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  1. Choose your element (Fire, Water, Wind, Earth).
    The year is 2259.


    The year 1918, human scientists discovered the possibilities of mastering the art of explosive technology... In 1945, they tested their work and discovered that their research over the past thirty years has payed off, they invented the Atom Bomb... The events that took place in a remote area of New Mexico during the predawn hours of July 16, 1945 forever changed the world. In the early morning darkness the incredible destructive powers of the atom were first unleashed and what had been merely theoretical became reality. The test was the culmination of three years planning and development within the super secret Manhattan Project headed by General Leslie R. Groves. Dr. J. Robert Oppenheimer directed the scientific team headquartered at Los Alamos, New Mexico. An isolated corner of the Alamogordo Bombing and Gunnery Range located 230 miles south of Los Alamos was selected for the test that was given the code-name "Trinity."

    Even before the bomb was tested, a second bomb was secretly dispatched to the Pacific for an attack on the Japanese city of Hiroshima... Once they discovered they have this kind of knowledge at their fingertips, it didn't stop there...

    Over the past hundred years, human scientists and mechanics have been working together to form a much more destructive force, the Blink Bomb.

    The Blink Bomb's theories and tests began in the year 2020. The locations of where these tests took place have been unknown, but many have tried learning the location, if not locations of the test labs. Many have tried, all have failed... The main theory and hope for the Blink Bomb was to invent a massive bomb that could be transported through space and time, on to the desired designated location, to have its heavy destructive power destroy anything within a 5,000-mile radius. Their first attempt at putting together this massive destructive bomb, ended in horrible failure... In 2025, the first official test Blink Bomb went off in the testing lab itself, wiping out all advance technology that was within the lab that was being used to create the bomb. When the bomb was accidentally set off, all the blueprints of the bomb's creation went with its "test." Or, so it was believed... in the year 2049, Russian reports claimed they witnessed a large flash near the gulf of Alaska, and no later then one hour after these said reports, the entire Russian continent was wiped out, without any signs of life within a 10k mile radius. Questions were flowing within the government of course, when those smart enough to put two and two together, questioned why an explosion that occurred in 2025, just so happened again in 2049. Solid proof was never provided, only suspicious thoughts and claims, as well as simple political rats pointing fingers... In 2052, the scientist behind the development of the Blink Bomb, stepped forward to the public, announcing what went on from his point of view, when the bomb had hit Russia. "The scene inside the shelter was dramatic beyond words. In and around the shelter were some twenty-odd people concerned with last minute arrangements prior to firing the shot. Included were: Dr. Uzumano, the Director who had borne the great scientific burden of drawing the prints to the weapon from the raw materials made in Tennessee and Washington and a dozen of his key assistants - Dr. Rian Jul, who developed the highly special, and massive explosives; Dr. Burena, who supervised all the detailed arrangements for the test; Dr. Oliver, the weather expert, and several others. Besides these, there were a handful of soldiers, two or three Army officers and one Naval officer. The shelter was cluttered with a great variety of instruments and radios. When we were radioed that the bomb would be making impact in the assigned countdown, when the man finally reached zero, the flash nearly blinded me... my ears literally imploded and I could not find myself able to hear anything, and my sight had gone daft for more then nine years."

    In the year 2059, Scientist Dr. Shuyamatzu, of the Japanese research and development department of the Japanese Government took over the continued research of the Blink Bomb, after the previous chief passed of age. Due to Shuyamatzu's massive experience in the fields of explosives and technology, the Blink Bomb's physical form was finished and ready for live testing once again in the year 2064. Dr Shuyamatzu issued the release of several bombs into unmarked territory, free of any life or civilization. However, when the bombs were set and ready for launch, something in the scripting of the firing technology was rewritten by an unknown source, and the bombs all landed into the most populated locations, such as America, Japan, Canada, Egypt, and many other massive regions. The explosions wiped out almost all life within their explosive range. Anything that survived, were left to die in a world without food producible land. This event was titled, "Black Flash Day", or BFD.

    In the year 2071, many survivors of the bombings began to gather, forming large clans, tribes, and factions. Many of the larger factions were enemies, fighting for territory, and large land marks that still stood even after the massive destruction. One of the larger factions of today, is the Nightstalkers Faction. This faction is put together by thousands of survivors who discovered that they hold the capability to control the basic elements of Fire, Water, Wind, and Earth. After many years of studying, they began to discover more things they could control, and do with the mastering of certain elements. Such as, when one holds the power to control Fire and Earth, they are capable of making Lava. These humans who learn how to control these elements, are called Alchemists. For the longest period of time, the Nightstalkers were one of the largest and most organized within the world. However, many within this faction turned rogue, and they began building their own factions. Many of the more powerful rogues, became known later as the Chieftains of the New World. Seven great warriors that each mastered a certain element, or two elements. These chieftains together unleashed a massive darkness onto the world, a massive darkness that consumed the entire Northern part of the world. This darkness was put together of many other-world creatures, that are simply titled "daemons." Eventually, a more powerful form of darkness came into being, this creatures dubbed name is "Azoroth." Azoroth was obviously intelligent enough to form yet another faction, known as the Night-Kin. The chieftains armies and men, were the first to give into the Night-Kin, and many from the Nightstalkers have submitted. To this day, a never ending war between Nightstalkers and The Night-Kin - Good, and Evil - Light, and Dark - has torn apart many cities, or what's left of any cities, and have turned much light, into a blood-soaked darkness. . .



    ~You are born with one Element.
    ~You must find 3 scrolls to learn extra Elements. (Not one scroll for each, 3 scrolls learns one element.)
    ~Foul language is allowed, just do not overuse it. Do not report for foul language on this thread. If you do not like foul language, do not join this thread.
    ~Do not kill another users character without their permission.
    ~No God-modding/Power-playing.

