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  1. Asha Crimme opened her eyes to look around her room. Her short black hair all over her pillow. Her eyes go over to the window. 'Daylight..' she thought and rolled her eyes knowing that she had to go to work soon. She stares at the ceiling for awhile before her eyes finally close back.

    She sighed heavily as her alarm clock goes off. She sat up after turning it off. "Let's start this wonderful day.." She said with a lot of sarcasm.

    She walked over to the bathroom and took a shower. After her shower, she put on her work clothes. She never had time for breakfast as she as she was brushing her hair going down the stairs. She grabbed her keys and slid her shoes on. She rushed over to her car and got in.

    She turned on her radio and blasted her music to the shop. She had to, for the sake of herself, listen to music before work. It always made it somewhat bearable in the morning.

    Asha finally parked and made it to the shop. She was always the first there so she hard to always open up shop. She got out the car and smooth out her dress as she walked over to the shop and unlocked the door. "Let's do this.." She told herself flipping the sign from 'closed' to 'open'.
  2. Mickey was up early as always. Finishing his shower, combing his hair, brushing his teeth...all of it was routine for him. If he had a roommate, they would have been gone ages ago. Looking out of his window to the college campus, he smiled peacefully with eyes still squinted shut from a recent wakeup. Looking at the alarm clock next to his bed, he sighed. "Ugh, nothing to do, nothing to do." He said to himself. He needed to add something to his routine. Being idle was just a waste of time anyways.

    Dawning his usual garb, Mickey walked down the two flights of stairs leading down from his room to the front door of the dormitory, doing his best not to wake anyone on the halls. Before going outside, he patted all his pockets to make sure nothing was missing. "Phone, check. Wallet, check. Keys, check check check." Everything was in order as usual. Sticking his hands in his trench-coat pockets, Micky set out to find something, anything, to fill the void that he felt in the mornings. "Especially this morning." He thought to himself. "Tuesdays equal no it looks like I have some time to look around." He had heard of a quaint little coffee shop within walking distance, or at least his definition of walking distance. A good mile or two was nothing to Mickey, who's spry figure lent itself well to running. This particular shop was about four or five miles away, so he decided to make that his destination.

    Mickey was thankful that the clouds were still in the sky. He loved the rain, and sun gave him a mean headache most of the time. "One of the many perks of being albino." He thought to himself sarcastically as he reached the establishment. There were already a few people inside by the time he got there, so he guessed that it must have opened about an hour earlier. Taking a deep breath and making sure his ponytail was hidden away, he entered and took a look around, enjoying the atmosphere, the smell of fresh ground coffee beans, and the stillness of the morning crowd. "I could get used to this." He thought as he approached the counter. His eyes still observing the menu, he asked absent-mindedly. "Good morning. Do you have any smoothies?"
  3. Asha was busy for the next hour serving customers and at the counter. She was at the counter making more coffee. She had her back turned to the next customer that came in. She heard the male's voice from behind her. "Morning and they should be on the back. " She arched her eyebrow thinking that it was weird for wanting a smoothie in the morning. She was waiting on more coffee to be made as she turned around to face the male.

    She looked him over and smiled but didn't make a comment on how attractive he was. She waited there patiently for him to order.
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  4. "Ah, right. Lets see... I'll try the, uh, raspberry smoothie then." Mickey said, still glancing at the menu. He blushed at his decision, knowing how awkward it is to order something besides coffee at a coffee shop. Frankly, he wasn't too fond of the taste of it, but he never told anyone. Still looking at the menu to ensure he saw everything, he continued. "If that's an inconvenience, then I'll be fine for now." He said quickly. Though never expecting anyone to object to his order, he always said that to be polite.

    After looking over the menu once or twice, he pushed his glasses up and met the eyes of the girl in front of him. Immediately afterwards, he turned a bright hue of red, and it was painfully obvious in contrast with his snowy skin. She's cute. Was about all his brain could muster to think as he stood there in awestruck silence.
  5. Asha smiled seeing the color he turned. "Uhm..sure.. I can try to make one. First time somebody asked for a smoothie when I'm just working here. " She gives a soft nervous smile as she walks over to put the ingredients in the blender.

