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  1. Choose your element (Fire, Water, Wind, Earth).
    The year is 2259.


    The year 1918, human scientists discovered the possibilities of mastering the art of explosive technology... In 1945, they tested their work and discovered that their research over the past thirty years has payed off, they invented the Atom Bomb... The events that took place in a remote area of New Mexico during the predawn hours of July 16, 1945 forever changed the world. In the early morning darkness the incredible destructive powers of the atom were first unleashed and what had been merely theoretical became reality. The test was the culmination of three years planning and development within the super secret Manhattan Project headed by General Leslie R. Groves. Dr. J. Robert Oppenheimer directed the scientific team headquartered at Los Alamos, New Mexico. An isolated corner of the Alamogordo Bombing and Gunnery Range located 230 miles south of Los Alamos was selected for the test that was given the code-name "Trinity."

    Even before the bomb was tested, a second bomb was secretly dispatched to the Pacific for an attack on the Japanese city of Hiroshima... Once they discovered they have this kind of knowledge at their fingertips, it didn't stop there...

    Over the past hundred years, human scientists and mechanics have been working together to form a much more destructive force, the Blink Bomb.

    The Blink Bomb's theories and tests began in the year 2020. The locations of where these tests took place have been unknown, but many have tried learning the location, if not locations of the test labs. Many have tried, all have failed... The main theory and hope for the Blink Bomb was to invent a massive bomb that could be transported through space and time, on to the desired designated location, to have its heavy destructive power destroy anything within a 5,000-mile radius. Their first attempt at putting together this massive destructive bomb, ended in horrible failure... In 2025, the first official test Blink Bomb went off in the testing lab itself, wiping out all advance technology that was within the lab that was being used to create the bomb. When the bomb was accidentally set off, all the blueprints of the bomb's creation went with its "test." Or, so it was believed... in the year 2049, Russian reports claimed they witnessed a large flash near the gulf of Alaska, and no later then one hour after these said reports, the entire Russian continent was wiped out, without any signs of life within a 10k mile radius. Questions were flowing within the government of course, when those smart enough to put two and two together, questioned why an explosion that occurred in 2025, just so happened again in 2049. Solid proof was never provided, only suspicious thoughts and claims, as well as simple political rats pointing fingers... In 2052, the scientist behind the development of the Blink Bomb, stepped forward to the public, announcing what went on from his point of view, when the bomb had hit Russia. "The scene inside the shelter was dramatic beyond words. In and around the shelter were some twenty-odd people concerned with last minute arrangements prior to firing the shot. Included were: Dr. Uzumano, the Director who had borne the great scientific burden of drawing the prints to the weapon from the raw materials made in Tennessee and Washington and a dozen of his key assistants - Dr. Rian Jul, who developed the highly special, and massive explosives; Dr. Burena, who supervised all the detailed arrangements for the test; Dr. Oliver, the weather expert, and several others. Besides these, there were a handful of soldiers, two or three Army officers and one Naval officer. The shelter was cluttered with a great variety of instruments and radios. When we were radioed that the bomb would be making impact in the assigned countdown, when the man finally reached zero, the flash nearly blinded me... my ears literally imploded and I could not find myself able to hear anything, and my sight had gone daft for more then nine years."

    In the year 2059, Scientist Dr. Shuyamatzu, of the Japanese research and development department of the Japanese Government took over the continued research of the Blink Bomb, after the previous chief passed of age. Due to Shuyamatzu's massive experience in the fields of explosives and technology, the Blink Bomb's physical form was finished and ready for live testing once again in the year 2064. Dr Shuyamatzu issued the release of several bombs into unmarked territory, free of any life or civilization. However, when the bombs were set and ready for launch, something in the scripting of the firing technology was rewritten by an unknown source, and the bombs all landed into the most populated locations, such as America, Japan, Canada, Egypt, and many other massive regions. The explosions wiped out almost all life within their explosive range. Anything that survived, were left to die in a world without food producible land. This event was titled, "Black Flash Day", or BFD.

