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  1. Welcome to Professor Kraven's Academy for Superpowered Children!
    Is what I would say if this was the IC. I know there are a lot of these magic schools floating around here lately, but I kind of want one with a theme or plot of some sort.

    So to start things off I will briefly explain the goal of this Academy.

    Professor Kraven's Academy for Superpowered Children is quite a mouthful to say and it's actually called Nightraven High School. It is located in Australia through a magical portal and looks like this:

    Nightraven High School was founded by Professor Kraven, a man who had an amazing gift at birth. Unfortunately, he was not the only one who was granted power. He found that there was a need to teach others like him how to function naturally in society by teaching them how use their powers. He will state time and time again that he is not responsible for how each person uses their power. That is strictly up to the holder.

    Recently, there has been a massive outbreak of wicked creatures far too dangerous to speak of. They have been dumped in what the ordinaries (people without powers) call the Magical Plane which is where the school is located. These creatures haunt the area around the school grounds at night. They must be destroyed. However, Professor Kraven has been trying to find the source of these creatures and eventually eliminate it.

    Once every so often, Kraven and a handful of willing students go to hunt for the source. Every one of them has ended in failure and the death or deaths of many students. It only proves the urgency of the threat and the need for its elimination.

    Aside from all of that, Nightraven High School is a school unlike any other and will lead you on an adventure you are likely never to forget.

    Now let's take a look at classes shall we? You must pick five.

    Required Courses
    How to Use and Control Your Powers - taught by Professor Enkapath
    The War Between Superpowers and Ordinaries - taught by Professor Brimvale
    How to Handle Wicked Creatures - taught by Professor Salazyn

    Other Courses
    Herbology and the Practice of Medicinal Herbs - taught by Professor Greenwoode
    Dark Arts - taught by Professor Kraven
    Physical Education - Taught by Coach Rick
    History - taught by Professor Enkapath
    Now it's time for the rules.

    1. No overpowered super powers. You know what I'm talking about and be honest with yourself. Let's make this fun for everyone.

    2. I understand most of you may be horny teenagers, but take your sexy time to the PMs please. Kissing is allowed but fade to black if you're gonna get intimate. Please.

    3. Do not God Mod. Do I really have to explain this one?

    4. No killing or controlling other people's character without their permission. That is really annoying and it's uncool.

    5. I am the GM. What I say goes. Do not argue. That's just how it is. However, that being said I will accept the fact that I may be wrong at times, but don't give me attitude.

    6. Your character can die in this RP. Do not be stupid and you won't have to worry about this happening.

    7. You must be active. Post at least 5 times a week. Notify me if you cannot meet this prerequisite. Failure to meet this standard will result in a very smooth butt kicking from this RP.

    8. I will modify/edit these rules as problems come up. Be prepared for that, but I will usually send the changes to everyone so there are no confusions later.

    School Rules
    1. Do not use your powers on other students.
    2. While there are no school uniforms, keep your clothing appropriate.
    3. This is a neutral area, all pent up frustration should be taken care of in Physical Education.
    4. Do not travel outside the school grounds at night.
    5. Don't talk back to staff. This includes the janitor.
    6. Do not intentionally inflict harm on other students or staff members.
    7. Do not imitate or impersonate staff.
    8. Weapons are not allowed to be carried on school grounds. If you bring them you will be expelled.
    9. PDA is not acceptable in public. Please keep such things in the student dorms.
    10. You may NOT sell things on school grounds unless given permission by the Headmaster.
    Warning: Punishments will be based on the severity of the action. Your character will be unable to post for x amount of time where x is the number of posts/days/hours. This does not apply to school rules as those will be dealt with in character.

    With all of that out of the way, here is the application.
    Nightraven Application (open)






    Appearance: [Real Photographic Image Please]

    Personality: (decent paragraph)

    Biography: (2 decent paragraphs)


    Professor Kraven (open)

    Name: Kraven Aklamar

    Age: Very Old

    Position Held: Headmaster, Dark Arts Teacher

    Gender: Male

    Power: Can stop time temporarily (maximum of 2 hours at any one time), Immortality

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Personality: Professor Kraven is a man of business. He does not tolerate horseplay and is very strict.
    He will not hesitate to send disruptive students to his office and/or neutralize their powers. He doesn't like to yell and he has a glare that will send chills down the spines of many students. His office is not a place where you want to end up.

