationality/geography/religion/beliefs. Groundborne HAVE to come from/live in the ground. Shiftborne have to shift, from whatever to whatever. The Highborne have to be the most aesthetically pleasing. Brokenborne is pretty much everything else.

    Does that make a lot of races? Yes. This world avoided its apocalypse event (which was its eternal warring). There has been a lot of mixed breeding to the point that the lines are no longer as clear. So these blanket terms come to rest. It's also because I want you to make what you want to play. Have a picture you've been dying to use? Make a race for it!

    And as much as the common race tropes go (like dwarves, elves, humans, centaurs, orcs, etc) they don't exist. That being said, if you wanted to more-or-less MAKE an elf. Just create a race for it. Obviously don't call it an elf, but you can pick similar characteristics and slap that bad-boy underneath Highborne. I'm not forbidding anyone from doing that, because I know how hard it is to find pictures for this.

    Does this help?

    Yep. I always allow one per game for fun-factor. But that's all it is... unfortunately... fun... Maybe one in hundred randomized abilities are actually useful. But not THAT useful. I think had a player give their character the ability to make bubbles with their nose for one of the larger fighting segments. Everyone else in the group heavily face-palmed.
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  10. Immensely! And makes this all the more interesting!

    And for the record, I quite enjoyed the exposition as well. :3 A group of mysterious immortals left to their own shenanigans, possibly turning against each other? Very cool.
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  11. Let me rephrase. You piqued my interest at the exposition. The race creation just sealed your fate. You're officially stuck with me. Sorry 'bout your luck.
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  12. Thanks! I was honestly trying to think of a way to describe my crazy mindset! Glad it worked!

    And yes, the Immortals have a heavy influence in the RP. Very heavy. To the point I may involve characters. *wink wink*

    Haha. No I was being sarcastic. Sorry, my humor doesn't translate well. But yes! I'm excited you here.

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  13. I don't know what that is so I'm glad I'm in for a surprise.

    I will say one thing: I was really hoping when I read 'Army of the Dead' in the first section, that the player characters would be part of some sort of undead host and not just simply condemned criminals conscripted for combat. xP
  14. This sounds really cool, I am in^^
  15. Alright. I'm going to work on getting an IC up. There's a heavy info dump and I'm going to try to make things look as pretty as possible. We'll see how that actually goes.

    That being said, if you have any questions... let me know... or continue to express interest. It'll only power me to move quicker. ^^
  16. This looks interesting and I'm all out of fantasy role-plays sooo...

    I need to go back and read all the information though.
  17. Interested for sure. Probably as a ShiftBorne. ^.^
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  18. The RP is up. Please click the link to head on over. I also tagged everyone in here that expressed interest.

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