    NightStalkers: Group of Survivalists.
    The Malice Army: Chieftain's Army.
    Rogues: Survivalists not in a clan/group.
    Caravans: Group of traveling merchants.

    Human: Do I really have to explain?
    Cyborgs: An organism that has enhanced abilities due to technology.
    Brutes: 1. a nonhuman creature; beast. 2. a brutal, insensitive, or crude person.

    *Note: I may add other Sub-Species and factions later.

    The city:
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  2. Todd walked down the sidewalk, enjoying the last moments of the cool night air as the sun rose toward the horizon. He heard a crash around the corner. It was at the old library. Nearing the building, he saw that the door had been busted in. Looking through the hole that used to be a door, Todd could see nothing. Curiosity got the est of him and he entered. He could hear more crashes and sounds of distress deeper into the building. Following the sounds, Todd found a Chieftain Army patrol attacking a young woman. She was throwing out attacks and from the accuracy of the attacks, Todd could tell that she had never practiced fighting with the elements before. Todd stepped in to help. As he entered the room, a large crystal emerged from the floor, pinning him against the wall. Todd unsheathed his sword and slammed the hilt with enough force to break the crystal and free him. He began launching fire at the Soldiers, catching them off guard. They quickly began fighting back. Realizing that there were too many to fight, Todd made his way through the patrol towards the girl, slashing a couple on the way. "We need to get out of here!" Todd exclaimed. She refused, still throwing out attacks at the soldiers. Todd picked her up and carried her out, holding her over his shoulder while she fought to get down and continued throwing attacks at the patrol. Once they were outside, Todd made his way toward the forest. He knew they would be chased and wanted to make sure they lost the patrol. When they were deep enough in the forest to lose the patrol, Todd let the girl down.
  3. Reis was tending to the greenhouse when it happened: a big crash above her, glasses everywhere and men getting their weapons out. She just stood there, trying to understand what they were up to, knowing it wouldn't be anything good. "What do you want from this place? Nothing remains of its former glory." she asked apathetic "This is no place for violence" she added in the same tone, standing up. The men didn't care about her warnings and started destroying everything, maybe in search of some scrolls or other valuables. She stood up, remembering her late father's words 'Everyone can browse around here as long as knowledge is safe'. Knowledge wasn't safe.

    She started to use her arts to protect the books and the greenhouse. Single elements and combined ones roamed free in the air at her command. Still, she wasn't used to use them as weapon and her attaks lacked drive and precision. They were a lot, she was one and a new man got amid the others, one more enemy? The white haired girl then decided to resort to her secret art: Crystal. She got a big, clear crystal emerge from the floor, pinning the new potential threat to the wall. "We need to get out of here!" shouted the new man breaking free and killing some others. "Never" she said with a strange, blue glow in the eyes, freezing an enemy and shocking another.

    Blood. Screams. Shouts. Everything got to her head making her snap "Stay out of it stranger! I'll manage!" she said in a cold and cruel voice. The man, though, ignored pretty much every single word she said and picked her up. "Let me go. I have to protect it!" she shouted fighting. Her strength, though, was no more (and maybe, never was) a threat for the strange man who got away from the place with ease and ran into the forest.

    By the time the man let her go her eyes had already subdued and she returned to be her apathetic self. It wasn't that she was apathetic, she just didn't know how to interact with people. As soon as her feet touched the floor, Reis turned around and started walking back to the library. 'I have to get it back' she thought ignoring the man.
  4. Todd watched the girl as she turned and began walking through the forest, back toward the library. There was a thick layer of trees all around. He knew she would want to go back. Todd didn't know what had compelled him to help this girl. He began following her as she walked toward the library. She was graceful in her walk, weaving in and out of the lush, green foliage. Her white hair and blue outfit stood out in the green and brown colors of nature all around. Todd didn't know why, but he knew that he wanted to do whatever he could to help her. He grabbed the girls' arm. "Wait." He said, turning her around to face him. "Let them clear out, then we can return and get anything you need." He stared into her eyes, hoping she would trust him. He had no intentions of hurting her, but in this new world, there was no way she could know that. Everyone was a potential enemy now. "I want to help you." He told her, letting go of her arm. "I will go back with you, but let's just wait here so we don't walk back into an attack. For now, let's introduce ourselves." He said, smiling. "I am Todd."
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  5. Who was this man? First, he came out of nowhere just to take her away from the home she was trying to protect; now he was trying to make her buy his story of wanting to help her. She grew pretty much isolated from everything and everyone but she had books: the lost society's knowledge, and she learned from them: she wouldn't reveal her name to someone who broke her crystals so easily and abducted her for no apparent reason.

    He grabbed her arm. Again. She looked at him with empty eyes as he spoke those naive words 'Does he really think there would be something to return to once they clear out?' He seemed he wanted to help her: how? The only thing he did was bringing her in an unknown forest. Alone. Without a map or food. Forcing her to leave her home. He left her arm and proposed to go back with her. He didn't want to 'walk into an attack', he should have known better than her that an attack could strike from anywhere, anytime. She just wanted to go back, the sooner the better.

    Reis waited for him to finish his talk. Learning his name was 'Todd', a pretty basic name in the lost society. She then turned around and continued to walk back the faster she could. If she hurried, maybe, the books and scrolls (the few that her father managed to save from the first raid) could be saved to some extent. And the greenhouse...? She had to save it, the food was less than little and that was the only way she could live. And then... that house was her parents last memento. They sacrificed everything for that 'house' and she couldn't lose it to some bandits. She closed the hand and tightened her grip, feeling the nails in her palm 'I'll save what I'll be able to Cost what it may.'.