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  1. So I'm very ill right now and have a pretty bad fever... So I was sleeping and had this strange dream/nightmare in which all of this stuff happened that inspired me to try and create this roleplay. Now it was terrifying to me because I could feel the dread, helplessness, and danger, which probably less likely happened to you when RPing this lol. Instead where I seemed to be omnipotent of everything that was happening in the world, you will be uncovering the brutal mystery

    This RP will contain gore, torture, light sci-fi elements (like literally one thing that is sci-fi/fantasy), a modern setting dystopian style, psychological horror aspects, physical horror aspects, heavy emphasis on socialization and discovery, mysteries, romance (possibly), rare combat, and character death (which does not mean the RP ends, you'll see)

    So it's kinda gonna come off Silent Hill-ish and grimdark but hopefully it will interest someone to try it out. The intro post is below so you can see what it's going to be like
  2. Violently teetering on the edge of sleep and wakefulness you feel sick to your stomach, weak, and tired. You are in a room that smells heavily of rust and blood. You can feel someone in here, you can just barely hear their footsteps at the far end of the room and the sound of gentle running water. You feel panicked as if someone you care for very deeply is in immediate trouble and you are the only one that can help. You go to force your numb and tired body to stand yet you can hear two voices screaming in your head, distorted as if being played on an old radio whose channels are being changed constantly.

    A female voice, possibly a teenager but no younger screams in your head laced with worry and hopelessness "JUST STAY THERE!!" Immediately following is a man's voice, commanding and aggressive "Don't you GET UP!!!" The voices repeat over and over growing louder and fighting against the violent urge you have to leap up and run to the exit, wherever that may be. You don't even remember how you got into this place, this situation. You have no memories at all... Nothing from your childhood, nothing from right now. Not even a name... The mysterious person in the room stops and they turn, their shape in the darkness being easier to make out now. They walk... no more like shuffle. They shuffle towards your steel frame mattress slowly, the gaze you feel upon your being gives you insane goosebumps and a strong desire to flee fills your body. Your heart pumping so loudly you fear the person might be able to hear it. The voices continue to scream at you so loudly you can no longer hear the footsteps... however the next thing you hear is a heavy iron door being dragged open, one pull at a time as the metal scrapes against the damp stone floor. Despite the open door no further light ushers into the room, however the voices stop and the footsteps can be heard going further and further away. The water is no longer running but you can still hear the drips from the faucet as strength returns to your body. Your left arm is the only thing that remains numb and as you go to touch your fingertips they feel so rough and impossibly cold. You could swear that they aren't made of flesh at all and after feeling the rest of the arm it feels so much like unsmoothed stone. Course and horribly ugly

    You rise to your feet and get a vision, or rather a memory. Something recent... You remember laying there unable to move as if frozen solid or fused into a mass that you can hardly make out in the dim lighting of the pit. You stare at the mass that is trapping your left half making out the form of several bodies, all identical and all with lifeless eyes. Yet the bodies and your own are trapped not by each other primarily, but by this gray sludge-like clay material that ebbs and wiggles occasionally... pulling you and the bodies closer together. You see a woman to your right, her face obscured by a white veil and a medical mask. She has a large syringe in her hand and a scalpel in another. The syringe she lodges directly into your right eye by the end near the nose. You feel the sting of the pain before your body starts to shake and convulse, the woman laughs as she digs into your face with the scalpel, carving out pieces of you swiftly while humming and singing a soft tune with her heavenly voice "Carve out the bad, replace with good. Make it right? As if we could! Shape another to fit the mold, don't look at me like I am cold! If you were right then we would not, have to start again to fix this rot! Be good or be dead, be right or be wrong! Each the same cruel fate to suffer, to watch your pain or to watch another's!" The woman's twisted nursery rhyme stops and she laughs like a clown gone mad until your consciousness fades from existence

    Your memory ends and you find yourself laying down on the bunk again, the footsteps of a person in the room being prominent once again. Though this time they are leaving and there is a lit candle and a tray of food covered by a metal lid on top. There is a slip of paper on the tray as well... Rising out of bed and weakly trudging over there earns you at least one boon. The note is simple, it reads "Your name... is Anton Geheim. Eat and be ready for school in 15 minutes, or you will die. Love, Mom" The platter consists of 3 pancakes, bacon, sausage, and scrambled eggs on the side... Using the candle you will be able to navigate the darkness to find a closet full of a dozen school uniforms, a deep bloodstained metal sink and crusty cracked mirror to brush your teeth and your hair, and the trench in the ground that counts as a toilet for you. The walls are all rusted metal and the floor is a brownish stone giving this place the look of an underground bunker more than anything else. You still cant remember anything... Not your parents, you cant be sure Anton is your real name, you have no idea how old you are but you look at least 17, and worst of all you still cant shake the feeling that someone needs your help right away... Something's definitely not right with this situation that's for sure. Especially when you look at your left hand and see the course grainy stone it is made from... the rest of you might be flesh but your left arm is made completely from some kind of stone
  3. Still looking
  4. I'm interested... If you still want a partner of course.
  5. Naturally. Would you be opposed to a PM rp?
  6. No, not at all.
  7. I welcome all.
  8. Sounds interesting. I would like to
  9. I'd be happy to fill this if you'd like, though I have a couple questions first.
    1. would this include anything sexual?
    2. if so, you would be dom or sub (top or bottom?)
    3. how long would this roleplay go on for?
    I think thats about it, If this is still open I'd love to hear from you!
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