Niyaz - (Arabian style music) Really damn awesome!

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  1. Hello! I just took a look at the Clans, just now. I immediately was drawn to this one, and the second i read your information, I knew I must be a part of it.

    I am Jegigol, as you probably deduced through complex and vigorous observation. I enjoy receiving feedback on my characters most joyously. Including the worlds they reside in! So, that's a tidbit about me, I hope to befriend all of you and become a productive member of this Clan.

    (Inb4 Clan-based Warfare ensues from the theft of our sacred totems.)

    Also, I hope everyone is well, here. I myself am lovely!

    (Edit: I also refurbish characters and their worlds, I enjoy improving the flesh of both subjects. :3)