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  1. Name: SkyReacher
    Nickname(s): Sky , Reach

    Age: 314 years old (but looks like 16 that's to mystical magic)
    Orientation: gay (uke)
    Race: mage
    Personality: serious and strict (a lot of people don't like him) but when he's not working he's really just a shy guy
    Hobbies: painting/drawing (but its a secret)
    Likes: beautiful things, the look of magic, getting stronger and seeing people to succeed
    Dislikes: annoying people , people who don't work their hardest
    Job: private magic teacher for the royal family
    Parents?: he was raised by a village of mages and never had any direct parents

    skyreacher.jpg skyreacher casual.png
  2. image.jpg
    Name: Jaxxon Reign
    Nicknames: Jaxx, Ray,
    Age: 16
    Orientation: gay (seme)
    Personality: flirtatious, gets work done but likes to have fun at the same time.
    Likes: improving his skills
    Dislikes: failing his teachers and battles.

    [sorry i can't think of much for his character sheet ^^""]
  3. (don't worry about it~)
    some where out in the middle of the forest, an agreed upon meeting spot for todays lesson.....

    SkyReacher frowned tapping his foot with a sour expression on his face ''ahh geese this little brat is late again!!" he hair flowed and his anger grew with every passing second. "damn little royal brat never takes any of these lessons seriously!!" he started to get a swirling red mana forming around him and his fists we're clenched. "I'll teach him a REAL lesson when he gets here!!!"
  4. Jaxxon stalked behind SkyReacher, his teacher. He saw he was getting mad. 'Ha! If he knew i was here already..' He thought. Jax walked up behind Sky silently and put his arms around him, nuzzling his face in his neck chuckling. "I've been standing behind u for the past five minutes. Guess i do learn some things in this class after all. By the way.. U called me a brat .. Do u know how much that hurt?" He said in mock sadness.
  5. Sky jumped and his eyes widened turning with a sharp glared 'you!! what the hell are you doing??? you were just sitting here wasting valuable time!? " he shook his head "I have half a mind to clock you upside the head an leave you half way down the Miranji river!!" he sighed frustrated "anyway have you master the spell I taught you last time yet?? to be able to cast multiple mage lights?" he tilted his head one hand unconsciously on his hip
  6. Jaxx let go of the teacher and backed up. " yup sure did!" He concentrated for a second, demonstrating the skilled he worked on last time they met.
    "See!" He said and stuck his tongue out.
  7. SkyReacher sighed "there only 4 of them that's barely work the bat of an eye" he sighed "this is how its suppose to be done!" he let a small breath out and eh was surrounded by small lighted before the all spread out at once glimmering all across the area
  8. "Well your a teacher, uv done this for probably like 900 years" -.- he argued. "Can we take a break? I'm tired" he said dramatically
  9. Sky clenched his fist 'i'm only 314 years old!!" he sighed frustrated 'no we can't take a break we've barely even started!!!!" he started to have a aura of mana again
  10. "Fine.." Jaxx grumbled. "Then teach me" he said staring at the other man in the eyes. 'His eyes are beautiful' he thought.
  11. Sky sighed "alright" he paused "your problem with this one is your still to focused on the method of the original mage light spawning the light in a specific place, but for this one you have to build all your mana up in one place and THEN scatter and shatter the light as it goes"
  12. "Ohhh yeah!" :3 Jaxx said. "Lemme try again"
    He said and started to focus on his mana around him. When he felt like he had enough control he let it spread, the light shining across the area. ^^"" "how's that ~?" He asked.
  13. Skyreacher paused and he nodded "its much better~ now you just need a pit more practice and control over it and you'll be good"
  14. "YESS!" Jaxx shouted and fist pumped excited. "So now what should we do?" He asked after a while of dancing around. He walked over to Sky and put an arm around his shoulders standing next to him. His other hand on his hip.
  15. Sky smiled a bit when he saw how excited Jaxx got but quickly regained his stern look and back up from Jaxx's touch "next we work or a different spell of course!! I wont let you slack!"
  16. "I won't slack, you know i won't let that happen. I don't like to fail, but i like having fun when i work" he admitted and pulled Sky back.
  17. Sky sighed and used a shield spell to stop Jaxx from hugging him 'then if your don't like to fail work harder"
  18. Jaxx pouted. "Fine, start the next lesson.." He backed up a little
  19. Shy sighed 'alright~ then " he turned in thought and suddenly a ball of light launched itself at Jaxx
  20. Jaxx's eyes widened and he jumped out of the way. "Woah! Why'd you do that?!"
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