    In the year 2071, many survivors of the bombings began to gather, forming large clans, tribes, and factions. Many of the larger factions were enemies, fighting for territory, and large land marks that still stood even after the massive destruction. One of the larger factions of today, is the Nightstalkers Faction. This faction is put together by thousands of survivors who discovered that they hold the capability to control the basic elements of Fire, Water, Wind, and Earth. After many years of studying, they began to discover more things they could control, and do with the mastering of certain elements. Such as, when one holds the power to control Fire and Earth, they are capable of making Lava. These humans who learn how to control these elements, are called Alchemists. For the longest period of time, the Nightstalkers were one of the largest and most organized within the world. However, many within this faction turned rogue, and they began building their own factions. Many of the more powerful rogues, became known later as the Chieftains of the New World. Seven great warriors that each mastered a certain element, or two elements. These chieftains together unleashed a massive darkness onto the world, a massive darkness that consumed the entire Northern part of the world. This darkness was put together of many other-world creatures, that are simply titled "daemons." Eventually, a more powerful form of darkness came into being, this creatures dubbed name is "Azoroth." Azoroth was obviously intelligent enough to form yet another faction, known as the Night-Kin. The chieftains armies and men, were the first to give into the Night-Kin, and many from the Nightstalkers have submitted. To this day, a never ending war between Nightstalkers and The Night-Kin - Good, and Evil - Light, and Dark - has torn apart many cities, or what's left of any cities, and have turned much light, into a blood-soaked darkness. . .



    ~You are born with one Element.
    ~You must find 3 scrolls to learn extra Elements. (Not one scroll for each, 3 scrolls learns one element.)
    ~Foul language is allowed, just do not overuse it. Do not report for foul language on this thread. If you do not like foul language, do not join this thread.
    ~Do not kill another users character without their permission.
    ~No God-modding/Power-playing.

    NightStalkers: Group of Survivalists.
    The Malice Army: Chieftain's Army.
    Rogues: Survivalists not in a clan/group.
    Caravans: Group of traveling merchants.

    Human: Do I really have to explain?
    Cyborgs: An organism that has enhanced abilities due to technology.
    Brutes: 1. a nonhuman creature; beast. 2. a brutal, insensitive, or crude person.

    *Note: I may add other Sub-Species and factions later.

    The city:
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    Theme song:
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  2. Name: Todd McKenzie
    RolePlayed by: Todd McKenzie
    Age: 24
    Species: Human
    Faction: Nightstalkers
    Elements: Fire - Earth
    Appearance: Todd stands at 5'10" and weighs 195 pounds. He is of a light build, thin and slender. He has long, straight black hair and dark red eyes. His skin has a light tan color.
    History/Personality: Todd remembers his past very vividly, but tries to forget about it. He very rarely opens up to anyone, and if he does, he shares very little of his past. He has a secret that he tries to hide. Few people have learned his secret, but of those, none have lived to tell the tale. Todd has lost countless friends and loved ones and knows no family. He holds many traditional Scottish values. Todd is very isolated from the world, often in his own world in his head. He keeps to himself and expects others to do the same, as he can be aggressive if someone does not respect his personal space. On the flip side, Todd can be a very nice individual when people comply to his simple wishes.
    Weapons: Todd does not carry any weapons, he simply uses his speed, strength, and smarts to take out his enemies, often using their weapons against them.
    Other: None
    Theme song:
  3. [​IMG]

    " What is fear but a means of making yourself stronger? "

    Name: Anubis Vladimir Redek

    RolePlayed By: Vlad

    Age: 33
    [Has a slow aging process, but as long as he continues to kill, he remains around the age of 40 by feeding off of the life force of those he kills]

    Species: 50% human , 50% Night-kin

    Faction: Rogue

    Elements: Wind , Earth


    Appearance (open)


    History: During the beginning portions of his early life [ages 5 - 15], Anubis was nothing more than a basic boy, whom thought himself nothing more than just so. His father was a brilliant man who served many years in service to the military, and had taken up teaching soldiers in the art of sword-play to further advance their capabilities in melee combat. Alas, Anubis' father had fallen pray to the unexpected happenings of the BFD, and was killed during it. However, Anubis and his grandfather had survived the remote explosions unexpectedly, and after several years of collecting themselves and slowly digging their way to a surface worth living, they started a life.

    Through the years of his mid-life [ages 16 - 25], Anubis and his grandfather had spent this time building a small town where other survivors of the bombings could come and make a new home for themselves. The only rule was that you built your own home. Other people were welcome to volunteer to aid others, but no one was allowed to demand, or even ask for help, only to accept help when offered. This system had aided to build the community out of stern, hard-working and generous people, and it worked for several years. Many years passed, and they had built themselves their own community out of this system and as such, began the road to recovery from the bombings.

