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  1. I would like to do a ninja RP.

    So the story line would be two ninja villages, each with their cynical views of the other. One kingdom trying to kill both. Our Hokages would hold a competition of all the Kage ninja. The last man standing which is obviously us would team up with the rivaling clan to deal with the over-looming death to befall both clans.

    How we come together is up to you, We could hate each other, love each other, disregard each other and if the other dies he dies. We could even do Yaoi or Yuri, but you'll have to tell me if you wanna Yuri because I'm playing male. We can even have a little smutty touch to the RP, but not too much more plot please. And don't just throw it in there i need to know so I can make this in Libertine if needed.

    As for your clans, entirely up to you what you want to call it and what you want there style to be. Ninja clans don't have mandatory weapon styles so your character may choose any weapon to use. Psst, no guns, but bows and arrows are fine. One more thing about clans figure out your clans element it could be anything but nothing that controls people. Sound, Metal, Vibration, Water, Fire, etc.

    Lastly no second grade writing.

    Genres we can play it in:
    • Modern
    • Modern Fantasy
    • Fantasy
    • Sci-fi
    • Libertine
    • Horror{There would be more to the story in this one. And more characters trying to kill us as well.}
    When you make your clan you can do an entry post or a CS. If you don't know what an entry post is, it's when instead of writing out a Character Sheet{CS} you write down how he looks as he is interacting in the story. For example:

    His long hair flowed with the wind as he walked up behind Haruka...

    I explain little by little what he looks like as he uses his body in the story, this is only one example. Another would be to flat out explain it:

    Tamaru had long black hair and towered at 5'11''. He wore a jacket with a fuzzy hood... etc. etc.

    if your gonna use a CS here would be the template:
    Age: 7-infinity. (Iwaku rules apply for smut theme)
    Fighting style:
    Clan element:
    Appearance:(Description or pic, im using pic)

    for those who dont know many fighting styles here

    If you have an RP idea im all ears.
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  2. Name: Haruki Gorgen
    Age: 19
    Personality: Mysterious and keeps to himself.
    Clan: Arashikage <
    Fighting style: Vacon. Persian grip and throw style fighting. <All my characters.
    Clan Element: Shadow <

    Weapon: Katana
    Appearance (open)

    Name: Satomi Yukiko
    Age: 17
    Personality: Cheerful and always outgoing.
    Weapon: Wakizashi
    Appearance (open)

    Name: Yasu Kyou
    Age: 12
    Personality: Wild and silvery tongue.
    Weapon: O Tano.
    Appearance (open)

    BTW if you think im like so pro at this im not I do group RPs more often. And Im just looking stuff up I dont know. And there is three characters because one is for whatever genre or specifics you choose. I made each one fit certain categories.
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  3. Ive noticed people are viewing if you dont like something plz just discuss it with me or if you wanna do it in a group or whatever bothers you about it plz tell me.
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