Nine Lives

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    • The Black Cat. The name alone silences those of the life in superstitious fear. If you need something gone or someone dead there is no better *bang* for your buck, as they say. But this blade in the night is even more than she seems and when she is contracted by a mysterious up-and-coming underworld figure, her two lives begin to become one.

    • one x one between Raven and Vorian

    • Lara Evans- Raven
      Masaru Ryuu- Vorian
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  1. Ryuu signed the end command and the projector shut off. leaning back in his chair, he uncoupled the voice modulator from around his neck and breathed a heavy sigh. While on the whole his business was advancing nicely, Vizio Exports Incorporated was persistently a thorn in his side. Their CEO's refusal to merge was a major hinderance to the Plan's preparation and he would have to be dealt with. One way or another.

    Absent mindedly Ryuu eyed the clock on the corner of his desk and was surprised to see its reading. 3:13AM. Christ. He thought to himself. Slowly rising, he walked to the window looking out into the night. Or as close to night as you can get in New Osaka. Ryuu loosened his tie as he ran through the previous day in his mind, searching for something he had forgotten to do but finding nothing. Sighing with disappointment he turned away from his condo's window and stepped into the bedroom, out of the day's clothes, and into bed.

    The electronic pulsing of the alarm ripped Ryuu out of sleep a mere three hours later and he stumbled through his morning routine.
    Shower. Teeth. Face. Clothes. Breakfast. Email. Pack. Door. Shit. Door. Shoes. Door again. Leave.
    He got to his high school a half hour before the first period began. Ryuu stopped at the cafeteria coffee bar and bought some American imported brown drink and walked to class.

    The starting bell rang as Ryuu was seated in the back of the lecture hall where Calculus was thought. As he looked up at the instructor, he noticed movement at the door. A girl was standing just inside the doorway looking blankly at the instructor. He had seen her around the school a few times but she must have just transferred into this period at the end of the last semester. Ryuu looked to his right, the only empty seat in the lecture hall. He sighed quietly.
  2. Lara had been dressed in her usual nightly wear. The outfit she had created making her the Black Cat Assassin. It was quiet a name she had recently gained for herself doing jobs no one else ever accepted. Most usually turned out to be dangerous now. But some were still her original starters for jobs. She had just completed her latest assignment and had been online looking for her next job for tomorrow. After finding something she liked and listening to it she wrote down in her own code what the job was. Then erased her history using the only code she was now pretty good at thanks to one of her last jobs a client had given her as pay. Then Lara shut down her computer for the night, and turned off the screen. She changed out from the Black Cat, and got into clothes for bed.

    When she was in bed she noticed the time was three am in the morning sighing she knew she'd only get an hour of sleep this time. An hour didn't last long for soon came her godparent's alarm from the near by apartment room. She groaned and sat up slowly. Lara hated having to live with them she was now seventeen still hoping to get her own place as soon as she could. Hearing the usual call she simply opened the door for them to see she was up.

    Getting ready for school she grabbed her usual jacket, white shirt, and jeans. Her whole wardrobe was basically the same. So she only need about three pairs of each, minus her jacket. Once she was ready she grabbed her book bag and headed out the door. The froze realizing she had forgotten breakfast. "Damn it" She cursed half way down the block. She then searched her pocket for her wallet glad to feel it was there. She knew she had money thanks to last night. So with only two minutes before she would have to show up and fix the last of her schedule she could grab a bite to eat. She ate on the way.

    After arriving at school and dealing with the concealer. Which didn't go well being all the questions she was asked. About her family, why she had to move. The reason she needed to take the classes the school had listed. Many other things Lara really didn't feel she had the time for. She finally was standing at her new Calculus teacher and class's door. Waiting to be allowed in and once more had to explain basically every question she was asked by the concealer. Finally she stepped in looking for a seat. Which appeared to only be one left. Lara didn't smile even if it was in the back. She honestly didn't like the size of the classes to be honest. The teacher asked her to state her name while she was still standing at the front. "I'm Lara Evans" She replied her voice appeared rather monotone when she said her name then she slowly walked to what had to be her new seat. Lara noticed the one closest to her was a boy who seemed possible as thrilled as she felt.
  3. Ryuu eyed the girl in his periphery: She was unassuming and quiet, making no sound as she ascended the stairs and sat down. there was something about her that seemed to betray a complication not immediately visible but Ryuu couldn't quite put his finger on what it was.

    He leaned back in his chair, folded his arms, and began the usually-thirty-minute-wait for the instructor to get through his morning preparations that should have been done before the class started. As he sat there, he felt his eyes peel off to the right and to the new girl.
  4. As Lara finally sat she sighed and pulled out of her book bag paper, a note book, and pencil. She then sat back and waited on either the instructor or for herself to think of what next to add into her note book.

    While she sat she didn't feel to nervous other than the fact, Lara had to state her name in front of her class. She didn't want anyone to try and really get to know her. Her eyes looking at the back of heads and finally she turned slightly to see who she was now sitting beside. Then Lara turned back a bit more and opened her note book. What she planned to do she still hadn't yet decided.
  5. Ryuu smiled slightly when she glanced over at him out of courtesy, but then returned his attention to the lecture that was just beginning. As the minutes passed and the professor's voice continued in the same itch for nearly an hour, Ryuu couldn't force himself to care any longer.

    He set down his pen and leaned back in his seat, relaxing in mind alone as his posture was still impeccable. He glanced to his left and right, resting his eyes for a minute on the girl to his right. There was still something about her that seemed interesting, but that something seemed like a secret she wasn't willing to share. Although that just made him ant to know all the more, after all, his business ran on secrets and the exposing of them.
  6. Soon sitting at her desk nothing yet added to her note book the class began. She gave a light sigh and pulled a different book which she wrote notes in that she felt was needed. Soon sitting back tired of hearing the teacher seem to just go on and on about nothing to Lara's importance. For a time her head seemed to fall slightly but she straightened herself up and once more wrote something down. Till finally she moved the original notebook back on top of the one she had been writing in.

    She sat silent and no longer was listing to the teacher or well not fully. She wasn't sure who would really notice being everyone seemed a bit busy doing something. She didn't glance beside her again however feeling the seats were apart enough for her to write or draw or whatever she may desire. Taking the pencil she began to mark in the note book. She was sketching on art paper while the teacher continued. Just starting with some lines hardly making a shape. She was forming a new idea sketch for possible a new device to use if needed next time she had a rather difficult job. She had one last week she didn't expect to find a lock as she had and now was looking for a way to make herself a replica of the lock that stopped her almost from getting what her client wanted.
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