    Shortly after his mid-life [ages 26 - 30], everything seemed to be at peace in the town that Anubis and his grandfather had built. And during the many years that they had spent there, Anubis's grandfather had taken to explaining his family's history, and that he was apart of a family of master swordsmen. As such, Anubis pleaded his grandfather to teach him what he knew, and as such, Anubis began years of training in the battle art of the sword.
    Everything had been going as hoped, better in many cases. But, not all things are meant to be perfect forever.. When Anubis was 34, the village he had helped build was overwhelmed by a sudden ambush of Night-kin. Numbering close to the thousands, the night-kin burned, destroyed, tainted and slaughtered anything and everyone they came into contact with. The grass that had been grown back had been tainted, the buildings that had been labored to build over the years were burnt, and the community of folk who had either helped build the town or were born and raised there were all falling victim to the chaotic onslaught of the night-kin...

    Anubis and his grandfather with all their might and capabilities in the art of swordplay had taken down as many of the night-kin as they could possibly handle. Along side them were at least several dozen villagers of the town, helping with what little ability they had to do so. Alas, the swarm of tainted creatures was far too much to handle for them all, and before much else could be done, they were all cut down. Anubis witnessed his grandfather slaughtered before he himself was cut down to the dirt. While choking up his own blood in the dirt, the taint of the night-kin seeping into his blood stream and corrupting him.. Shortly after, a sudden flow of ominous energy and a corrupt aura of dark energies began to surround his person and give him the ability of vast regeneration when near death. Upon rising from the ground that was still soaked with his blood and the blood of his fellow kin, Anubis had taken reach for his blade, picking it up from the ground, and as the slow decent of his blade raised to his side, the blade would erupt with a corrupted aura, the energies forming around his blade, and after several moments of transformation, his once a basic katana had morphed into a massive halberd-like weapon, the blade made of a vibrant crimson red steel, a black chain attached to the end of the hilt that was radiating an ash-like effect, signifying it held some sort of unique power.
    Anubis' eyes had taken a vibrant red contrast in color. He stood, wielding the large over-sized weapon with a single hand as he swung it wildly about against all of the Night-kin. His speed and strength had noticeably enhanced since he had risen from being cut down, and by the nights end, the town he once lived his life in was consumed with the tainted red flames of both human and Night-kin blood.

    After the tragic night of his town's slaughter, Anubis had carried out his life as a mixture of different species. He was not human, nor was he anything else. His blood was red, yet was tainted by the Night-kin's own blood. As well he was now more advanced than the average human and Night-kin, as he had the radiating power of what seemed death itself, of which the power was stored within him and his sword. The more lives Anubis would 'reap' with his sword, the stronger his power became. This being the case, because his power fed off of the life force of those he kills.

    Anubis now wanders the wastes of the new world, his aim unmarked and the lacking of a destination, he serves primarily as a 'Guardian' of the Nightstalker faction, though he refuses to announce himself as a Nightstalker outright. "I work with, not for..." as he justifies..

    Weapons / Abilities: Anubis carries that of a basic Katana. Its blade chipped and rusted, showing age and use in many different battles. Despite it's fragile and delicate appearance, the blade withstands most attacks and counters, and takes ease in slicing through the common body, and with but a fraction of expected effort, through the bodies of even brutes.

    When willed upon, Anubis can call forth the tainted power within himself and his sword, in which can transform his blade into two different stages:

    -The first stage to Anubis' release is called 'Kōhai' [荒廃 - 'Devastation']. While in this particular release, Anubis is given the power of regeneration, of which he can regrow limbs or seal wounds quickly, generally doing so over night [occasionally several nights, depending upon the severity of the wound]. Also of which he is granted a boost in his physical capabilities such as his overall strength, speed, as well his natural reflexes. Anubis can activate this stage at will, and is his more commonly used stage when in the heat of battle.
    [Look at the first image under appearance to get a glimpse of his blade's look after transformation]

