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    : Nikita :

    Strictly Sign ups talk - IC and OOC thread link below

    | IC | OOC |

    Division - A government agency gone rouge, originally sanctioned secretly by the head of the CIA, the goal of the program? To take people who were on death row, or in jail for life sentences and train them to become model citizens. After years of this program though, Percy a corrupt leader took over, the CIA needed people dead, seeing a chance Percy started training the ex-prisoners to be elite assassins trained in, hand to hand combat, guns, hacking systems, and making cover up stories. Once the CIA heard it was kept on the down low, the only people knowing about division being the ones in it, and the head of the CIA not even the president.
    Finally though the CIA sanctioned kill order, after kill order, each order and mission recorded on what Percy called a "black box" this allowed him to finally have enough information to split off and make his own missions and force the CIA to give him money and almost anything he wanted because he blackmailed them. Percy soon had billions of dollars and was still training assassins, and hiring his services out to people, anyone who could pay and knew of division could pay to have someone eliminated. Now you are one of those recruits, being trained to kill and go on missions, be careful though if you fail on a mission, you're canceled.


    1. All of Iwaku's rules apply.
    2. You aren't invincible in this roleplay, no you probably will not die unless you ask to be killed but take a shot, once in a while, you're elite assassins but everyone has lucky shots.
    3. Be realistic, if I say you run out of ammo, you won't find some around the corner.
    4. Arguments in OOC will be taken out of the thread into PM.
    5. Different languages will be used, please provide in a [.spoili] the translation.
    6. Using the @username will help so people get notifications.
    7. Post at least once a week, if you're in a mission once a day.
    8. Please message me if you'd like a canon character or someone who helps run division.

    Character Sheet

    Name| (Self Explanatory)
    Age| (How old are you - above 16 please)
    Appearance| (Description and real life picture please)
    Personality| (Cold hearted killer, or a killer with a conscious etc)
    Biography| (Why where you jailed, any things that may effect you later, ex. Drug Abuse 2 paragraphs please I want a thought out history and developed character.)
    Time In Division| (Recruit or already an agent)
    Specialty| (Weapons Wise two only)
    Rank in Division| (Are you a leader here or are you a recruit or one of the best agents)
    Strengths| (What are you good with other then weapons)
    Weaknesses| (Is something going to mess with you on your next mission)

    Accepted Characters

    Sage McCarthy | Dramma
    Jin-Hyun Song | Minamoto Thunder


    - We all have to make decisions, some are harder then others in this business -
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  2. [​IMG]
    Name| Sage McCarthy
    Age| Twenty Three
    Appearance| Sage's burnt auburn hair lays past her shoulders down to the top of her breasts. The straight dark hair brings out her brilliant blue eyes, the piercing sky blue eyes everyone was always jealous of. Her skin white, white as snow and her hands fragile like a wonderful glass sculpture. Only she has a tattoo behind her ear, a hummingbird.
    Personality| Sage was always a perfect girl next door who loved everyone and was always loved. She was happy, sweet, and lovable. When she started to get into drugs she started to withdraw from people, she is now hateful, vicious, and honestly really scared deep down.
    Biography| Sage grew up in a rich household, always being loved and cherished, the perfect girl who maintained 4.0 GPA and had a perfect group of friends, being in gymnastics since she was 3 years old, and diving since she was 7 Sage was the perfect 16 year old girl. Smart, pretty, athletic, and social, always out at parties and having fun with friends but always at home to study and never missed a sport practice. Although at one party she was given weed, and she got high and started to do it more and more. Eventually she found herself injecting herself for the first time with heroine, becoming dependent on drugs she stole money from her parents and ran to live out on the streets. A drug addict.
    Sage found herself in jail one morning, she couldn't remember much all she could remember was the constant need of more drugs, and the pain of not having anything in her system. She screamed endlessly and was given something to help with her pain as she was taken out to a court for charges of manslaughter, drug abuse, prostitution, and possession of drugs. They were shady and gave her a lawyer who was telling her to just give in rather then get out of the manslaughter charge, which could have been done easily since she wasn't guilty for that charge. Now the jury decided she needed to be put onto death row because the man slaughter charge they put on her counted for the murder of 3 police officers. That's when division took her and now she's their newest recruit.
    Time In Division| 2 Months
    Specialties| Knife throwing, Hand to hand combat.
    Rank in Division| Recruit
    Strengths| Gymnastics - Flexibility - Torturing - Manipulating - Working Alone
    Weaknesses| Trust Issues - Self Conscious - Loved ones​
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  3. No one watches Nikita? Damn.​
  4. I do.. Just wondering if this is like a sequel to Nikita? Since the show is finished.
  5. Well, I was thinking of reliving the show kinda, with Percy instead of having like Nikita come destroy it it'd sorta be an endless cycle of people taking power and making division how it was again.
  6. Neat! I've heard of the show, and it does look interesting. I'm going to make a skelly later.
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  7. lee-min-jung-live-wallpaper-1-2-s-307x512.jpg
    Name| Jin-Hyun Song
    Age| Thirty-Two
    Appearance| Jin-Hyun has Dark Brown Hair that goes down a little below her shoulders, but usually has it mostly tied up into a Ponytail. She also maintains Dark-Brown Eyes, which compliments her hair and is of Eastern-Asian Descent.
    Personality| Although a Highly Trained Assassin who can take a life without remorse, Jin-Hyun is indeed a Killer with a Conscience. While seen as exceptionally ruthless by most, in reality, Jin-Hyun bears a heavy heart. Although a Cold-Blooded Assassin on the outside, she is gentle and soft on the inside. She does not kill because she wants to, but because she knows that she has to.

