Ninjas and Junk

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  1. This is a very basic idea involving ninjas, samurai, and martial arts. The genre is fantasy, and the setting will be in Japan in the late 19th century. You don't really have to know a crap ton about history or Japan to participate, just don't have your character piss in an automatic toilet or take a bubble bath in a whirlpool tub.

    I just finished Rurouni Kenshin. I'm having wihdrawals of epic battles, loveable characters, and romance. That's why I'm here...

    Anyways, all characters will be Japanese for the most part but a Chinese, Korean, or even one Westerner would be acceptable. Your character can be a ninja, samurai, wanderer, doctor, crazy old bat, fiery youngster, angry woman, retarded fat weapons enthusiast... pretty much anything you can think up.

    All I ask is that your characters be "human" in the sense that they don't have dog ears or dragon wings. They may have skills beyond the realm of what humans could ever have, though. This is fantasy, after all, so your character could have trained him/her-self to become lightning fast, super strong, incredibly durable, insanely smart, etc.

    The player max is going to be around 6, but you can have two characters if you can keep up with them. You can make short-term enemies, and they won't count towards you 2-character limit. A long-term enemy, however, would count as one of your two characters.

    Any takers?

  2. Me! I wanna be Chinese!
  3. I will be the american. 1800s huh... (19th century = 1800s)
  4. i want to be an america or something else dont know, i like your idea
  5. All right, so I've got three takers.

    We need more Japanese, and there shouldn't really be two Americans unless they came together, which could add awesomeness to the story.

    Yup, late 1800's.

    Any ideas, you all?

    Oh, and if you know of anyone that might be interested, feel free to drag them here :3
  6. I would gladly make join in. I think I'll make a samurai.
  7. Alrighty. That makes five players; we have room for one more, but for now I will make an OOC in the sign-ups thread. I'll post a character sheet template and then you can all post your characters :) Let's do this thing.