    She sees that the coffee is done and grabs the pot. "I'll be right back. " She goes to walk around tables to refill coffee cups. She keeps a smile and giggle at some of the comments then comes back to pour the smoothie into a tall glass. She sets his cup in front of him. "I managed it.. I hope it taste good. " She smiles happily.
  6. ", thanks." He said shyly, paying for the drink and taking the glass over to a table by a window. After sitting down, Mickey ran his hand through his hair in exasperation. What happened there? He knew he was weird in public, but he had never been at a loss for words before. Sipping the ice-cold smoothie with relish, he pulled out a notebook and pen from one of his many pockets and began to write. Keeping a journal of daily events always soothed his nerves, even if it was just nonsensical babble in the long run. As the sun began gaining height, Mickey's glasses shaded over to keep his eyes protected. It was expensive to get transition lenses for his glasses, but anything was better than a hat. He hated wearing hats. All of these thoughts he spilled into his notebook at a consistent pace, at times provided with a brief sketch. He never thought highly of his skill with the pen, but the glances of passing customers said otherwise. Too bad he never paid attention to them.

    He sat for a long while in the cafe, soaking in the atmosphere of the quaint little place. It just...meshed with his personality, in a good way. He began taking his time with the last of his drink, letting the frosty beverage wake him up to his fullest. His notebook was out the whole time, but he quickly ran out of things to do. Rubbing his temple in irritation, Mickey tried with no success to figure out what to do with the rest of his day. Safe to say he was never fond of tuesdays. It was one of three days that he had to spend as he wished, but having it right in the middle of a school week always set him on edge. It was just...not right, like an emergency stop on a bus. All it did was throw him off track. It was in this way that Mickey spent the next few hours, enjoying his smoothie, and ruing his day.
  7. "Welcome.." She gave another smile but somewhat felt like she said or did something wrong. She just somewhat shrugged and helped the next customer waiting on the hour to finish up so she can get some help.

    Asha can only smile as another waitress came in for work. She was now wasn't so nervous yet it was always the same people in and out the shop. But still she just felt much better.