    Biography| Jin-Hyun was born in a post-War South Korea into an Upper-Working Class Family. Her Father was a Korean War Veteran and was the General of the South Korean Army while her Mother was a Business Woman who ran an Antique Shop. Growing up, she enjoyed listening to her Father's War Stories. As an only child, she found her home life to be incredibly lonely and it didn't exactly help that her parents rarely paid attention to her. To make up for the Loneliness, she took Taekwondo with her boyfriend. After graduating from High School with Honors and many outstanding achievements, Jin-Hyun went against the wishes of her parents and enlisted into the Military. Wanting to make her Father proud, she tried out for the South Korean Special Forces. Thanks to her determination, she was handpicked to be a part of the 707th Special Missions Battalion, where she served for five years as a Sniper. During a mission in Afghanistan, while assisting American Troops in a Firefight, a case of friendly fire took place, where she accidently killed a Delta-Force Sergeant when her shot was redirected by the wind, which had a sudden change in direction. This incident would result in her discharge from the South Korean Military and it was quickly followed by a Court-Martial on behalf of US Military Leaders. Although the death was ruled an accident due to there being no way of telling that the wind would change direction, Jin-Hyun's honorable services to her country would become overshadowed by her supposed murder of an Allied Nation's Soldier.

    After the abrupt end of her Military Career, Jin-Hyun was disowned by her Father and Mother. She would seek solace with her boyfriend and get married, not wanting to be reminded of her sins on the battlefield. Unfortunately, her sins would catch up to her. Her Marriage was not to last, as her Husband of two years would be killed, murdered in cold blood right before her eyes, by two vengeful Delta Force Operatives in retaliation to what happened to their squad leader. However, they were court-martialed and dishonorably discharged as a result of what happened. Her Sins would come to light once more and she ended up in Gitmo, otherwise known as Guantanamo Bay, a Prison for Terrorists. After spending a year in that hell hole, she was taken in by Division, where she received special training and now she is one of their best, becoming one of the most respected Field Agents in the Organization.

    Time In Division| Five Year Veteran Agent

    Specialty| Rifles and Handguns

    Rank in Division| Field Agent

    Strengths| Negotiating, Flexible, Strong, Fast, Stealthy, Understanding, Compassion

    Weaknesses| Children, Pregnant Women, Military Operatives, Hostages, Trust Issues, Couples, Elderly
  8. Accepted!​
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  9. Can I have my character a former agent that deserted the Division and is now a fugitive by them?
  10. Sure, a rouge agent would be the Rank for the CS btw!
  11. [​IMG]
    Name| Isa Wilcox
    Age| 24
    Appearance| Isa is tall, and slender. She has thick chin length black hair and brown eyes. She has a long dragon tattoo down her back.
    Personality| Isa is a strong and dominating person. She is stubborn, and it takes sometime to convince her to do the opposite of what she wants. She is also emotional, due to her leaving her old life to become an agent. She is also stressed easily, but doesn't give up.
    Biography| Isa was a well liked person in her early years, and earned a black belt in karate. As she grew older, her friends pressured her to do drugs such as cocaine and heroin. She lost her collage application and was kicked out of her home from her parents. She became a dealer, smuggling drugs across the state for a few years. However, Isa wasn't happy of how her life changed, and wanted to go back to the things were. She decided to expose her co-workers. She fought her co-workers, and was able to expose them, but she was sentenced to prison for 6 years for being apart of the drug dealers for a while. While serving her sentence, members of the division heard of her actions were admired by the Division, and offered her a place in the ranks, but Isa at first refused, wanting to serve her sentence and rebuild her life, but soon accepted if it means she gets out of prison right away. For 2 years, Isa was a field agent, and nevered killed anyone in missions. She grew sick of being an agent, still wanting to rebuild her old life, and attempted to leave the Division several times, but she failed to. She became extremely desparate, and she finally left. Isa snagged several weapons and fought her way out of the Division, killing 6 agents. This continues to haunt her, as she goes by the name of "Pheobe Jones" as she now is trying move on from her past.
    Time In Division| 2 years
    Specialty| Hand to hand combat,
    Rank in Division| Former Field agent, now discharged
    Strengths| Strong attitude, Athletic
    Weaknesses| Emotional, sensitive, suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder (from murdering her fellow agents during her escape.)
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  12. Accepted!​
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