    -The second and so far considered final stage of Anubis' release is called 'Kami Hasōn' [神破損 - 'Corrupted God']. While in this particular release, Anubis is granted the power equivalent to assuming that of a Chieftain, of which his nervous system is entirely muted, resulting in the shut off of feeling the pain that he encounters when struck. As well his strength and speed are increased significantly. Despite all of the grand enhancements given to him through this release, he is also risking his own life by using it, as the longer he is in use of this stage, the more of his life span is drained in order to fuel the power he uses while in this stage, meaning while in use, his aging speed accelerates significantly, making it so Anubis must restrict the amount of time in using this release.
    [Look at the second image under appearance to get a glimpse of his blade's look after transformation]​
  4. Name: Talia Trevelien
    RolePlayed by: LeVen
    Age: 20
    Species: Human
    Faction: Nightstalkers
    Elements: Fire-Wind
    Appearance: Here
    History: She remembers the past vaguely, but never talks about what she remembers. She's pushed the past behind her, looking at the here and now. What she has forgotten, she made sure that she would.
    Talia is a kind soul, and sometimes too trusting. She thinks before she acts, but sometimes her anger gets ahead of her which causes many mistakes in her life. She doesn't trust easily, having been burned
    many times as a child and by family members. Ever suspicious, she just wants to survive.
    Weapons: Guns, knives.
    Theme song:
  5. Approved. We will start the roleplay when we get a few more people. Just keep an eye on the thread.
  6. Name: Arabella DiTore.

    RolePlayed by: RaeChan.

    Age: Nineteen.

    Species: Human.

    Faction: Rogue.

    Elements: Water - Wind.

    Appearance: Arabella is a small female, only standing at 5'2" and a whopping 90lbs. Her thick, charcoal coloured hair reaches her waist and makes her eyes standout more than they already do. Arabella's right eye being a pale blue colour, but the right being a red due to an injury she had when she was younger. She's slender and is pale as snow. She keeps a set of dogtags around her neck on a small silver chain.

    History/Personality: Arabella isn't much of a talker, at least when you first meet her. More introverted than most, she keeps to herself and would rather keep it that way. Her past is one she forces herself to forget; as it is one she'd prefer not to relinquish on - following her motto of, "Don't bask in the past, step ahead to the future." Hotheaded, violent, and sarcastic as she may seem; she's rather a sweet girl who would give a helping hand to anyone.

    Weapons: A katana she keeps strapped to her back at all times.

    Other: Nada.

    Theme song:
  7. Accepted. ^-^ I think We can start now
  8. Name: Chelsea Koning
    Roleplayed by: OddShot
    Age: 21
    Species: Cyborg/Human
    Faction: Caravan
    Elements: Water (She’s looking for an additional earth scroll)

    Appearance: Chelsea is a bit too skinny, a result of malnourishment, and stands around five foot seven. Her synthetic, long blonde hair is pulled back into a sloppy ponytail. She has fake eyes that were made by a mechanic who took her under his wing. Red rims her field of vision when specific motions are detected. They also allow her to zoom in on things far away.

    History: Before 2064, Chelsea was a carefree teenager who cared more about the latest installment of her favorite video game than blink technology. When the bomb hit, she was visiting her grandparents in the Netherlands. As soon as the news spread, she realized her family back in the states perished. Radiation poisoning impacted the survivors in her area. After all, Germany was one of the bombing locations. Around fourteen, her eyesight was deteriorating; she was losing hair, and felt fatigued. Neither of her grandparents lived for more than four years after the catastrophe, leaving her stranded in a sparse sea of people that had more important things to worry about than an eighteen-year-old. Taking residence in the basement of her grandfather’s old fishery, she began tinkering with his equipment. Her interest in robotics and engineering finally paid off. By 2071, she travelled to the states with a caravan group as a mechanic.

    Weapons: Working around merchants has its perks. She carries around spray cans that release specific pheromones to repel animals. A rifle is strapped to her back, ready for use. Knives are hidden in her clothing.
  9. Approved. I'll start once I can get Anubis ready. He just got Dragon Age Inquisition and is addicted
  10. Who's ready to start?
  11. As we previously discussed, I'll jump in when the plot has developed for a little bit. Seeing as my character is a rogue, it'll have to be spontaneous, more or less. Unless someone/they seek him out specifically by name/title (which wouldn't be too difficult, seeing as he is recognized moderately as a relatively reliable "Mercenary").
  12. Until our purpose is the same, my skills are yours, sir.
    Name: Reis Whityer
    Roleplayed by: Nay’ar
    Age: 18
    Species: Human
    Faction: None (at the moment)
    Elements: Wind, Fire, Earth, Water

    Reis was born and raised in a library, or better, the safety vault of a bank that was readapted to a library. When her mother found the pregnancy, her parents wanted to assure the newborn a future and decided to build a greenhouse and gather knowledge. On their journey they found a vault that would have been perfect to save their child from radiations and settled there. Her father gathered the biggest collection of scrolls and used his new achieved abilities to tend to the greenhouse: Earth to move it and help roots; Fire to keep a (sort of) constant temperature; Wind to bring them oxygen and carbon dioxide; Water, to feed them.

