Nightshift - vampire/shifter gothic horror RP



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Nestled against the fog-laced coast and surrounded by forested mountains, Santa Cruz is a quirky college town and a summertime haven for surfers and tourists. But the locals know what the tourists and the transitory student population doesn't -- that the city is a wellspring of weirdness. Numerous cryptid sightings and hauntings have been reported in Santa Cruz, the city attracts occult practitioners by droves, and the number of unsolved missing persons cases seems to rise every year.

What even most of the locals don't know is that Santa Cruz occupies one of those rare places where the barrier between this world and the next wears thin, and all sorts of things creep in from the other side. That level of paranormal activity draws the attention of other creatures too, and vampires stalk the foggy streets at night, blending in amongst their prey. Werewolf communes occupy the densely forested mountains that surround the city, and wily wererats trade favors and information on the wharf.

Downtown, the locals sell t-shirts that say
Keep Santa Cruz Weird.
They have no idea.


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