Ninja + Neko: The Princess and The Shinobi

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  1. ~*Chapter 1: The Underdog*~

    It was 3 hours til' the stroke of the afternoon as the bright sun gazed upon the earth. Birds fluttered threw with songs following their wings, the wind blowing gently through the Safaia Valley. To the north, about a mile ahead, was the Oniyuri village; given its name for its top product of flowers: Tiger lilies. The Oniyuri village was the first of the other multiple villages to be announced a market capitol. With a long time to populate, settle, and produce crops, stalk, clothing, and much more, Oniyuri became the top village for business. You could show up piss poor, stay for a matter of days and you'd leave with at least enough yen to own a house, two cows, and bit of furniture. Though not all are lucky enough to do so; most have to work for their money harder than others. While some, like our up coming young-man, barely has a chance to work at their level at all.

    "I'm late! I'm so dead, I'm late!!" he shouted to the heavens as he leaned his body forward, darting through the meadow of the sapphire flowers of the Safaia valley.

    Meet our all around orphaned underdog, Yuki Shinjutsu. He's been an orphan since the age of two, and has learned the way of the ninja through cold, hard, brutal, training with his adopted father, Raizo.

    Raizo is an elderly man of an unknown age, even to his friends around the village. He was easy to spot as well, just look for an old man with a long white beard, navy blue kimono, and a white bandanna with a symbol on it. He rescued Yuki from near death by the hands of a dark enemy called the "Yami", a covenant of many different species that have sworn themselves to rule among humans instead of living in harmony. They sound intimidating, but are barely a problem towards others. The fact that they made Raizo and Yuki the last oftheir people, was sheer luck.

    "I'm almost there! The old man is gonna be so pissed off!!" he said as he dashed from roof top to roof top, then landed at the window to his room. Yuki, lifted the window open and silently jumped through. Just as he was entering the hallway, he was struck on the center of his head by the blunt end of a cane.

    "Ow!" he yelled.

    "You're are late, Yuki. I expected with the training I had given you from your father would have paid off." he scolded. "I hope I don't need to go back to making you pull 1200 pound weights with your feet again?" he tased with a evil grin.

    Yuki broke out into a harsh sweat and glared at the old man in worry.
    "Sometimes you really freak me out, grandpa..."
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    Mieko lived in a lovely mansion, decorated in beautiful roses and ribbons. She was woken up by her stressed mother and pulled out of her bed.
    "Mieko! Wake up! You have to try on your dress now!" Her mother shouts. Mieko had no time to stubble to her feet. Two maidens grabbed her by the arms and dragged her into the dressing room, ripping off her sleeping gown and pulling a white dress over her. One of the ladies pulled on the lacing to tie in her waist and make her look as skinny as can be.
    "NYAAAAA-----" Her yelp of pain was interupted by her grandmother shoving a fish in her mouth.
    "Now you hush dear. It's your fault that you didn't wake up in time. And always sneaking around, avoiding your servants. I would discipline you if you were my child!" Her grandmother said. Mieko sighed and swallowed the whole fish down. She knew today was going to be a long day.
  3. "This is such a drag..!" he muttered as he was forced to endure his most disliked activity, balancing. He stood with his knees bend and sticking out to his side, arms bent with a bucket of water in each hand, as well on his head. The trick was to keep yourself focused on the buckets, but as well on your surroundings. At all times, a ninja needed to be alert and ready for battle. However he hoped it was through a less annoying process to which he could learn this. Still, he had gotten use to it after 17 years of it, yes, 17. His birthday wasn't too long ago, a week if one could remember exactly. But even so, a seventeen year old has his limits to such training.

    His arms started to stumble, his face having an irritated glare as his eyes skimmed from one end of his sight to the other, watching as the buckets began to shake. Yuki grit his teeth and tried to hold on to his balance, and at the last minute he succeeded... until...

    "Yuki, my boy!" yelled the old man as he jumped up from behind him and smacked his cane down on his head.. His eyes nearly jumped from his skull he hit him so hard! He returned to his previous poise, then slowly fell over forward with a loud thud following.

    Raizo made a smile lifted his finger and swung it from side to side.
    "You left yourself open, my boy" he gestured slyly.

    "I hate you old man..."