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    What's the worst nightmare you've ever had (or, if you can't remember it, which nightmare can you recall with the most clarity)?

    If you've never had a nightmare, do you have pleasant dreams and no bad ones, or do you just not remember your dreams?

    Are the nightmares you have usually related to real life scenarios, or terrifying supernatural?
  2. When I was little I had reoccurring nightmares, sometimes the endings would change but the journey there is relatively the same. Here is one of them:

    I'd start off at my grand uncle's house with my grandmother. We'd be visiting for some reason that was unknown to me and we'd go walk through the house like we're going through that Haunted House game you'd find at carnivals. I remember seeing knives and saws in the garage and other dark places that I knew wasn't there in real life. And then all of a sudden we'd hear this growling and rumbling noise somewhere beneath us. I knew we both had to get out otherwise we'd be both be killed. So I'm grabbing a hold of my grandmother's hand and I'm pulling her out, screaming. Right when we get to the side walk, I see this thing come out the door, and I really don't know how to describe it. It was more like a manifestation of terror and whenever I try to picture what it looked like, all I get is this blob with this huge maw and large teeth.

    This is when the endings will change. We'll run and sometimes we'll run far away enough to where it won't catch us anymore. But other times I can't run far enough and it gets us, and eats us whole and I'll wake up drenched in sweat.

    Being chased, killed, and falling are always reoccurring themes in my dreams, at least the bad ones. I don't have that particular dream anymore but being chased still pops up in my nightmares.
  3. I had nightmares all the time when i was younger. For every normal dream, I'd likely have 3 nightmares to pair to it, and I remembered the nightmares easier. There are 2 that stand out to me, and I can't choose between them.

    The first was a reoccurring nightmare. It would be me and a group of my friends all hanging out at night by the school, when this giant, purple shadow hand would come floating towards us. I was the only one who could see it, and I tried to get my friends to leave and run away from the danger. Usually, all of them would just laugh and ignore me. The hand's nails would extend and impale everyone who didn't run. Sometimes, I'd have one or two people believe me and run, but they'd never be with me when I reached my home. I'd turn all the lights on and run to the kitchen, because that's where the phone was. I don't remember dialling a number, but I'm suddenly talking to my mom and telling her what's happening. Oddly, she'd be terrified for me, but knew exactly what to do. I was told to stay in the kitchen, keep the light on, and don't move. Then the line would go dead and I'd hear the door open. I'd usually wake up about there.

    The second nightmare that I remember fully and clearly. It starts with me, younger, walking to school... or maybe home from school... I just know that I had my school backpack. Suddenly the area would begin changing. Trees would disappear, it grew hotter and drying, and the pavement was replaced with sand. I think I was supposed to be in the Middle East. As soon as the last piece of my familiar town was gone, the sounds of war would suddenly be around me. Shouting, gunfire, explosions. But I couldn't see anything other than sand and sun. Even in the dream, I had no idea what was going on. Before I was able to turn around, or start walking forward, someone came up behind me, and forced me down, taking my backpack. I remember that bothered me... Anyway, they'd force me fully laying down, face in the sand, telling me things would be ok. To not worry. There's a really loud shot, and I can feel heat on the back of my head. Things go black around the edges, slowly moving inward until I can't see anything. I can't feel the heat of the desert anymore, and I can't hear the battle. I'm left in blackness in my dream. I woke up a few seconds into the blackness, terrified and crying.
  4. Two worse nightmares I've had....

    - When I was about four years old I remeber having this dream where my grandma and I were in this bad part of town in a city. Anyways "bad people" show up and I think I'm shot or something. Anyways in the dream I died. It wasn't fun.

    - five or ten years ago I had this dream where I'm with a bunch of people doing some sort of adventure, when someone in my group touched/opened a box he wasn't suppose to, because it unlocked this evil Caribbean god, who took over the poor guy's body and proceeded to chase after me with the mention of rape. I woke up fortunately before he actually touched me, but still.....
  5. My very first recurring nightmare. I hadn't had the dream since I was eight, until fairly recently. I remember it vividly every time I wake up from it.
    In it, I am a small child again... maybe five years old. All I know is that everything is so much larger than me and I'm not quite as coordinated as I would be as an adult. I'm running down a dark hallway; it doesn't end it only extends forward, and, while there are doors, I cannot bring myself to open them. There's the noise of heavy breathing behind me. I remember why I am running into the darkness; there's a monster chasing me. I don't know what it looks like, I don't know where it came from, and all I can do is move my short, child's legs as fast as I possibly can to get away.
    It isn't fast enough, though. I am snatched up... and then I wake up.

