Night's corner of poetic torture

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  1. So, I write poetry, and I figure I'm quite proud of it. I hope you guys like it, and I wouldn't mind some feedback, but this is mostly a show case thread.


    Not Enough Time
    The sound of the radio, the smell of coffee.
    That cheeky grin that always greets me.
    The hum of the scroll saw, the whir of the drill,
    The way you looked after me when I was ill.

    Diablo, Dungeon Siege, Balder’s Gate.
    Letting me watch Red Dwarf, staying up late.
    Christmas time, you’re always there.
    All these things I can no longer bare.

    Doctor who, the tardis flies
    Off you go, up in the skies.
    Will I ever see you again?
    How will I cope without my best friend?

    All the tantrums, all the tears.
    You were there through all these years.
    Joking around, playing tough
    I didn’t tell you I loved you enough.

    It’s too late now, too late the change the past.
    Everything else just went too fast.
    I lost the chances that I had.
    I miss you, I love you, Dad.

    #2 more about my feelings and how I'm coping

    Coping on my own

    I never want to be as alone
    As I feel today
    I never want to go forward in life
    And still feel this way.

    I can count the amount of smiles I have
    On my right hand
    People tell me to move on,
    But I don’t think I can.

    How can you expect me to just smile,
    I lost the most important man in my life.
    How can you expect this from me
    When you know all my internal strife?

    I’m terrified to move on,
    Petrified to let go
    No one even notices this,
    Just ’cause it doesn’t show.

    You said you’d always be there,
    Always by my side.
    Said you’d never leave me,
    Does this mean you lied?

    Perhaps it’s for the best,
    That I am all alone
    Perhaps I’m better off
    Being on my own.