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  1. School Is Now In Session
    "Welcome all to Professor Kraven's Academy For Superpowered Children!" A voice announced out on the intercom, "And for our returning students, welcome back for another year at Nightraven High School. Head to the Dining Hall and the opening ceremony will begin in promptly after everyone has been seated. That is all."

    Professor Kraven prepared himself to go out and talk about the situation to the students. There was not time to waste. He chuckled at his pun and walked quickly to the Dining Hall. He was in a great mood and even though Nightraven High School was in the middle of the Magic Plane, it was protected by only the strongest of enchantments to prevent the dark creatures from getting in. However, the infestation was becoming more of a nuisance since the more he killed, the more that popped up. He was going to need help from all his students and staff this year.

    The Dining Hall was already prepared with the evenings meals. Large turkeys and fresh pigs covered platters. Delicacies from all countries were on the table this evening. Schnitzel, Gumbo, Curry Rice, Beef Stroganov, Spaghetti, Tamales, and even fried frog legs were presented. If you could name it, they probably had it and enough to feed you and plus all twenty of your cousins. The professors sat at the front of their room waiting for the Headmaster to show himself.
  2. Australia was a strange place. It was practically on the other side of the planet from Trent's home of USA. In fact, he wasn't even on the same hemisphere. It perplexed him how he hadn't fallen off the Earth yet, deducing that the only reason must have been kangaroo magic. Trent was also unsure how he even got into the school, believing he must have slept through the entire ride and didn't become fully conscious until dinner time. Before Trent sat three plates.

    They contained a stack of burgers, a steak drizzled in barbecue sauce, and French- nay FREEDOM fries.
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  3. Ivan crouch-walked through the dining hall, making his way to the food tables. Pressing his back stealthily against a side out of side, he straddled to the right spot and began reaching up and ladling all the stroganoff into various thermoses.

    His comrades would eat well tonight.
  4. And with the sound of the intercom, Shah Do, vagrant student, fell out of her cot in an unused Custodian's closet. It was a strange room, inaccessible, except from a skylight on the roof. As far as she was aware no one but her knew of it, her own little private, disenfectant smelling kingdom. She sat up, blinking and began taking account of the situation. It was Late afternoon, possibly early Evening, her bugshat sleeping habits had wasted her an entire day once again. Her stomach growled, snarled and may have even roared a tad. She'd have to get some dinner from th-

    Her eyes widened. The school year began today, and the feast! Had she missed that lovely delicious food already? With the sort a sort of childish panic she ran around the closet picking up her clothes and scrambled out of the skylight, closing it with a slam. She got halfway through undressing herself before a lively breeze reminded her that doing this outside was probably not in her best interests. Her errant undergarments lead her on a merry chase, before she tossed them back into the closet and rushed down the stairs.
  5. Greg walks in and sits with House Hufflepuff his friend Joseph, with whom he shares a mutual love of comics. He pulls out a couple of old Secret Six issues from his messenger bag and gives them back to his friend. Joshua begins animatedly talking about the the new Spiderman run while Greg tucks into a hearty bowl of cornflakes.
  6. "A real magic school, huh..." Alice muses to herself, while looking around, taking in everything about the surroundings and the other students. She stops when the announcement comes on, waiting until the Headmaster had finished speaking, to realize... She actually has no clue where to go. Well. That's a problem.

    And thus the girl stands around cluelessly for a short while, before thinking up a brilliant plan. She'd follow a group of people that looked like they knew where they were going. Nothing could possibly go wrong.

    And thus after wandering around with a group of similarly lost people for a little while, Alice eventually finds her way to the auditorium. Not late, but closer than she'd like. Either way, she slips in and sits down quickly, taking the nearest available seat.
  7. After the flight that felt like hours upon hours to Australia, Alfredo hardly managed to comprehend just how exactly he ended up at this Academy. At the very least, he knew he was far from the border, much less the U.S. He remembered a portal, but not much else, he was too tired to even be bothered to think of a way to return home. "Well, no better place to make a name for myself in the world than a place that's through a portal huh?" he said to himself while making his way to the dinning hall. When he opened the door he was assaulted with the alluring aroma of food. He immediately scanned around for some burritos or tortas, he wasn't really a picky eater, but he might as well eat something that hit close to home for his first meal. He saw a table cram full of his hometown reflected in food. There was no other place he could imagine eating but there, and practically sprinted to grab a seat for himself.
  8. Striding into the dining hall after being slightly lost due to the lack of french signs (Pierre would need to amend this later). In there he saw a multitude of people, the majority of which seemed inanimate and not quite there. He noticed a few odd individuals out of the bunch, a man in a gasmask stealing some sort of soup, and a very animated man eating what seemed to be three things at once. Pierre also noted that the feast had frog legs (delicieux!), oddly situated right next to all of the american style food such as burgers, steaks, and french fries.