    Biography: It is not known as to where Kraven was born. Some say he simply appeared one day on the face of the Earth while others may claim that he was born in the Magic Plane. He was raised by Elsa Aklamar in 1562. He stopped aging after twenty-seven and watched many of his friends come and go. He has watched many people with powers go insane and kill themselves. He's even had to kill a few of the ones who had gone completely insane with evil intent.

    Kraven has been around for centuries. He had something to do with the Cold War and the Vietnam War. He is very knowledgeable about the darkness and corruption of the world. He studies the Dark Arts and knows a lot about Dark Magic and how it can be taught. He will often claim that he only provides tools and that it's up to the people who have them to decide how they use it. He founded Nightraven High School in 1904. He selected many people he thought would be responsible enough to help him run classes.

    Other than that, most of his past has been kept a secret or is unknown to all but him.

    Professor Greenwoode (open)

    Name: Cap Greenwoode

    Age: 29

    Position Held: Herbology Teacher, Music (Band) Teacher

    Gender: Male

    Power: Can make a healing tea from any plant, Can grow anything as long as there is soil around

    Appearance: (to be found)

    Personality: Cap is a pretty laid back type of guy. He's pretty much a hippie. He likes to talk about peace and harmony. He always recycles and everything in his classroom is made of things he grew. Cap absolutely hates litter and will go on a long rant about how people are damaging the environment with their trash. There are no trash cans in his classroom either and in "trash" is a dirty word. Try to avoid saying it in Herbology.

    Cap plays the Saxophone, the Sousaphone (tuba), Guitar (Electric, Bass, Acoustic), the Flute, the Oboe, the Banjo (his favorite), the Pan Flute, the Drums, along with several others not mentioned in the above.

    Biography: (A work in progress)

    Professor Enkapath (open)

    Name: Delilah Enkapath


    Position Held: How to Use and Control Your Powers Teacher, History Teacher

    Gender: Female

    Power: Can produce sonic waves capable of breaking through solid glass with her voice and her fingers

    Appearance: (to be found)

    Personality: Professor Enkapath is a crotchety woman. She doesn't like it when people talk over her. She has been known to cause deafness in one or both ears. Professor Enkapath is very anal about cleanliness and neatness. Even though she is considered to be one of the more strict teachers at Nightraven High School, it's best that you pay attention to what she has to say. It's probably really important.
    Biography: (a work in progress)

    Professor Brimvale (open)

    Name: Xerath Brimvale

    Age: 49

    Position Held: War Between Superpowers and Ordinaries Teacher

    Gender: Male

    Power: Can control fire

    Appearance: (to be found)

    Personality: Professor Brimvale never shuts up about war and weapons. He loves the subject. He is a lot like a drill sergeant because he has one of the scariest voices ever. Disobeying him will put you in a bad spot, but tastefully challenging him puts you in his good graces and you will most certainly earn his respect if you manage to hold a conversation with him about killing dark creatures. He's also very violent and is very blunt about things. He leads the expeditions to kill the dark creatures.

    Biography: (a work in progress)

    Janna White (open)

    Name: Janna White

    Powers: Can heal wounds with just a touch, Can cause happiness with her dancing

    Personality: Janna has the personality of a crane. She is patient and delicate. She hardly ever speaks and when she does, her voice is but a soft whisper in the wind. She believes in beauty in all things and mourns for the loss of others. Janna is a broken person and it's possible that not all of her emotions have fully developed.

    She uses ballet dances to convey her feelings to others and loves it when others watch her dance. Janna likes to smile and seems to be fond of all thing pretty. However, her definition of what is beautiful may be questionable. Seeing as she could possibly find war beautiful all in itself. Despite her ballerina finesse Janna is clumsy with her fingers and shouldn't be allowed to hold anything made of glass.

