Nightmares and Illusions

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  1. As far as Amber knew, it was a normal day in the small town of Farfeild. The sky was grey and overcast, as always, and there was not a dot of sunlight for miles. The wind snapped though the town, and yet the flow of traffic never swayed. Each person seemed to blend in, with a mix of brown, black and grey hues that meshed with the buildings around them. But sticking out like a sore thumb, was a bright blond head that went bobbing though the crowd as she traveled back to her small apartment.

    The blond headed female, who seemed to care not about the stares she got, was very spunky to say the least. With her pierced ears, and few tattoos, she drew the appearance of a rebble. But Amber, to her friends and most of the college students, was known as the brightest, and kindest light shining in the arts program at the college. She often attracted attention, and it wasn't hard with her hairstyle and choice of gender ambiguous clothing, but that was something she often pushed aside. The true friends she had weren't the prettiest of people, but they were nice at the least. She was very comfortable with her life, but sometimes feeling comfortable only means change is coming fast aproaching
  2. Clarence sat in his room, hugging his knees to his chest in the far corner near his window. His brother was going to visit him today. It could be a few minutes or a few hours, but it was happening today. He wished to himself that he wasn't weak, that he was strong enough to stand up for himself and tell his brother to stay away from him. To at least be strong enough to call the police. But he wasn't. And he knew he wouldn't be for a long time to come. He heard a loud knock at his front door and snapped his head in that direction. It was him. He couldn't find the strength to stand, to walk over and answer the door to his abuser. So he sat there, waiting until the knocking eventually ceased, which usually meant his brother had gotten angry and decided to just enter the apartment. After a few more knocks, a muffled voice called, "Clarence! Come open the damn door!" He recognized his brother's voice. He'd still yet to move. This happened almost every time his brother visited; he figured he'd be used to it by now. He continued waiting until his brother bursted in, hiding his face between his knees.
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  3. Amber smiled as she entered the apartment complex, trying not to put any more holes in the floor as she walked back to her apartment. She normally came back about a few hours later, but she had decided just to head home. She was going to head to the gym in the future, which would be in a half an hour or so. Humming to herself, Amber climbed the steps three at a time up the brownstone to the top. She was pulling out her keys for her apartment form her bag when a thumping sound from a floor up, which was her floor brought her to attention. Looking up, Amber turned the corner slowly, looking at the man standing there. "Clarence! Come open the damn door!" Amber heard as she rounded the corner. The person, who was full of rage seemed to have not seen her, and soon kicked open the door. It took Amber half a second to clench her fist and dart forwards, wrapping her arm around his neck and swinging her foot up between his legs.
  4. He had his eyes squeezed tightly, waiting for his brother to charge into his room after he heard his door burst open. But he opened them in confusion when he heard what sounded like his brother crying out, followed by a thud. "Who the hell are you?" He heard his brother shout. Was there someone in his house? He slowly stood, unfolding like a deer, and walked towards his door. His door faced the livingroom and had a clear view of the front door. He took a deep breath and placed his hand on the knob. He slowly turned it, pulling the door open just a bit, and peered out of the crack, but he was not expecting what he saw. His eyes fell upon a young woman with blonde hair, and his brother on the floor, clearly in pain. He stayed silent, but somehow, his brother seemed to sense his presence. "Clarence! Get out here and help me!" His brother shouted at him as he spotted him through the slight opening in his door.
  5. Amber let go of the man as he let out a cry, letting him forward. "Last time I checked, when someone doesn't answer the door," She said, setting her bag aside and sitting on top of the guy who was on the floor in pain, pulling him back his hair. "You don't break down the door." She hissed in his ear, her grip forceful as she moved her knee into his back, looking up. Seeing the door to her right open a bit, only the glimmer of an eye poking out, she gave a warm smile to the man on the other side of the door before letting go of the guys head and letting it smack back down to the floor. "I hope that knocked him out." She said, looking around his head to make sure she hadn't hurt him too much, but keeping her knee rooted into his back. "It would suck if I had to pay for hospital bills."
  6. He saw the girl smile at him, but he didn't open the door any more than it already was. He looked at his brother on the floor, now silent, but still breathing. He wanted to thank the girl, but he was much too shy. And there was the possibility that one of his delusions could force itself into his mind soon; they usually did around this time of day. It's not as if he didn't have medication for it, he just never took it. He didn't like the feeling of drowsiness it gave him, along with the gloominess that came with it. He simply stood behind the door, waiting to see the girl's next move, whether she left or stayed for whatever reason.
  7. Amber waited for about thirty seconds before getting off the mans back and standing back to her full height. Heaving a heavy sigh, she cracked her back, and her arms, grabbing her bag and her keys that she had dropped. Looking over at the crack in the door, she stared back at the pair of eyes for a while, a small smile gracing her face. "Look, you don't have to be afraid anymore, he's out like a light." She said, walking over to the door and kneeling down at eye level with the crack. "Sorry if I scared you, I just, thought you might need some help."
  8. His heart began racing as she walked toward him, but he didn't move. After a few silent moments, he slowly opened the door more, just enough to show his entire face. He blinked, then took a deep breath. He could do this. Just two words, at least. "...Thank you." He said. There. Two words. His voice was gentle and soft, almost exactly what you'd expect from a boy of his height and stature. His eyes flicked to his brother on the floor, then back at the girl. He noticed the smile she wore, then decided to return one. He let a small smile cross his face, and it wasn't fake. He was very grateful for what she had done.