    Asha kept her eyes over on the guy she made the smoothie for. She sighed then saw there was still some smoothie left since he was the only one that ordered the raspberry smoothie. She went over and got the cup out the blender and walked over to him. "Want the rest of this? You don't have to pay for it since it's the rest of yours." She gave a soft smile.
  8. "Hm?" Mickey muttered as he looked up from the absolute nothing that he was preoccupied with. When he saw the same girl from the counter, he let out a little gasp and once again was at a loss for words. His face heated up rapidly as he clawed for something, anything at all to say to her. "Uh, y-yeah, why don't you sit down?" He said, immediately regretting it. "I-I mean, if you want, I guess." Was the only followup he could offer as he once again looked down at the empty page of his notebook, astounded at how stupid he must have sounded. His confidence, or at least what little he had, was shattered in the presence of this stranger. Rubbing his hands together, he realized how clammy they were, and how nervous he was. I'm overreacting, thats all. I gotta calm down, and act...natural... He thought to himself, but then he would steal a glance at the girl and shatter yet again. She just seemed so different from everyone on campus, but it was a nice change. Even so, it was still change, and Mickey always had trouble adapting to change...
  9. Asha stared at him a moment still holding the cup realizing he didn't answer her question at all. "Uhm.." She let out a small yet nervous giggle. "Am I freaking you out? I mean, I'm not trying to. I just want to be polite. And let you have the rest of your smoothie.." She yelled at herself in her thoughts 'Shut up already! You're making yourself sound stupid!' She closed her eyes and sighed a bit. "I'm talking too much..just here hun.." She took his cup and refilled it. "No charge.." She awkwardly walked off finally realizing her face was hot the whole time.
  10. The sound of her voice brought Mickey back to reality just in time for him to see her walking away. Getting up quickly, he spoke out. "H-Hey, hang on!" He wasn't sure where he was going with calling her back, but he wanted to at least get her name. With this in mind, he continued with his quiet, almost mousy voice. "...My name is Mickey. Um, what's yours?" He said nervously. It was a long shot that she would even stick around the way he saw it, but anything was better than doing absolutely nothing.
  11. The waitress stopped in her tracks as he spoke out. She turned around quickly and grinned as he asked for her name. "I'm Asha.." She smiled and walked back towards him. "Nice to meet you..I love that name,Mickey. " She offered her hand out to shake his.
  12. Grasping his sleeve to dry off the precipitation from his smoothie, Mickey took Asha's hand and, rather than shake it, took a bow. It was his favorite ice-breaker as it usually prompted curiosity from whoever he did it to. Arising from his graceful bow, he spoke with a bit more confidence. "Thank you for the complement. I-I like your name too. Oh, and thanks by the way...for the smoothie. I guess it isn't a typical morning drink." He smiled and gave a nervous, albeit natural, chuckle. "So, uh..." Mickey quickly trailed off, starting to flounder for something else to say. "...are you from around here? That is, if you don't mind my asking! I-I'm just curious, I guess."
  13. The waitress watches him take a bow and giggles then takes one of her own with a blush upon her face. "You're welcome..." Her smile only gets bigger talking to Mickey. "Thank you..and you're welcome.." She says to reply to his words. She stared at him once he trailed off and let go of his hand. "I don't live here in town.. I live on the outskirts of town actually. " Asha told him softly.
  14. "Oh, I thought you didn't look familiar." He said with a smile. "Um, if you have the time, we could sit down and chat. I'm kinda at a loss for things to do today, so I might be here a while." Running a hand through his hair, he had no clue whether things were going well or not. Even so, talking to Asha was a pleasant endeavor now that he had gotten into it. Starting conversations had never been his strong suit, but he could carry them out if need be. Looking into the waitress's eyes, he waited eagerly for an answer.
  15. Her cheeks flushed as Mickey looked into her eyes. "Uh.." She looked around to check the shop. It was empty since it was in the middle of the afternoon. She shrugged. "I have time..things are slow at the moment. " She smiled and sat down at an empty booth by the window.
  16. Mickey sat down as well, amazed at how well this was going. "So, how did you come to work around here? Usually the jobs around town are swept up by the people on the campus nearby within a week or two." He asked, now intrigued to learn more about Asha. He smiled a welcoming smile, his violet eyes sparkling with anticipation behind shaded lenses.
  17. Asha rubbed her hands together feeling like she's being interviewed for the job all over again. "Are you asking how do I come to work or how did I get the job?" She gave a soft smile lightly and silently mostly nervously tapping her foot.
  18. "Oh, I just wondered how you got the job. Like I said, most college students are relentless in the job search... hmm..." Mickey noticed too how formal he was being. The discomfort in the girl across the table was evident from the tapping of her foot. Without hesitation, he put his left hand on the center of the table, then guided one of her hands and laid it gently on top of his own. "I know I sound like an interviewer. I get it a lot more often than you would expect. I came up with this little trick to help with that. Contact between people can have a dramatic effect on behavior, ya know? ...I...I kinda major in Psychology, so...that's a thing. Anyways, I figured that this might help..." He blushed again, pretty much proving his point in full. "So anyways, how did you get your job around here?" He asked, his face still glowing a faint hue of pink and his eyes keeping contact with hers.
  19. Asha looked away a few times not good at keeping eye contact. She moved her hand away realizing that it's getting sweaty. She put her hands on her lap. "Well...a pretty face can get you anywhere..says the manager that hired me. " She makes a face then looks out the window feeling uncomfortable and awkward. "But uh ..good job on the majoring in Psychology.." She twirled a bit of her hair around her finger. 'Quit being so shy idiot!' She yelled at herself once again in her thoughts but it never helped no matter how hard she tried.
  20. "Eheh, I suppose a pretty face can help." Mickey said awkwardly. "...and i-it's not that big of a deal. Everybody just looks at me like a shrink when I say that... I'm probably better keeping my mouth shut." He folded his fingers together and looked into his palms emptily, unsure of what he could do to make the situation a bit less awkward. "Uh, umm... So, what d-do you like to do? Any hobbies?" He said, trying not to look like an idiot, but likely failing miserably.
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