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  1. So I have a lot of nightmares...some I find deliciously terrifying, even though I still wake up from them, I remember a lot of my dreams and had ideas for a freaky rp maybe...(mild obsession with zombies, you've been warned.) also...these are designed as group plays, but if only one person shows interest in any of my ideas PM me and I will talk about onexone with you.

    1. Hard Travels

    All over the world a plague is spreading, it started on America and got worse from there. In the place this all began many scientists had begun to work on a 'cure all' for disease, they experimented on homeless people who no one would miss, testing out their many vials of 'curative' medicine. None of it worked, some had alarming results that made the humans injected almost poisonous and with no emotions, nothing inside these people who were now shells of themselves. There were so few so it was easy to kill them, after all the worlds best scientists had the worlds best guards, but all of these people were corrupt so they dumped their poisons into an isolated lake, thinking it would never get out.
    They were wrong, so very wrong, after a few years of the stuff stagnating it had been absorbed into the surrounding land and trees; trees that had been cut down for paper in the near by science lab. As the trees were cut the diseased 'cures' they had made evaporated into the air, causing an airborne infection inside the lab, all the doctors, all the guards, died. For a little while at least when they stood again, they were shells and sought out sustenance, slowly spreading across the area they began to bite people, panic insued as people appeared to become poisoned but would then stand up and chase down more victims.
    That's how this all started, you are some of the few survivors, a group trapped in California, or what's left of the state, the plague has taken it's toll on the once beautiful state leaving it in a ragged state. You listen to the radio every morning, just in case, you only listen for an hour everyday, although you know that as long as the sun is up the creatures won't come out. You haven't left yet simply for the reason that your food supply hasn't run dry yet although it's getting slim, you know you need to move soon. While you think of these things you listen to the radio, and suddenly a transmission comes through. "There is safety in New York, this is not a lie, I speak to anyone listening while I myself am safe inside this sanctuary. Come to New York, come and we shall be able to start over, the human race can survive this, but all healthy survivors should begin the journey at once."
    It's life saving, if it's true, you could live to see a better day! You pack up and leave immediately, as you start the trek you find others and decide to travel together. Among you though there is a bitten survivor, who could change at a moments notice. (If you want to be this person pm me.)

    2. Hungry Ghosts

    You are a human, with a special sense of supernatural things, ESP, that's what you have, extra sensory perception, there's a sixth sense in you that allows you to see what normally can't be perceived with a humans eye. You have a group of friends who also have esp, you're close, all of you, because you share your secret with these people. It's sudden one day, when one of you suggests you band your abilities together and explore a cemetery, worst mistake you will ever make; everyone agrees and you head into the biggest cemetery in your city/town, being sensitive to one thing or another causes you, as a person with ESP, to get a head rush, it makes you dizzy, although you don't know you just walked through a portal to hell.
    When you recover you look around to find yourself and your friends in a huge white room, but that can't be right, you went to a cemetery. All of you are confused about the situation until a woman with no eyes walks up to you. "Oh? Living guests? This is rare, be quite careful here, or some of theses ghosts may well eat you alive. Although I am not sure you can escape." The woman tells you all before disappearing into a wall, followed by a shriek that chills you to the bones.
    Panic will start to set in, you all just want to go home after all, terror rages inside of you making you unable to use your ESP. Only one of you can have the strength to recover and try to be calm, that one person could be you? Or of could be an awesome friend, either way, the leader is the only one capable of using their ESP still, they hadn't let the terror rule their heart, they were worried for their friends and didn't want to see them all suffer. The leader tries to calm everyone down, at least enough to talk to them, the fear still stops up their ESP though. So who are you?

    At least you're still here... Yay~ Whichever one gets more interest I will post the rest of the details on it.
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  2. >.> first one is totally zombies. I'm in!
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  3. Yay that's one person~
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