  9. Amber waited patiently by the door, still smiling at the face behind it. The whole situation had made her very curious about this boy. She kept her gaze on him as he slowly opened the door, her smile widening as she saw the boy mimic her smile. "Well, you are welcome. I would do it any day." She said, looking at him. "Are you alright? I just don't want to leave you hurt if you are that is." She said, putting her elbows on her knees and resting her head on her hands as she awaited a response.
  10. "I-I'm fine... for now..." He said, the last part barely audible. Truth was, he didn't want to be left alone, either. He was always alone. He hated it. He could just invite her to stay for a quick dinner, the least he could do to repay her for getting his brother off of his back for one visit. But first thing's first, he needed to introduce himself. That was simple enough, right? "...I-I'm Clarence..." He said softly. He lifted his hand to his face and rubbed his eyes, forgetting about the bruises on his arms in the shape of fingers, as if somebody had grabbed him extremely harshly.
  11. Amber smiled at the guy across from her, sitting on the floor in front of him. "Hmm, that's good to hear." She said, looking at his arm as he rubbed his face. She kept her lips tightly shut about it, gathering that she had just meet him, and saying something insensitive would be rude. "My name's Amber. I live next door." She explained, ruffling her blond hair. The faint edge of a tattoo could be seen from the sleeve of her baggy tank top, not that she cared much. There was another on the back of her neck. "Sorry I had to make so much noise."
  12. He dropped his arm back down to his side. "Amber is a beautiful name..." He said gingerly. "...And don't worry about the noise.. I don't mind it, really." He said as he smiled slightly. 'Now invite her to dinner.' He thought to himself. He noticed the bit of the tattoo, but he didn't say anything. Of course, he was curious as to what the entire tattoo was, but that was all. He looked at the ground. "W-Would...Would you..." He started. Maybe saying it fast will be better. "Would-you-like-to-stay-over-for-dinner?" He asked quickly, keeping his eyes on the floor as his shoulders tensed. He only wanted to repay her...but she did seem interesting. He realized that he hadn't told her why. "I mean because of what you did for me..." He quickly threw in.
  13. Amber's cheeks took a slight tint of red as he told her that her name was beautiful. "It's nothing really." She mumbled, letting her hand drop from her hair. She was wrapped in her own thoughts of the crazy day she was having, as he spoke up, Amber lifted her gaze to the boy once again. He was very, peculiar. He didn't seem like he got out a lot, or at all. Smiling gently as he slurred his words, Amber giggled a bit, smiling at him. "I would love to, but really, you don't have to pay me back." She said. "I just, wanted to make sure he didn't get the idea of coming back. Speaking of which." Amber said, getting up off the floor and walking towards his brother. Quickly, Amber bend down and swooped up the guy, throwing him over her shoulder with no grace, making sure she hit him a few times on accident. "You don't care what happens to him right? Because if not, I am sending him down the trash shoot."
  14. He slowly stood after she did, looking as if he was standing on thin ice. It was because his legs were still very sore from his brother's last visit, which was barely two days ago. His eyes widened as she picked up his brother, not seeming to struggle at all. He opened the door enough to walk out of his room, slowly and carefully. He chuckled at what she said, then shook his head. "Not at all..." He said, carefully folding his bruised arms.
  15. Amber smiled at the boy, glad he was up from the floor and less frightened now. "Good, because he deserves it." She said, walking out of the room and towards the trash scouts. She propped open the door with with foot before adjusting the guys dead weight and tossing him down the shaft and shutting the door. "There," she said, dusting off her hands as she walked back towards his apartment, "That should keep him at bay for a while. He is going to have to take multiple showers after that."
  16. He chuckled again, his eyes brightening a bit. He was no longer as tense as he had looked, due to his brother being out of his sight now. He slowly walked over to his couch and sat down, his legs folded with him on the seat. He reached over and grabbed his television remote, clicking it on. He looked over to the girl. "Um... Would you like to stay for a bit?" He asked quietly. This girl had just done what he should have done the first time his brother had tried anything on him. He wasn't about to let her slip away, even if she did only live next door. He would try to make friends with her, as bad as he was at making friends.
  17. Amber smiled back at the guy who was in the apartment. She watched him walk past her and over to the couch. She figured he would want her to leave now so she started to pick up her stuff. About halfway to the door, she heard a voice and she turned to face the boy. "Alright, I will stay for a while." She decided, figuring that missing one gym day wouldn't hurt her.
  18. He blinked. Did she really just say she'd stay? He let out a deep breath of relief, knowing that he wasn't being rejected for what would seem like the millionth time in his life. He cleared his throat. "..Make yourself at home." He said quietly. That sounded normal. She obviously isn't weirded out by him, she would have left. He was actually fairly curious about her. How was she so strong? How long had he been her neighbor? What was that tattoo he had partially glimpsed? Why did she decide to help him instead of just walking away? He figured he should actually voice these questions, but he was still quite shy.
  19. Amber smiled and slid off her bag, setting it on a table before shutting his door. "Sorry for intruding." She spoke softly, walking over to where he was on the couch and sitting down next to him. She had never really had many quiet friends, but she figured letting him have some silence or ask questions if he wanted to would be nice. Amber fiddled with one of her many ear piercings, looking down at her feet, which were covered by her colorful socks.
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