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  1. For weeks now Mina has had the same dream, a nightmare really, she is fleeing from someone and she finds herself being forced to make a choice to either allow him to take her or take her own life and every time she takes her own life. Mina believes it is just a dream, but what she doesn’t know is that it’s a memory from a past life and that the man is real as well, and is still around and in search of her. He loves her and so will do anything to have her back, even if she doesn’t like it.

    I am seeking someone who can play a male who isn’t human you can make him whatever you want, who can be controlling, mean and forceful and should be a bit obsessed with Mina.
  2. Aw no one?
  3. I'd be up for this. I might not be very good but hey, I'll try.
  4. Sweet do you have any questions?
  5. Not really. xD Should we take this to PM to hammer out the details or should we wing it?
  6. I am much better at winging it, how about you?
  7. I'm fine with winging it. Would you like to start or should I?
  8. Ill write something up.