    Biography: Janna was born as a human somewhere in Russia. She was frail at birth and continued to be so as she aged. Her parents recognized her passion for ballet and immediately started her classes when she was three years old. Janna was absolutely breathtaking and seemed to steal the breath of all who watched her perform. However, there was once a tragic accident that happened to her mother on the way to one of her ballet recitals.

    There was a terrible traffic accident that instantaneously killed Janna's mother. Her father mourned for his wife's loss for many years, but still continued to watch Janna perform her ballet. Seven years after her mother's death Janna's father attempted to remarry, but without luck. The sadness weighed heavily on him and his heart remained broken. Even though much time had passed, Janna continued to perform ballet for her father. Eventually her father became happy that his only daughter had survived.

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    People Who Have Been Accepted (0 Slots are open)​
    1. The TV Heads Cometh - Shah Do
    2. ComeradeSenpai - Ivan Dmitri Strelnikov
    3. Rancealot - Alfredo Salazar Lopez
    4. DaCageFighter - Trent Jackson
    5. Omelette - Pierre Gagon
    6. BrotherNier - Alice Winters
    7. Monokli - Pavel Vasilevich
    8. Parser - Gregory Thompson
    9. cvvc - Zeke Weston
    10. Travis McDavis - Heidi Lerr
    11. blowthemandown - Matt North
    12. WTFbot - Danny Wong
    No Longer Accepting Applications

    Who's in your class?
    Dark Arts with Professor Kraven
    1. Shah Do
    2. Ivan Dmitri Strelnikov
    3. Alice Winters
    4. Heidi Lerr
    5. Janna White

    Herbology with Professor Greenwoode
    1. Pierre Gagon
    2. Alice Winters
    3. Ivan Dmitri Strelnikov
    4. Trent Jackson
    5. Zeke Weston
    6. Danny Wong

    History with Professor Enkapath
    1. Pierre Gagon
    2. Pavel Vasilevich
    3. Trent Jackson
    4. Gregory Thompson
    5. Heidi Lerr
    6. Matt North
    7. Alfredo Salazar Lopez
    8. Danny Wong

    Physical Education with Coach Rich
    1. Shah Do
    2. Pavel Vasilevich
    3. Matt North
    4. Janna White
    5. Alfredo Salazar Lopez
    1. At Nightraven High School there are barriers that prevent most dark creatures from entering the school grounds.
    2. While in Professor Kraven's office your power is neutralized, but the effect disappears once you leave.
    3. In the detention room, your power is neutralized (There is a reason you're in there)
    4. Because not enough people signed up for the following classes [Fine Arts, Alchemy, The Art of Life, Animation and Rendering, Music (band, orchestra, and choir), Study Hall, and the Performing Arts, they have been removed. If this is one or more of your classes, please select ones not listed.
    5. By filling out this application you agree to have read the school rules and history, knowing that your character will be fighting dark creatures and accept the possibility of death.
    Who is Rooming with who?
    Alice Winters and Matt North
    Ivan Dmitri Strelnikov and Pavel Vasilevich
    Pierre Gagon and Trent Jackson
    Alfredo Salazar Lopez and Zeke Weston
    Janna White
    Gregory Thompson and Heidi Lerr​
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  2. I'll take a spot, if possible. Application details will be up tomorrow or something, since I must sleep.
  3. Can I make two characters?
  4. May I reserve a spot too?
  5. Since that other one closed down, you think I could get a spot in too?
  6. I'd like to grab a spot, if that's alright.
  7. I'll take a spot.
  8. I'm interested if there are spots left.
  9. I'd like a spot too. Just hope the thread doesn't suddenly get deleted like that last one.
  10. Everyone from Last Bunny's RP migrated here so I guess I will as well.
  11. I'm not trying to imitate Last Bunny's RP however. It's different in ways you will probably hate or like depending on how each of you like fighting things. There's an actual plot to the whole thing and your character can die. You can all join I just need the character sheets and such.
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  12. I lied, there are spots left
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  13. Cool. When you say we have to pick five courses, does that include the required three?
  14. Yes. You must pick 2 other courses. Plus your required courses which would equal 5.
  15. Might I be able to grab one of the remaining spots?
  16. Not sure how to PM applications, so I'll just post it here. If anyone can tell me the proper channels, I'd appreciate it.

