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  1. Please don't tell me I'm the only one who knows about utaite. That will make me very sad :c

    Basically the term 'utaite' refers to people (usually Japanese) who cover previously released songs and posts them in Nico Nico Douga, which is like a Japanese YouTube under the 'utattemita' meaning 'tried to sing'.

    There's a lot of artists out there that I just loooove.

    If you know what utaite are, who are your favourite artists? :o
    If you don't, would you be interested in utaite? OR MAYBE BECOME ONE YOURSELF??

    Iwakutaite? xD

    Here are my favourites ;v;


    (with Pokota WHO IS ALSO PRE COOL!!)

    Itou Kashitarou:

    (with Lon)

    (with 96Neko)
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  2. I love 96Neko, Nano, clear, and Rib. You know me, and how much I love both clear and Rib's renditions of Sarishinohara.

    Dunno if English cover artists can count as utaite but I am very very into Ashe (ashestoashesjc) and Lizz Robinett. Lizz has also sung some songs in Japanese.

  3. Classic NND vids you mustn't miss:

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  4. Oh, yes. I remember this, @Sen showed it to me. I died. xD
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  5. I'm still laughing looking back at this Videos again haha XD~!
  6. Hanatan and 96Neko are probably my favourite female utaite singers, while Dasoku, Gero, clear and Yoppei are my favourite male ones.
    I'm kind of baffled I've been listening to all of these covers for over 8 years now... And that I recognize every video posted so far...

    I'll just contribute some trap singers and one of my favourite magnet covers, why not. I'm sure everyone knows this one.
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  7. Oh honey. Oh my honey. Let me show you a thing.

    Stolen Playlist - YouTube

    ENJOY THE LARGEST OF MY PLAYLISTS. It's a step up from Utaite. It's Nico Nico Chorus! Pretty much someone remixes a bunch of utaite versions of a song together to make a Nico Nico Chorus.
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