Nine Month Sickness

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  1. As a high school student, all you wanted to be was normal. You just wanted to fit into the crowd. You did the things that all normal students did, you snuck out of the house, parties, argued with your parents about homework, thought about college, thought about your career. Yet that one time, that single mistake changed everything.

    It was only once, you tell yourself, and that it can't be.

    It's impossible...

    The question puzzles you as fear, anxiety, consternation wells up inside of you. How can someone who's just a child themselves, raise another child. How could they have the emotional and physical capacity to do so? You're stuck, and you don't know what to do. You're terrified of telling your parents, and even more scared to face it by yourself. You're alone, and you don't know what else to do.

    Everyone here has a different story, a different background, and a different lesson. Everyone here still has so much to learn, so much to gain, and so much to change. If you're willing to change yourself, learn new life lessons, and live amongst other young mothers to be, you've come to the right place.

    Welcome to the Safe House. Here, young mother's to be live together and provide support for each other as well as knowledge. Here you can seek refuge, away from prying eyes, and the stigma that surrounds teen pregnancy. You will be given a large room with the capacity for you and another, be it your child's father, or another mother, as well as room for four children.

    Here at Safe House, you will work as a team to get through life, some will be in charge of cleaning, others in charge of cooking, and so forth.

    There are only a few simple rules here:

    A mother and father to be are not to be in the same bed, but they may have the same room.

    There will be no judging.

    While there is no dress code, we will not have you running about naked.

    No drug use.

    No sexual activity.

    You will have to pay the bills, which comes to about $150 every month.

    You must come back before 10 PM.



    Please no God-Modding

    Please do not make fun or bully anyone on their beliefs for this topic

    Please only use mild language.

    If things get too too intense, fade to black.

    I suck at making rules. There are probably fifty more, but I can't think of any XD
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Thread Status:
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