    Once Reis was born (her mother dying on the while), her father passed on to her everything he knew and teached her how to tend to the greenhouse which could feed and preserve her without needing a weapon or an outer help. When she was 7, some months after his last teachings, her father died. She was in the greenhouse, tending to the plants when some rogues stormed in to take books and scrolls, killing her father who tried to protect it. She was left alone, with just one book.

    Reis was alone for 10 years after that. No one ever came to her house and she was able to live a quiet life. She started experimenting her magic, founding out how some combinations could bring out amazing results and just recently, she found out how to cast Crystal magic. She was just sort of playing when it happened: a lightening hit some earth she was tending to, causing it to crystallize. She bacame very skilled with magic. Still, she never used a weapon and she doesn't really need one.

    She hardly even spoke for 10 years so she's used not being noticed. She's loyal and caring. Very ankward toward other people, she doesn't know how to interact with them. However, she's very skilled in magic and growing crops. She can use her magic for multiple purposes but tends to avoid conflict. However, when cornered, she recalls her father's death and her personality changes completely, becoming cold, cruel and ruthless. She's not easily cornered though.

    Weapons: None. Never.

    She's completely and utterly unable to use any sort of weapon. She always carries her last book as a memento, never letting anyone dare to touch it. When she's using strong magic her eyes glows blue.

    Theme song:

  13. Approved! I will start the roleplay now. I will post a new thread and send a pm to anyone who has joined. ^^
  14. Oh, I'd love to start, but it has been a while since I've looked at my character. This past week has been time-consuming. It's not often I spend the holidays with family. I need get back into my RP mindset.
  15. Not a problem dear. When I start, I will link you, but feel free to take your time before replying
  16. imagesXYVPSZNR.jpg
    Name: Rosalin Lacombe

    RolePlayed by: RareSecret

    Age: 21

    Species: Human

    Faction: NightStalkers

    Elements: Fire (Looking for Wind Scrolls)

    History: Rosalin was traveling with her father to where ever. They didn't have a destination in mind. They were just moving, going with the flow. Rogues. During that time, she learned a lot about how to survive. One thing she kept to hear was the phrase "Don't trust anyone until they give you a reason to," so whoever she meets she will always be skeptical of them.

    Later in life, when she was about 17, her father was killed after she went out hunting. Who ever killed her father took all the supplies leaving her with almost nothing. All she had were the things she carried on her person at the time, which was a hunting rifle and the pistol she always had. She knew she couldn't stay there, just in case the killer came back, so she continued on her travels.

    She continued walking with no destination in mind until she came across the Caravans. She sold her rifle to them in exchange for food and luckily, they told her about the Nightstalkers. She was really suspicious of them at first, but considering the food wasn't poisoned she decided to follow their directions on how to join.

    She joined the Nightstalkers at age 17 and is currently still in the group without a problem, even though it took her a while to open up at first and not place her hand on her pistol whenever someone would walk by.

    Weapons: A pistol kept hidden underneath her skirt.​
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  17. Approved
  18. Name: Bandersnatch
    Roleplayed by: Dahrinn
    Age: Around 40
    Species: Brute
    Faction: Rouge
    Elements: Wind
    download (2).jpg
    History: He always lived to hunt any prey, but some sentience still shows through... something is strange about the way he acts, the look in his eyes... He would often stare into his own reflection in water for hours at a time, almost like trying to figure something out that he can't comprehend...
    Weapons: Massive claws, Strong jaws, and great strength make up for his low intelligence.
    Other: Dangerous, but not entirely hostile, could possibly be tamed.
    Theme song:

    I decided to base him off of the Cleric Beast from Bloodborne, the video is his theme song and some gameplay footage as well, it basically shows how he moves and fights, as well as a better look at him.