    Name: Shah Do

    Age: 17

    Grade: 12

    Gender: Female

    Power: Invisibility, For brief periods of time, Shah can make herself entirely undetectable. Because of this, she has a very terrible attendence record in Professor Enkapath's Use and Control classes.

    Show Spoiler

    ((Couldn't find a good Photo that looked anything like this, I'm afraid. I hope it's not a dealbreaker))

    Personality: Shah is a passive, quiet but still vicious girl. She is intensely loyal to the people who earn her trust, but isn't one for socializing, on the occasions where she is, she's forced to pantomime and gesticulate like some kind of ridiculous Marx Brothers bit. She seems to have little respect for the school rules, at least when she turns invisible, it's very difficult to report a violation you can't observe, after all. Though as the staff has impressed upon her, it is not impossible.

    Biography: Shah's been running about Nightraven for a few years now. She first showed up as a Freshmen and spent most of the year dodging truant officers. After they finally caught her, she seemed to settle down, though her attendance and participation is still the absolute worst of any student, outside of PE and creature hunting anyway. When asked about her powers or how she came to Nightraven, Shah has remained silent, and looking into her memories has not ended well, usually with gangs of people trying to take the person's hands off of her throat. Even her name, Sha Do is a silly pun of an alias. Nevertheless, the Teachers have decided against throwing her out. Where could she go?

    Other: Aside from the other required classes, Shah is in PE and Dark Arts class. In previous years she was in Choir and was only removed when it was revealed she wasn't actually singing, but lip synching the words. She's despondent about it to this day.
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  17. I know it might seem kinda weird to play Ivan here after already using him recently, but I'm hoping you'll make an exception since Miss Luna's was ended abruptly. I didn't have much time to use him, but I like him as a character and I feel he has a lot of potential.

    Name: Ivan Dmitri Strelnikov

    Age: 18

    Grade: 12

    Gender: Male

    Power: Due to a series of circumstances, all of Ivan's bodily fluids are now entirely composed of vodka. Also, he is as strong as a bear.

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Personality: Ivan is a modest, hardworking individual, proud of his heritage and nationality. Though he may seem odd at times, he has a strong sense of right and wrong, and is more than willing to stand up for his values. He is the working man, and considers himself a hero of his country. Despite this, he seems to have some odd mental quirks due to his upbringing. He constantly wears a gasmask, and keeps his body covered. He tends to carry around a lucky shovel.

    Biography: Ivan was born into a mining town. In his youth, he discovered that he was different from the others. He was strong than the other kids, and could push carts ten times as heavy as others. He was no ordinary boy: he was not just as the strongest man in the village, he was as strong as the mighty bear.
    Upon his coming of age, he decided to put this strength to good use. He now travels the world, discovering his fortune and spreading ideals around the world.
    This time, fate has brought him to the Nightraven Academy. But what adventure lays inside is yet unknown.

    Other: For classes I'll take the three required ones, plus Herbology and Dark Arts
  18. I also wish to use my same character, but I did modify his powers to be a little more clear (I think).
    Name:Alfredo Salazar Lopez

    Age: 16

    Grade: 11

    Gender: Male

    Power: Equalization: Ability to give two people or objects the same Physical/Biological attributes of his choosing (i.e. speed, conductivity, durability, strength, current health/status) for a limited time or when Alfredo uses his power a second time. While attributes like durability will revert to what they once were, fatigue and other statuses remain on both targets.

    Appearance: SuperStock_1570R-123120.jpg

    Personality: Alfredo is a man of action and is heavily swayed by emotions. Conditioned by his time spent in the bad parts of his home town, he has a knack for getting into fights with others for little reason than to want to fight, however, he only enjoys fighting others in one on one fights. Despite his love for combat, he rarely intends to make enemies out of anyone, most of his fights are actually his attempts to strengthen the bond between his opponent. He does have a bad habit of creating nicknames and rarely calling others by their true name. He tries his best to remain happy go lucky, even in combat. However, make fun of his grandparents or sombrero, and he will challenge you to a fight to test your mettle.

