NightWing needed!

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Do you wanna play a Canon character?

  1. Fuck Yeah I do! I love Canon Characters!

  2. Why else would I be here?

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  1. GReetings! So I am currently a participant in a Teen Titans Roleplay, in which NightWing has started a new team of Titans. Now the creator of this is playing the Villain and a mentor of the group, so to alleviate the stress we'd like to find someone else to play our NightWing character. Pretty basic, just be Dick Grayson. People who want to be villains as well should consider messaging @GreyWarden207, we need Canon characters. So if anyone is interested please do not hesitate to click on this link!
  2. Spot filled?

    I do play one mean Grayson, even if Drake and Todd are my preferences.
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