Nightmares of a Survivor

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  1. Hypersleep: The Process by which sleep coupled with suspended animation allows humans to survive indefinitely during long term space flight. However for some, those who've suffered great trauma they can be the medium by which horrific nightmares can take over.

    Erik Ashton, age 21, a survivor of the disaster on Telemaur, now currently rests in stasis. While his body lie sleeping his mind stayed screaming as while he slept, he dreamed of death, dreamed of bloodshed......dreamed of Monsters........

    It had been a long day, disposing of depleted uranium and other waste materials from a small deep space relay station. He'd only just finished his shift and was clocking out, when an alarm sounded.

    "ALERT, ALERT, UNIDENTIFIED INSURRECTION LOCATED IN CAFETERIA DECK 3. CIVILIANS ARE ADVISED TO STAY IN THEIR QUARTERS TILL FURTHER NOTICE" A computerized female voice commanded from a station wide PA system. Erik down in the engineering ward, upon hearing the Alarm, immediately became worried, his sister worked near the Cafeteria decks. He started moving, and he got up to a run, but just making it 20 yards, he broke down into a fit of hacking. The onset of lung cancer from his work. He dropped his knees clenching his chest as he hacked hard, spitting up some blood onto the floor.

    Regaining composure, he stood back up and continued going at a slower pace to avoid having that happen again. Not long after he reached a stair well he saw a man covered in slashes all over, walking as if he were drunk and laughing not wildly or hysterically, but deliriously as if he'd witnessed a trauma so awful all he could laugh and suffer in happy madness. Trying to pass by him quickly, the man grabbed Erik, and screamed right before his face exploded off, revealing strange fleshy Parasites that seemed to mutating his entire body.

    Erik let out a terrified scream at the sight, and tried to kick the man's mutating corpse away from him but with no avail as the corpse bursted out with limbs ending bloody scythes and horrific apposable fangs. Erik's eyes widened in horror as the beast tried to stab at him with the blades, and frantically searched around for a weapon......only to spot a fire extinguisher. He grunted hard, forcing the beast into the wall as he scrambled to get to the opposite wall where he smashed the glass case to get at the metal bottle of foam, however, once he got it open the beast got him in the shoulder with one of its bony blades. "WAHHH SON....OF....A .....BITCH!!!!" He exclaimed grabbing the bottle and smashing it on the....head of the creature causing it's arm to break off as it hit the floor. He grabbed the arm and pulled it's bladed end out of his shoulder before shoving it through the mutated fleshy husk. He then proceeded to stomp on it repeatedly blurting out noises of rage and violence as he did so before breaking down into a fit of coughing again. After he was able to get his breath, he saw the creature had been killed, and satisfied with his kill, continued on, now to find a weapon, he'd need it to get to his sister.