    Biography: Alfredo's body is a peculiar matter, anything done on one side of his body is also shown on the opposite, a cut on his right cheek will show on his left, even though there is no real damage done to it. He was born in the slums of the already bad neighborhood of Tijuana, Mexico. Alfredo was raised by his grandma and grandpa, abandoned by his parents because of his condition while he was still a baby. Growing up, Alfredo got himself into a lot of fights, few because of his condition, most because of his strong sense of justice leading him to protect those needing protection. Never has Alfredo engaged in a fight with him holding the advantage, he always seemed to find himself in having a long and even fight whether he was fighting a chihuahua off him or a boy twice his size. Realizing it most likely had something to with him, he secretly went and started betting on himself with cage fights that would be typically be impossible to win. Always having low odds, Alfredo always won big or lost small, and soon had a sizable amount of money. He was soon caught by his grandparents and was told he disgraced the family by participating in these fights. Crushed by his grandparents' scolding, he made efforts to cross the border into America. Before Alfredo ran from home, he left them all of his earnings and fled, hoping to make something out of himself in the land of opportunity to redeem himself.

    While crossing the border, Alfredo found himself being chased by the border patrol. He was able to use his powers to successfully out run them for a good 3 hours, giving himself the speed of the faster runners and even vehicles that came for him, before he found himself surrounded. He then stood his ground for a good 3 minutes before being swarmed faster than he could equalize his fatigue with others. Realizing his unnatural abilities he was given the choice of going to a school specifically for his powers, or to be deported back into Mexico. Still needing to make a name for himself, Alfredo decided to go to the high school, figuring a decent education will help him in furthering his status in the world.

    Other: Alfredo's English is based off of what English shows his neighbor's T.V. showed and radio songs.
    Alfredo loves his sombrero almost as much as his grandparents.
    For classes I would want the 3 required, P.E., and History
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  19. Name: Trent Jackson

    Age: 18

    Grade: 12

    Gender: Male

    Power: Trent possesses the traits of a bald eagle. Though incapable of flight, Trent's running speed is about the same as an eagle's flight speed, and he is capable of running as long as an eagle can fly. Though his eyes are built like a human's, they are sharp as an eagle's, capable of singling out a single object from a mile away. His reflexes are increased to match that of a bird of prey. In addition, he is capable of speaking with eagles, possessing the ability to squawk like a bird.


    Personality: Trent is mostly described as being quirky, zany, and not too bright. He is very physically oriented, loving sports. He also doesn't seem to be weighed down by the complexities of everyday life, and thus most people would refer to Trent as being a free spirit. He is also incredibly brave, able to reach new heights without fear. He will take without asking if what he's taking is really necessary because he's Trent Jackson who isn't afraid of anybody.

    Biography: Trent is an All-American boy born and raised in the American south of Carolina. He was named after one of his dad's old high school teacher, who was a big influence on his life. In his early years, Trent was raised by his father and mother on their farm. He assisted them during the harvest time and went to school when it wasn't. However, very early in his life, Trent's father got in trouble with a foreign government and he was tracked down before eventually being killed. Since then, Trent's family had to change its last name to his mother's to avoid being caught. In spite of this, Trent maintained his father's surname as a challenge to all those who attempt to face him.

    Trent seemed to have inherited his bizarre abilities from his father, whose powers were in fact unknown but were partly the cause of his demise. Trent's father had once made a promise to Trent that he'd teach Trentto master his powers, but they hadn't talked since. His father left him his American flag, which Trent keeps with him at all times, folded and kept in his pocket as a good luck charm. Since his father left, Trent was raised b his grandfather, who resumed Trent's moral education. He taught Trent right from wrong as well as how to fight and how to get along. Eventually, Trent discovered a place where he could learn to hone his powers, and so he took the opportunity and enrolled. Before leaving for school, Trent took with him a clutch of eagle eggs he found in his back yard, hoping that they will hatch and he will be able to eventually breed an entire army of eagles.

    I don't think we need to put cookie dough here this time right?

    Trent also has a high metabolism and isn't as affected by high cholesterol as most.

    His current electives are History and Herbology.
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  20. Is there any space open? If so, I'm reserving a spot.
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