Nightmare World (or a fandom rp)

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  1. Hello! I've got some free time on my hands now, so I feel confident enough to start another interest thread and start another role-play on this site. I'll list my fandoms just in case (since I really love fandom based role-plays) but since I've got a little more time, I suppose I could also offer up a few original ideas that we could make character sheets/plot for as well, just in case.

    Firstly I prefer playing female characters. I can write male characters, but I really enjoy playing females. And since roleplaying is more for enjoyment and stress relief for me, that's what I try to stick with. Secondly, I love a bit of romance (so long as it doesn't dominate the plot) and I'm fine with both F/F and M/F pairings. Lastly, I love adding in a tidbit of horror/morbid themes and adventure-- something suspenseful and action packed. I like doing some fight scenes, working with character death, and adding in survival based elements. Normal high school role-plays just don't do it for me, honestly.

    Here are my fandoms! I'll list a few of my preferred character choices as well. I'm open to lots of different pairing options, so just tell me a few that you prefer involving the characters and I'm sure we could work something out. ^o^ (I'm open to any AU possible and I'm really laid back, so if you have any suggestions just let me know!) SDR2 is probably my most preferred fandom of them all, but any of the others listed are fine as well.

    Dangan Ronpa: Kirigiri, Celestia

    *Super Dangan Ronpa 2: Peko, Mahiru, Sonia, Ibuki

    Persona 4: Naoto, Rise, Chie, Yukiko (Any of the P4 girls, really)

    RWBY: Yang, Weiss

    RPG Maker Horror Games: [Ib, The Witch's House, etc.]

    And now here's what I have in mind for an original story. I kind of want to go with a glamorous horror idea-- dressy parties, mansions, castles, sparkling floors, fountains, gardens, a very visual, magnificent sort of setting. However, I want it to have a touch of imperfection and madness (say murder, dead bodies in a closet, threat of death, invasion).

    I'd love to do something nightmarish and on the surreal side as well-- random shaped buildings, no rules applying to gravity, random objects in random places. Screwdrivers in giant teacups, ghosts trapped in bottles, just random madness everywhere.

    The idea would circulate around ending up in a world like this (needing to rescue something, a trip gone awry, a test subject) and having to escape it. Maybe it's a facility used for a test or a television show-- to see who believes what's happening and who has a grasp on reality. Or it could be the result of a medicine associated with getting rid of nightmares that's causing them instead. When you sleep, it builds up a surreal, nightmare world where other people under the same effects exist as well. If you die in your nightmare, you die in real life. That kind of thing. I'd love to play with dreams and nightmares a bit. We could switch between night and day, playing our characters in the modern world (at school or work) and then playing them in the nightmare world.

    It's not a set plot, really, and a lot is up for discussion and change, but that's sort of the vision that I have for a fun original story. Overall, I love character development, friendships, rivalries, sibling relationships, and romances. So we could certainly make more than one character each and experiment with how they interact.

    I've babbled enough. If anyone shows an interest, please just let me know! Thanks so much for stopping by!