    Sightly disappointed that he would need to sit next to the Americans, he reminded himself it could be worse, it could be other Canadians.

    "C'est la vie.." He mumbled, as he moved towards the frog legs and the disgusting man who wasted his food, and sat beside him, greeting him with the comment, "Enjoying your french fries, monsieur?"
  9. Zeke walks into the auditorium, and was impressed. "WOW, NOW THATS A LOT OF FOOD," He booms in his trademark volume; which was slightly louder than the sound of a jet engine. He walks up to the table and begins loading his plate with as much food as it can handle. He goes to sit down near the nearest student he can see.
    "HEY HOW'S IT GOING?" he asks.
  10. "Pretty well, thank you... Though I got pretty lost on the way here. Also, are you supposed to be some kind of announcer...?" Alice looked curiously over at the rather loud person.
  11. "THE NAME IS ZEKE, I SELL STUFF, HERE'S MY CARD" He hands the girl a card with the words ZEKE WESTON. on them "WHATS YOUR NAME, LITTLE MISSY?"
  12. Trent began scarfing down burgers. He usually had a healthy appetite, but never actually ate more than a normal person. However, something about the trip caused his stomach to go into overdrive, taking a bite of this and then a bite of that. It took him a while to notice the French man sitting next to him asking a question. "Enjoying your french fries, monsieur?" "Enjoying your french fries" "french fries" "french". Several gears clicked in Trent's head before he slowly turned toward the Frenchman and aggressively stood up.

    "What the fuck did you just fucking say? It's FREEDOM fries." Trent asserted.
  13. Alice takes the card, looking it over. In the end, she looks slightly confused. Well, slightly more confused. It also takes her a couple seconds of thinking before she answers, a friendly expression on her face. "Alice. Alice Winters. Nice to meet you, Zeke. Though, uh. Aren't business cards supposed to have more than just your name on them?"
  14. Heidi strolled in with a straight back and a head held high. She looked around, scanning the room for someone worth sitting next to. She saw a Frenchman. Perfect.

    The girl approached Pierre and sat next to him without a word. She would make him initiate, this was the mark of a strong mind.
  15. Following his new classmates — chill went up his spine to the very thought of this school, he found it somewhat unsettling — Pavel stiffly strode into the Dining hall. Looking around at the handful of tables, he noticed a fellow storing the food into containers. His heart sank at the implication. Did this person live his life in poverty, that such measures are necessary? He stepped closer to him and leaned in. "I doubt they would keep us hungry in the mid term."
  16. Professor Kraven finally strolled in and inhaled deeply. The smell of fried newt appealed to him and his stomach growled much to his discomfort. He was going to say all he needed to say in one go and then he could eat. That was really all he wanted to do at this point.

    "Before we all begin, I shall start this evening off with introductions. As most of you already know, I am Professor Kraven, the headmaster of this fine establishment. While this is indeed a magical school, it is best that I inform of you of the rules that are set in place. First and foremost do NOT use your powers on other students or on staff. The consequences for doing such things will be very severe. And please, try to avoid using your powers in places other than Physical Education. Keep your clothing appropriate. This applies to both females AND males. This is a neutral area. Do not fight your fellow classmates. Save that frustration for P.E if you have a bone to pick with someone. Do not travel on the school grounds at night. Do not talk back to the staff. Do not imitate or impersonate staff. Weapons are not allowed to be carried on school grounds. You will be expelled if you do so. PDA is not acceptable in public, please keep that in the student dorms which are located in the doors left and right of the Dining Hall. You may NOT sell things on school grounds without my permission." Professor Kraven took a breath, "Now that's all out of the way, let's eat! I'm starved like the rest of you. When you're finished, you may pick your rooms. Remember students only have access to the first, second, and third floors only."
  17. Pierre peered over, down the table, at a very loud man who was shouting at une petite mademoiselle, munching a frog leg, before the loud, fat american chochon stood up and began yelling at him in the thing Pierre hated the most: American English. Pierre remained sitting, and simply replied, his face growing only a shade redder. "Monsieur, they are called "French fries" they are from France, they are not freedom fries, monsieur." Pierre then nodded at a young madame who sat next to him, greeting her with "Bonjour, madamoiselle, je m'appelle Pierre, et vous?", turning his attention away from the American.
  18. Figuring he might as well try out other delicacies, Alfredo stuffed some meat burritos inside of his sombrero and decided to walk around for another seat. Seeing some food not seen even on his neighbor's t.v., he sat down in an available seat and asked "Hey amigo, is this food any good or what?" while grabbing a nearby plate, already filling it with food.
  20. "PDAs...? Like those handheld computer things?" Alice's confusion rises another level. But she should probably start on the food, confusion or no. And thus she sets her sights on a piece of steak. Rare, of course.

    She looks back at Zeke when he continues. "Well, I suppose that makes sense. And, uh, what do you mean what do I do? I don't really have a shop or anything like that."
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