    The second is this weird one I had a while back.
    I am with my friends at a house. There's no power, and for some reason none of us can leave the property... days and nights go by and one by one my friends are disappearing, only to have their dead bodies turn up in the morning. I am determined to find who has done this. In the end, I am the only one left. I follow mysterious footprints to a nearby lake, where I find the murderer... it is me. I don't know how, I don't know why; but I have killed everyone... the realization begins to sink in just as I wake up.
  6. The nightmare where me and my dad were in a car in a parking lot just hanging around with the doors open and these 3 guys come around and rob us. I tried to be a bit of a "hero" and fight but then my nightmare almost turned into a rape dream, but i woke up just in time. :I
  7. i had one where someone stuck a clothes hanger hook attached to foam core rope down my throat, and hooked my stomach with it. DX then threatened me they'd yank it if i screamed. ick, i could almost feel the gagging.
  8. Man, I have so many horrid nightmares. They're so frequent and are only suppressed by the comfort of people and such. I am one of those people that have a reoccurring nightmare: the same one over and over again. It usually involves me being absolutely alone inside myself with people standing around me, seeing me but not caring. Not one word is ever spoken. Just one look at me and on with the world they go. No matter how loud I scream, where everyone can hear, no one cares.

    Just...alone you know?

    Oddly enough, that's not the worst one! XD

    My worst nightmare has happened 2-3 times. I am attending my little brother's funeral. I don't know why, but it's always him. He's 20 and I love him to death, but the funeral seems so realistic. So real and legit. I can't stand the thought of losing him and just seeing him lie in a casket, not getting up?

  9. i don't remember a lot of my dreams or nightmares, and when I think back to nightmares I've had only one is really coming to mind right now.

    I got up and went to my bathroom like I usually do in the morning, but when I look in the mirror there's a patch of my hair missing. In it's place is... they're like these shield shaped things with short stalks, about the length of an average lady's fingernail, slightly fuzzy/serrated on the tips, and so densely packed that I can't move them with I touch the sides of the patch and when I poke at the top I can only feel the tips, like touching one of those needle beds they have in toy stores. And then I woke up.

    That's about the most vivid dream I remember.
  10. The worst nightmare that I can remember were one that I had half a year ago or something like that.

    I were in my house alone and it was the middle of the night. I didn't want to go down stairs because I was certain that there were something downstairs that couldn't come up. But in the end of some reason I just had to go down stairs. First I thought that I saw something in the living room but I choke it off. Then when I were in the kitchen I saw something and I started to run towards the stairs. But as I ran up the stairs a hand grabbed my foot and tried to hold me down. Apparently there were a lot of ghost living in my house, but only downstairs. After some kicking I were able to get rid of the ghost hand and ran upstairs were they couldn't get me. I don't remember if something happened after that. It was scarier than it sounds xD
  11. BLARGH, I hate nightmares! The worst one I've ever had started when I was really young and even sometimes still pops up every now and then! D:

    So first off, I am absolutely terrified of Gorillas! All because of an event where I woke up to get a drink when I was little and decided that watching TV at about 4 in the morning was a super awesome idea and all of the sudden Congo played and here is my dream:

    I was walking through a forest with some friends and we were on our way somewhere (we'd never get there) when all of the sudden we would hear noises coming from the bushes and trees and stuff. We would get a little scared but still continue on our way. After a few minutes the sounds would stop and we'd look around, getting a bit more nervous than before. That's when we would notice that a couple of us were missing. Freaking out, we'd start hurrying, some of us thinking they were just playing a game, but when the sounds would become louder the quicker we walked everyone decided it wasn't a game. After a few of us went missing again we took refuge in a cave. It was night by now and a couple of us had a flashlight and we kept feeling things being flicked at us when we were trying to sleep. One of my friends shone the flashlight around and we saw eyeballs laying around us. O.O

    I woke up every time after that moment and so I don't know what happens next, but I think that we may have all died >.>'''

    For those of you who don't know, there is a part in Congo where a dude's eyeballs get flicked at the other dude, this was the part I watched when I turned on the TV and it has haunted me since! >:[ STUPID MONKEYS.
  12. I've had nightmares of possibly all kinds imagineable, but I think of dreams in general as movies to entertain one whilst sleeping. I've never really been bothered or afraid of my nightmares, they are usually very imaginative and sometimes even inspire me to write. I have too many to choose from though, and I do not think there is enough space on this thread to give each one the acknowledgement it deserves.
  13. I have nightmares, but they aren't supernatural or riddled with obscurity. They are usually tied into the loss of a few good friends in afganistan.